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No of pages ; 288

Published by ; Manjul Publishing House

Published on 2017

ISBN 978-81-8322-796-4

Genre Non Fiction Self Help

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How positive thinking can change your life and help you reach your goals, by the bestselling authors of 'The Definitive Book of Body Language'. Allan and Barbara Pease are the internationally renowned bestselling authors of 'The Definitive Book of Body Language' and 'Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps' and have sold over 27 million books. In 'The Answer', international bestselling authors Allan and Barbara Pease share all of the tips and wisdom they have learned on their own journey to success and show readers how it is possible to achieve their goals. You will learn how to: - Set and action clearly defined goals - Overcome obstacles, regardless of what others think, do or say - Take responsibility for your life circumstances - Apply the art of visualisation and the power of affirmation - Deal with stress, fear and worry - Never give up. This accessible and practical guide will help readers take control of their life, become the person they want to be and deal with obstacles and challenges no matter how difficult they may seem.

About the Author 

Allan & Barbara Pease are the most successful relationship authors in the business. They have written a total of 15 bestsellers--including 9 number ones--and give seminars in up to 30 countries each year. Their books are available in over 100 countries, are translated into 51 languages and have sold over 25 million copies. They appear regularly in the media worldwide and their work has been the subject of 9 television series, a stage play and a No.1 box office movie which attracted a combined audience of over 100 million

Allan Pease 

Allan Pease is an Australian author and motivational speaker. Despite having no education in psychology, neuroscience, or psychiatry, he has managed to establish himself as an "expert on relationships".

Originally a musician, he became a successful life insurance salesman, he started a career as a speaker and trainer in sales and latterly in body language. This resulted in a popular sideline of audio tapes, many of which feature his irreverent wit.

His best-selling book Body Language brought him international recognition. It has been followed by several others. He is quite well known in Australia and during the 1980s he was an occasional TV analyst for political debates where he would analyze the body language and overall performance of the contestants.

My take
Everyone is born with the fire in his/ her belly  to achieve  a successful life and self help books  offer tasty and nutritious  food in the form of tips and steps. The desire to  improve myself always is so strong that I feel delight at the very sight of books belong to this genre.Once I become a binger to them.

"THE ANSWER How to Take Charge of Your Life & Become the Person You Want To Be" gives us  practical   guidelines along with insightful perspectives to make us what we want to be.   This book reigns supreme over the bestseller charts as it stands tall  due to sharing of wit and the wisdom by Allan and Barbara Pease  so as to enable us to  achieve goals and realize our ambitions by reprogramming our mindset . The strong blurb of the book  declares such an assurance and reading the book I feel  enlightened

Social and Historical context 

This is an accessible and practical guide that will help you take the first step and show you how to discover what you want from life, then make it happen. 
On the back side of the cover  we can read  the above sentence.  The book holds all the motivational, inspiring and effective steps to find the purpose of life and lead a happy , peaceful and successful life.
The title THE ANSWER itself  speaks about the optimistic outlook as we have got several questions in our mind in respect of our sufferings, failures and setbacks and there is a wide gap between what we are to what we want to be.I find the core theme of the book is Goal setting .
How to Take Charge of Your Life & Become the Person You Want  to Be is the question   and the book has got THE ANSWER.
There are 16 chapters beginning with an introduction and ending with a reference page.They carry a captain each and I give below some of them.

Revealing the Secret of the RAS
Decide what you want
 Set Clearly Defined Goals

The book tells about the functioning of our brain and  its influence on  our behavior and hows to  of altering  it  for achieving our goals . It carries the inspiring quotes from international  acclaimed authors  like Hunter S, Thompson Napoleon Hill , Thomas Edison Jim Carrey. and Sigmund Freud The  true stories  which give a clear picture  and  practical approach  give hope to all of us.There are drawings diagrams and pictures  to make the reader perceive  the concepts.There are also summaries which help us to get the whole chapter  in a nutshell .

The book describes the secret of RAS  (Reticular Activating System )Clearly defining goals , taking responsibility ,  the Art of visualization and other topics related to our development.
The book  is co authored by both of them it is written in the first person as Allan to make the reading easier.

The pro
Flipping through the book makes me feel motivated and charged with the highest degree of intensity .It  instigates  me to introspect myself  and come to a better self realization. The language of Allan and Babara Pease is direct ,  honest ,  and intelligent.They have highlighted important points . The narrative prose  is excellent  and it makes the reading a joyful and beneficial experience. The ideas are powerful  and informative . There are so many advices given in bold letters which would open our eyes.
I give below some of them
Your RAS can either work for you or against you ,   it depends entirely on what you think about .
Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head .
The darkest room often holds the greatest treasure .

The Authors stress some crucial  points which would boost your confidence and happiness.
1. Handwriting your list is so important.
2. Decide in advance that when tragedy strikes, you will pull yourself out of it
3. When you set your goal and create a plan with a deadline , take that first step and move forward -despite what others may think , say or do.

There are alarming, but adventurous stories giving testimonial  to the steps for improving our we can  attitude . These stories relate to Robert, a teenager living in Europe who dreams of helping the underprivileged  , Hank, who wants to climb Uluru as a goal  and W.Mitchell aged 27 who met an accident leaving him burned 65 percent of his body.

There are so many charts  which would serve as a tool for monitoring your progress and many lists for hobbies etc  for your ready reference and illustrative purpose . You can utilize them and follow up your goals.The pace is simply fast and you can have a comfortable read as the book is well organized.Cover design by Aaditya Rakheja is fantastic.

My favorite 
I like the chapters Play the numbers Game and Overcoming Fear and Worry. The true story of the Authors Allan and Barbara Pease  in which they described their goal  to have two new healthy children  and how they could achieve the same by proper planning and putting in sufficient efforts. Their poignant ordeals would melt our heart.

My version.
ALLAN and BARBARA PEASE  the internationally renowned best selling authors of The Definitive Book of Body language and Why men don't listen &Women can't Read Maps  have crafted this book with meticulous research and punctilious to details and this best seller  holds the nuggets of wisdom to make a great impact on your life . Their expertise coupled with hard work  in writing successful relationship books has made this one   a best seller as they have written a total of 16 best sellers, including 9 number ones and give seminars in 30 countries each year.

Readers who are in search of  the life changing mantra , would find this book a good lifetime companion as it proposes honest and effective  steps to reach our goals.  Bibliophiles would love this book for ornamenting their book shelves.

All youngsters should read this book and refurbish their life to seize  their  goals refocusing on their strength  instead of obstacles  .Parents should recommend this book to their children . Teachers and students would find the book a boon for changing their lives.

I highly  recommend this book to all .

My score: 5/5

Disclaimer : I have won this book in Good reads Giveaway. It is my honest and unbiased review.   

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