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A Glance at the Unknown is an intriguing suspense thriller involving murder, rape, extra-marital affairs, treachery and tragedy. Each short story eventually converges into the main story.

Sid needs to find answers to his father's untimely and unfortunate death. He goes in search of the infamous goons, Veerargals, to avenge his father's death.

Soon he realizes that he's not the only one marching toward the unknown and seeking answers to the mystery of life. Now, in a group of five, Sid and his acquaintances-turned-friends, want to unearth the enigma in their life.
They want revenge; do they find it? Will they be spared? What was the invisible truth? Were they able to unravel it? Read this captivating story to discover more. 

About the author

Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh, during her vacation to Cambodia, was moved on hearing the horror stories of the genocide of innocent people in the killing fields and it left amarkon her. The large amount of skulls and bones that were displayed triggered her thought process as this got her thinking about the consequences of such violent deeds, which resulted in the creation of this fiction. Using her imagination, she has weaved the story with a message, which sets the readers thinking.

Sangeeta is a Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant by profession and is the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer in a multinational. She is also an Independent Director in a listed company. Sangeeta is fascinated by spirituality and is into Oneness and Art of Living. She is a seeker and explorer of life who is open to learning. She is also an enthusiastic traveler, passionate artist and is an Olympic distance triathlete.

My take

I like social drama . Especially I want to read the family story filled with emotions, sentiments action and thrill . This book has caught me by the amazing experience of reading a wonderful tale of  adventure and revenge.

This is your typical Indian-author 182 page suspense thriller with a strong plot woven with fantastic sub plots . It carries the concept of contacting the souls of dead persons for unraveling the secrets  and the philosophical approach towards the happenings in the life of MCs would throw a light on the mystery . 

"A GLANCE AT THE UNKNOWN  Sometimes Answers to Life Come from unusual Sources"   tells the story of revenge ,adultery and others as per the blurb given above. The strength of the book  lies in the way it speaks about the significance of forgiveness and purpose of our life. This book serves as an eye opener  to me in giving a new dimension of perspective through which we have to view our life and lead a peaceful life with success and happiness 

The plot

The four  protagonists namely Shivarajan , Sid, Seema Saravanan  belong to different background meet each other in a forest having their own missions.  There Arasi, The Lady Chief of a small tribe hosted them . 
Sid's father Srinivasan gets killed by the group led by Veerasamy. Sid wants to take revenge and eliminate Veerasamy and his people

Saravanan , a mechanical engineer and a gold medalist  wants to escape from the moneylender and he tries to kill himself.

Seema is Shilpa's sister. Shilpa   during a drunken brawl involving her brother and his co students  gets molested and lost her life. Seema wants to escape from perpetrators as she has got evidence in the form of  videos .

Shivarajan, a third generation Tamilian 33 years old  wants to find out the reasons for his misfortunes i his married life  from Siddhas who are clairvoyant, farsighted, and bestowed with supernatural powers.

Whether  have they  achieved their mission or not?
What are the problems and obstacles they face  in their struggle to achieve the same?
For these questions you have to read the book and enjoy the entertainment. 

The Pro

There are 27 chapters each carrying a title like The Hunt Begins .
The fast paced crime thriller with a fluent language and engrossing characters  with a fitting  climax would enthrall you with a high degree of entertainment quotient.The lifestyle of tribe inn the forest makes you wonder struck and the story of Siddha fits well in the adventure  and heroic tale.

Sangeetha's writing is exquisite  ,simple and poignant . You feel it  inspirational and heart breaking  and touch you within.Both the concept and execution are superb. There will be emotions , feelings, sentiments with a great impact to you ponder . 

The conversations are formal the reason being they take place between strangers and they meet each other first time .

My favorite

I like all  the characters as there are both good and bad people. They are realistic and you can relate with them as we see in our social life. I admire Arasi  the Lady Chief for her courage and leadership qualities. She has lost her father and her husband . She acts bold enough to lead her group . She  is a symbol of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT .

I like the episode where the Siddha helps others to interact with the  souls of dead persons.

I cherish the following words of wisdom  as a great treasure of gems for leading a good life.

Beware . Be aware of your thoughts, words, and actions as they contribute to shaping your life.  (Taken from Note from the Author)

Everything in life happens for a reason.

The good or the bad you do , comes back to you.

What goes around comes around. 

The more love you give it will be showered upon you.

My verdict

Sangeetha , the author has crafted this story with a strong message . Her passion for spirituality has helped her for weaving this book with a touch of the same in the contemporary world .

This fast paced thriller is capable of  hooking the readers with twists ,turns, trap and suspense from the page one. 

I recommend this book for all  youngsters and elders .
For a fast read you can buy the book .

My score 4/5

Disclaimer I have won this book in the Good reads Giveaway,   in  exchange I give  my honest and unbiased review  

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