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Author ;Krishanraj H K
No of pages; 306

Published by; Notion Press

Published on; 2017

Genre; Fiction Mythological,Period Adventure ,Action 

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Civilizations have once again emerged from the ruins of Pralaya, and with a new dawn arrive new ambitions. Ordained by fate, several legions of a ruthless clan have been reported to be seen marching into the boundaries of Bharata. The origins of the Hayacree are unknown, yet their intent is evident: to create a new world order.

The tides of war will bring forth valiant men and women of great fortitude and a divine force to unite them all against the strong will of the enemy. While the matters of kings and kingdoms are to be shouldered by a young prince of Wagharr, a supernatural alliance of Mahayogis and Suparnas will need to travel beyond the realm of man to discover the architect behind the Hayacree invasion.

The hunt for the real enemy will lead them to an expanse invisible to the human eye.

In its depth lies an evil waiting to be discovered, waiting to rise

About the Author

Born in the quaint town of Irinjalakuda in Kerala, and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the author was stoked to have discovered the essence of life in Mumbai. While he has very little to speak about the time preceding this book, Warjuna is what he has become over the last two and a half years. This story barely even existed before his pilot chapter gathered some attention on WordPress; it was a handful of likes, but it made a world of a difference.

So, here he is, hoping that he could successfully convey the visuals he saw in his head, hoping that he could find the right words to do the same, and praying his readers will enjoy every bit of it. 

My take

This is a  historical/Mythological novel based on the charterers and concepts  from the grand epic Mahabharatha .As the Mahabharatha , a  major Sanskrit epic of ancient India  holds the story of Kurusetra war ,this book tells about the war between the Bharatha and Hayacree.

We use to entertain  the wonderful feelings whenever we hear the stories from the Mahabharatha  due to the philosophical and devotional content and this book stands in the same line.  When I start to  read the book , I can not leave it before finishing it.The narrative  has  kept me glued to the pages.
A quintessential war story of Bharatha and Hayacree ,  this tale of  valour,  courage and sacrifice has enthralled me a lot .

The Plot

The story begins with the prince of Wagharr  a small kingdom within the jurisdiction of Avanti Arjuna carrying the message of invasion by Hayacree to the Raja Raghupath Triveni King of Ashmaka .As he has seen the omen he wants to inform the king that War is inevitable and they have to prepare for victory At that time Kanha the prince of Dwaraka who wants to deliver a confidential message from his king.The war horn is heard by all and the battle begins.There are many sub plots involving  war events  and planning war strategies for victory and defeating the enemy.

The Pro

"it is within the depths of desolation you discover God and the Devil it is there you make an ally and a foe."
PrabodhaIII (Revered theologian ,Kingdom of Avanti Bharata)
The book WARJUNA BOOK 1 :MRITHASU RISING ,propagates the above message in an effective way .
This plot- driven social drama has got strong language and engrossing characters. .The poignancy ,the hard truths ,and raw sentiments have definitely given  a  thrill to me. Larger -than life period drama is capable of entertaining you a great extent .
The language is superb and strong in the  literary flavour with rhyme. The plot is creepy and strong one. Both concept and execution are nice .
The title Warjuna Book one refers to Arjuna the champion of archery. It is his one man show in the war between Bharatha and Hayacree .  The title holds the letter W to Arjuna  and War means fire and destruction .
There are 66 chapters with a Preface  and a chapter exclusively giving the details about the Kingdoms of Bharata. , Hayacree , Hiyolat ,Inhayat,Deyatis, Seeeds of Maya , Cheerakas , Garudev Suprnas.
The book carries all the elements of a historical novel like war, assassination, backstabbing of traitors, courage ,  camouflage , suspense , surprises and  thrill .Well placed twists and turns due to the action and adventure of MCs serve as a page Turner.This overwrought political period drama would make  you wonder struck with the magnificent scenes and unimaginable happenings  .
The cover model and design are wonderful. The meaning for Sanskrit words are given in the footnote. A map may  be a fitting tool for guiding us.

My favourite

I admire the main protagonist for his energy and youthfulness.His charming and charismatic persona makes the reading a pleasant experience. Also I like his companion Jagati the stallion gifted to him by Tanupath the Vaidyan.
I find the Author is fond of Mother  Nature and his description of  various sceneries is the proof for it.To cite an example I give below the following sentence.
He closely watched the manner in which flowers shed light :some stayed bright while others turned dim , then glowed brighter as though they had pulses of their own.
Throughout the book we can come across such wonderful narrations.

My verdict 

Krishnaraj ,the Author has lived every moment in his imaginary world of Arjuna and his narration of the story reflects his joy in giving the minute details in a brilliant manner.Explaining the natural sceneries  to the preparation of a case for judgement he has put in all his  efforts to give an exemplary  picture which fact leads us to make the reading an enjoyable journey .He has done a great deal of research and read the Mahabharata to create a classic masterpiece.
This book serves as  a good collection for  bookworms and every book shelf in all the households should carry the book. As the title suggests , more books  would come as sequel to this one. You can buy the book and give a wonderful  read.             

My Score; 5/5                                                                                                                                    

Disclaimer: I have received the book directly from the Author in exchange of my honest and unbiased review                                                                          

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