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Is the break-up killing you?

The scariest three words for a person in love are: It is over.

The rejection from a loved one can be the most painful experience in life.

Ajay, Karan and Nisha seek to end their lives as they are driven to despair by failed love relationships. After the near-fatal suicide attempts, the survivors are in the care of the Freudian Psychoanalyst Doctor Dev who works in a Break-up Clinic to accomplish his mission of providing succor to emotionally wounded persons.

Will Doctor Dev be able to help Ajay, Karan and Nisha to come out of the emotional quagmire and move on?

The Break-Up Clinic makes an attempt to answer the question: Why do some people suffer so much in love?

About the author

DrGovind Sharma is a medical doctor who retired from the Indian Administrative Service in February 2016.The Break-Up Clinic is his third bookHis other works includeAnant Dot Com – published in February 2016 –andState vs.Amrit Kumar– published in October 2016.

My take 

'The BREAK-UP CLINIC '  is a fantabulous novel on the therapy taught to the psychologically affected patients   at  the medical center namely Break up clinic to get through the difficult times and become normal in their life.

 Reading the book gives me a thrilling and gripping experience. "To be  or not to be".I remember on reading book  the famous phrase of Prince Hamlet in the Shakespeare Hamlet play. The title the Break up Clinic itself suggests the hopefulness for the depressed people.

The cover holds the following  message of wisdom.


This message is inspirational highly motivating one which leaves a great impact whoever reads it .

The plot

The book deals with three protagonists Ajay,Kiran and Nisha who are mentally affected and tried to kill themselves  due to their personal loss in their love affair. They get admitted in the Break-up Clinic for treatment.  Doctor  Gemini, Doctor Dev one of the best psychologists and two residents, namely Doctor Sheweta and Doctor Jayesh teach  Group therapy course to the patients .

How do they give psychotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy ?
How they use psychoanalysis to unravel the emotions hidden in the unconscious mind ?
Whether Ajay,Kiran and Nisha get cured from depression  and return to normal life or not?
What is the story of Doctor Dev ? How  has he  lost his vision ?What is his contribution to  the Break up clinic albeit his handicap?

To get the answers to the above questions you have to read the book 

The Pro

I like the keen observations  of the author Dr.Govind Sharma , who has depicted this story of a Clinic giving thoughtfulness to minute details. He has penned the incidents leading to psychosomatic systems  of MCs due to the failure in their love affair in  a fantastic manner .

The book is  a clever one with a clean and crafty  structure . The plot moves around the Clinic with masterful ease .It hurts to read the poignant anxiousness and ordeals of the protagonists.

The plot is mystical as it relates to those who have lost their mental balance. There are subplots to make it whole and complete.

There may not be mind blowing twists and turns but there are surprises and suspense to entertain you.

This book has become a best seller as it has dealt with love,sex,lust,emotions,hope and despair resulting in a grand concotion.

My favorite

I like the devotion and patience shown by the Doctors when they treat the patients. Especially I  admire Doctor Dev as he is giving his single minded devotion and spending his time and energy to his mission to provide succor to the sufferers of failed love.

Also, I love the following affirmative sentences to be written by those suffer from disturbing thoughts .
I am in control of life.
I am strong
I am liked by people
I am a good person
I will not be disturbed by anything

I hate Gautam Nath ,a celebrity Director as he is a pervert to sexually exploit Nisha,his secretary albeit she is running his daughter's age.

My verdict

I like this engrossing novel of Dr. Govind Sharma . I have already read his second novel namely STATE VS AMRIT KUMAR  and reviewed To  read review refer my blog 

Dr.Govind Sharma  has honed his writing style a large extent . He knows how to get a reader's interest from page one.It is indeed a great pleasure to read the book as it has got a fast paced storyline, realistic characters and fantastic narrative prose.

Readers would like this book as it is a wonderful read and you will fall in love with the way the story goes on .You will find  the tale interesting and meaningful.

I recommend this well constructed ,honestly written book to all like Doctors , students, social workers patients and their parents. 

This book is also  good read for those who like shorts reads with only 106 pages.
Cover design is superb.
You can't wait to read it Buy your copy and recommend it your friends and relatives.

My score: 5/5

Disclaimer : I have received a copy of this book from Dr. Govind Sharma  in exchange of honest and unbiased review .

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