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No of pages ; 288

Published by ; Manjul Publishing House

Published on 2017

ISBN 978-81-8322-796-4

Genre Non Fiction Self Help

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How positive thinking can change your life and help you reach your goals, by the bestselling authors of 'The Definitive Book of Body Language'. Allan and Barbara Pease are the internationally renowned bestselling authors of 'The Definitive Book of Body Language' and 'Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps' and have sold over 27 million books. In 'The Answer', international bestselling authors Allan and Barbara Pease share all of the tips and wisdom they have learned on their own journey to success and show readers how it is possible to achieve their goals. You will learn how to: - Set and action clearly defined goals - Overcome obstacles, regardless of what others think, do or say - Take responsibility for your life circumstances - Apply the art of visualisation and the power of affirmation - Deal with stress, fear and worry - Never give up. This accessible and practical guide will help readers take control of their life, become the person they want to be and deal with obstacles and challenges no matter how difficult they may seem.

About the Author 

Allan & Barbara Pease are the most successful relationship authors in the business. They have written a total of 15 bestsellers--including 9 number ones--and give seminars in up to 30 countries each year. Their books are available in over 100 countries, are translated into 51 languages and have sold over 25 million copies. They appear regularly in the media worldwide and their work has been the subject of 9 television series, a stage play and a No.1 box office movie which attracted a combined audience of over 100 million

Allan Pease 

Allan Pease is an Australian author and motivational speaker. Despite having no education in psychology, neuroscience, or psychiatry, he has managed to establish himself as an "expert on relationships".

Originally a musician, he became a successful life insurance salesman, he started a career as a speaker and trainer in sales and latterly in body language. This resulted in a popular sideline of audio tapes, many of which feature his irreverent wit.

His best-selling book Body Language brought him international recognition. It has been followed by several others. He is quite well known in Australia and during the 1980s he was an occasional TV analyst for political debates where he would analyze the body language and overall performance of the contestants.

My take
Everyone is born with the fire in his/ her belly  to achieve  a successful life and self help books  offer tasty and nutritious  food in the form of tips and steps. The desire to  improve myself always is so strong that I feel delight at the very sight of books belong to this genre.Once I become a binger to them.

"THE ANSWER How to Take Charge of Your Life & Become the Person You Want To Be" gives us  practical   guidelines along with insightful perspectives to make us what we want to be.   This book reigns supreme over the bestseller charts as it stands tall  due to sharing of wit and the wisdom by Allan and Barbara Pease  so as to enable us to  achieve goals and realize our ambitions by reprogramming our mindset . The strong blurb of the book  declares such an assurance and reading the book I feel  enlightened

Social and Historical context 

This is an accessible and practical guide that will help you take the first step and show you how to discover what you want from life, then make it happen. 
On the back side of the cover  we can read  the above sentence.  The book holds all the motivational, inspiring and effective steps to find the purpose of life and lead a happy , peaceful and successful life.
The title THE ANSWER itself  speaks about the optimistic outlook as we have got several questions in our mind in respect of our sufferings, failures and setbacks and there is a wide gap between what we are to what we want to be.I find the core theme of the book is Goal setting .
How to Take Charge of Your Life & Become the Person You Want  to Be is the question   and the book has got THE ANSWER.
There are 16 chapters beginning with an introduction and ending with a reference page.They carry a captain each and I give below some of them.

Revealing the Secret of the RAS
Decide what you want
 Set Clearly Defined Goals

The book tells about the functioning of our brain and  its influence on  our behavior and hows to  of altering  it  for achieving our goals . It carries the inspiring quotes from international  acclaimed authors  like Hunter S, Thompson Napoleon Hill , Thomas Edison Jim Carrey. and Sigmund Freud The  true stories  which give a clear picture  and  practical approach  give hope to all of us.There are drawings diagrams and pictures  to make the reader perceive  the concepts.There are also summaries which help us to get the whole chapter  in a nutshell .

The book describes the secret of RAS  (Reticular Activating System )Clearly defining goals , taking responsibility ,  the Art of visualization and other topics related to our development.
The book  is co authored by both of them it is written in the first person as Allan to make the reading easier.

The pro
Flipping through the book makes me feel motivated and charged with the highest degree of intensity .It  instigates  me to introspect myself  and come to a better self realization. The language of Allan and Babara Pease is direct ,  honest ,  and intelligent.They have highlighted important points . The narrative prose  is excellent  and it makes the reading a joyful and beneficial experience. The ideas are powerful  and informative . There are so many advices given in bold letters which would open our eyes.
I give below some of them
Your RAS can either work for you or against you ,   it depends entirely on what you think about .
Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head .
The darkest room often holds the greatest treasure .

The Authors stress some crucial  points which would boost your confidence and happiness.
1. Handwriting your list is so important.
2. Decide in advance that when tragedy strikes, you will pull yourself out of it
3. When you set your goal and create a plan with a deadline , take that first step and move forward -despite what others may think , say or do.

There are alarming, but adventurous stories giving testimonial  to the steps for improving our we can  attitude . These stories relate to Robert, a teenager living in Europe who dreams of helping the underprivileged  , Hank, who wants to climb Uluru as a goal  and W.Mitchell aged 27 who met an accident leaving him burned 65 percent of his body.

There are so many charts  which would serve as a tool for monitoring your progress and many lists for hobbies etc  for your ready reference and illustrative purpose . You can utilize them and follow up your goals.The pace is simply fast and you can have a comfortable read as the book is well organized.Cover design by Aaditya Rakheja is fantastic.

My favorite 
I like the chapters Play the numbers Game and Overcoming Fear and Worry. The true story of the Authors Allan and Barbara Pease  in which they described their goal  to have two new healthy children  and how they could achieve the same by proper planning and putting in sufficient efforts. Their poignant ordeals would melt our heart.

My version.
ALLAN and BARBARA PEASE  the internationally renowned best selling authors of The Definitive Book of Body language and Why men don't listen &Women can't Read Maps  have crafted this book with meticulous research and punctilious to details and this best seller  holds the nuggets of wisdom to make a great impact on your life . Their expertise coupled with hard work  in writing successful relationship books has made this one   a best seller as they have written a total of 16 best sellers, including 9 number ones and give seminars in 30 countries each year.

Readers who are in search of  the life changing mantra , would find this book a good lifetime companion as it proposes honest and effective  steps to reach our goals.  Bibliophiles would love this book for ornamenting their book shelves.

All youngsters should read this book and refurbish their life to seize  their  goals refocusing on their strength  instead of obstacles  .Parents should recommend this book to their children . Teachers and students would find the book a boon for changing their lives.

I highly  recommend this book to all .

My score: 5/5

Disclaimer : I have won this book in Good reads Giveaway. It is my honest and unbiased review.   

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Author ;Krishanraj H K
No of pages; 306

Published by; Notion Press

Published on; 2017

Genre; Fiction Mythological,Period Adventure ,Action 

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Civilizations have once again emerged from the ruins of Pralaya, and with a new dawn arrive new ambitions. Ordained by fate, several legions of a ruthless clan have been reported to be seen marching into the boundaries of Bharata. The origins of the Hayacree are unknown, yet their intent is evident: to create a new world order.

The tides of war will bring forth valiant men and women of great fortitude and a divine force to unite them all against the strong will of the enemy. While the matters of kings and kingdoms are to be shouldered by a young prince of Wagharr, a supernatural alliance of Mahayogis and Suparnas will need to travel beyond the realm of man to discover the architect behind the Hayacree invasion.

The hunt for the real enemy will lead them to an expanse invisible to the human eye.

In its depth lies an evil waiting to be discovered, waiting to rise

About the Author

Born in the quaint town of Irinjalakuda in Kerala, and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the author was stoked to have discovered the essence of life in Mumbai. While he has very little to speak about the time preceding this book, Warjuna is what he has become over the last two and a half years. This story barely even existed before his pilot chapter gathered some attention on WordPress; it was a handful of likes, but it made a world of a difference.

So, here he is, hoping that he could successfully convey the visuals he saw in his head, hoping that he could find the right words to do the same, and praying his readers will enjoy every bit of it. 

My take

This is a  historical/Mythological novel based on the charterers and concepts  from the grand epic Mahabharatha .As the Mahabharatha , a  major Sanskrit epic of ancient India  holds the story of Kurusetra war ,this book tells about the war between the Bharatha and Hayacree.

We use to entertain  the wonderful feelings whenever we hear the stories from the Mahabharatha  due to the philosophical and devotional content and this book stands in the same line.  When I start to  read the book , I can not leave it before finishing it.The narrative  has  kept me glued to the pages.
A quintessential war story of Bharatha and Hayacree ,  this tale of  valour,  courage and sacrifice has enthralled me a lot .

The Plot

The story begins with the prince of Wagharr  a small kingdom within the jurisdiction of Avanti Arjuna carrying the message of invasion by Hayacree to the Raja Raghupath Triveni King of Ashmaka .As he has seen the omen he wants to inform the king that War is inevitable and they have to prepare for victory At that time Kanha the prince of Dwaraka who wants to deliver a confidential message from his king.The war horn is heard by all and the battle begins.There are many sub plots involving  war events  and planning war strategies for victory and defeating the enemy.

The Pro

"it is within the depths of desolation you discover God and the Devil it is there you make an ally and a foe."
PrabodhaIII (Revered theologian ,Kingdom of Avanti Bharata)
The book WARJUNA BOOK 1 :MRITHASU RISING ,propagates the above message in an effective way .
This plot- driven social drama has got strong language and engrossing characters. .The poignancy ,the hard truths ,and raw sentiments have definitely given  a  thrill to me. Larger -than life period drama is capable of entertaining you a great extent .
The language is superb and strong in the  literary flavour with rhyme. The plot is creepy and strong one. Both concept and execution are nice .
The title Warjuna Book one refers to Arjuna the champion of archery. It is his one man show in the war between Bharatha and Hayacree .  The title holds the letter W to Arjuna  and War means fire and destruction .
There are 66 chapters with a Preface  and a chapter exclusively giving the details about the Kingdoms of Bharata. , Hayacree , Hiyolat ,Inhayat,Deyatis, Seeeds of Maya , Cheerakas , Garudev Suprnas.
The book carries all the elements of a historical novel like war, assassination, backstabbing of traitors, courage ,  camouflage , suspense , surprises and  thrill .Well placed twists and turns due to the action and adventure of MCs serve as a page Turner.This overwrought political period drama would make  you wonder struck with the magnificent scenes and unimaginable happenings  .
The cover model and design are wonderful. The meaning for Sanskrit words are given in the footnote. A map may  be a fitting tool for guiding us.

My favourite

I admire the main protagonist for his energy and youthfulness.His charming and charismatic persona makes the reading a pleasant experience. Also I like his companion Jagati the stallion gifted to him by Tanupath the Vaidyan.
I find the Author is fond of Mother  Nature and his description of  various sceneries is the proof for it.To cite an example I give below the following sentence.
He closely watched the manner in which flowers shed light :some stayed bright while others turned dim , then glowed brighter as though they had pulses of their own.
Throughout the book we can come across such wonderful narrations.

My verdict 

Krishnaraj ,the Author has lived every moment in his imaginary world of Arjuna and his narration of the story reflects his joy in giving the minute details in a brilliant manner.Explaining the natural sceneries  to the preparation of a case for judgement he has put in all his  efforts to give an exemplary  picture which fact leads us to make the reading an enjoyable journey .He has done a great deal of research and read the Mahabharata to create a classic masterpiece.
This book serves as  a good collection for  bookworms and every book shelf in all the households should carry the book. As the title suggests , more books  would come as sequel to this one. You can buy the book and give a wonderful  read.             

My Score; 5/5                                                                                                                                    

Disclaimer: I have received the book directly from the Author in exchange of my honest and unbiased review                                                                          

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A Glance at the Unknown is an intriguing suspense thriller involving murder, rape, extra-marital affairs, treachery and tragedy. Each short story eventually converges into the main story.

Sid needs to find answers to his father's untimely and unfortunate death. He goes in search of the infamous goons, Veerargals, to avenge his father's death.

Soon he realizes that he's not the only one marching toward the unknown and seeking answers to the mystery of life. Now, in a group of five, Sid and his acquaintances-turned-friends, want to unearth the enigma in their life.
They want revenge; do they find it? Will they be spared? What was the invisible truth? Were they able to unravel it? Read this captivating story to discover more. 

About the author

Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh, during her vacation to Cambodia, was moved on hearing the horror stories of the genocide of innocent people in the killing fields and it left amarkon her. The large amount of skulls and bones that were displayed triggered her thought process as this got her thinking about the consequences of such violent deeds, which resulted in the creation of this fiction. Using her imagination, she has weaved the story with a message, which sets the readers thinking.

Sangeeta is a Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant by profession and is the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer in a multinational. She is also an Independent Director in a listed company. Sangeeta is fascinated by spirituality and is into Oneness and Art of Living. She is a seeker and explorer of life who is open to learning. She is also an enthusiastic traveler, passionate artist and is an Olympic distance triathlete.

My take

I like social drama . Especially I want to read the family story filled with emotions, sentiments action and thrill . This book has caught me by the amazing experience of reading a wonderful tale of  adventure and revenge.

This is your typical Indian-author 182 page suspense thriller with a strong plot woven with fantastic sub plots . It carries the concept of contacting the souls of dead persons for unraveling the secrets  and the philosophical approach towards the happenings in the life of MCs would throw a light on the mystery . 

"A GLANCE AT THE UNKNOWN  Sometimes Answers to Life Come from unusual Sources"   tells the story of revenge ,adultery and others as per the blurb given above. The strength of the book  lies in the way it speaks about the significance of forgiveness and purpose of our life. This book serves as an eye opener  to me in giving a new dimension of perspective through which we have to view our life and lead a peaceful life with success and happiness 

The plot

The four  protagonists namely Shivarajan , Sid, Seema Saravanan  belong to different background meet each other in a forest having their own missions.  There Arasi, The Lady Chief of a small tribe hosted them . 
Sid's father Srinivasan gets killed by the group led by Veerasamy. Sid wants to take revenge and eliminate Veerasamy and his people

Saravanan , a mechanical engineer and a gold medalist  wants to escape from the moneylender and he tries to kill himself.

Seema is Shilpa's sister. Shilpa   during a drunken brawl involving her brother and his co students  gets molested and lost her life. Seema wants to escape from perpetrators as she has got evidence in the form of  videos .

Shivarajan, a third generation Tamilian 33 years old  wants to find out the reasons for his misfortunes i his married life  from Siddhas who are clairvoyant, farsighted, and bestowed with supernatural powers.

Whether  have they  achieved their mission or not?
What are the problems and obstacles they face  in their struggle to achieve the same?
For these questions you have to read the book and enjoy the entertainment. 

The Pro

There are 27 chapters each carrying a title like The Hunt Begins .
The fast paced crime thriller with a fluent language and engrossing characters  with a fitting  climax would enthrall you with a high degree of entertainment quotient.The lifestyle of tribe inn the forest makes you wonder struck and the story of Siddha fits well in the adventure  and heroic tale.

Sangeetha's writing is exquisite  ,simple and poignant . You feel it  inspirational and heart breaking  and touch you within.Both the concept and execution are superb. There will be emotions , feelings, sentiments with a great impact to you ponder . 

The conversations are formal the reason being they take place between strangers and they meet each other first time .

My favorite

I like all  the characters as there are both good and bad people. They are realistic and you can relate with them as we see in our social life. I admire Arasi  the Lady Chief for her courage and leadership qualities. She has lost her father and her husband . She acts bold enough to lead her group . She  is a symbol of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT .

I like the episode where the Siddha helps others to interact with the  souls of dead persons.

I cherish the following words of wisdom  as a great treasure of gems for leading a good life.

Beware . Be aware of your thoughts, words, and actions as they contribute to shaping your life.  (Taken from Note from the Author)

Everything in life happens for a reason.

The good or the bad you do , comes back to you.

What goes around comes around. 

The more love you give it will be showered upon you.

My verdict

Sangeetha , the author has crafted this story with a strong message . Her passion for spirituality has helped her for weaving this book with a touch of the same in the contemporary world .

This fast paced thriller is capable of  hooking the readers with twists ,turns, trap and suspense from the page one. 

I recommend this book for all  youngsters and elders .
For a fast read you can buy the book .

My score 4/5

Disclaimer I have won this book in the Good reads Giveaway,   in  exchange I give  my honest and unbiased review  

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I Am Changing My Life : From a Life of Lack to a Life of Abundance



I am changing my life is a collection of essays on the theme - how one can attain a life of Abundance! 
The essays will enable the reader to ponder questions concerning and coming to conclusions about his/her life.They will assist in the process of introspection and solving of personal problems. 
The book emphasizes that a moderate amount of effort is needed in order to make his/her life, full of prosperity and abundance.The book also explains a step by step technique which is very powerful, effective and easy. 
The book grew out of the author's reading, learning, journal writing, meditation and interactions with thinkers and saints. The great philosophical truth remains the same over the centuries, but what this book does is present them in simple, clear language, suitably adapted for the present times.

About the Author

Certified Hatha Yoga Practitioner /Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner / Certified NLP Practitioner / Certified Life Coach / Certified Hypno Therapis 

His name figures in below international certification institutions

Dharmendra is a simple man who has made sincere efforts to find out philosophical truths. Over the years, what he has found most useful was the habit of writing a few pages daily, not primarily for publication, but as a means of therapy and personal growth. He started doing so after a personal crisis, which turned out to be beneficial in the long run.

At a time when he was lost and anxious, yoga and meditation had a profound effect. Learning from his experiences, the author emphasizes the value and the power of SELF.

My take 

 A book is capable of changing lives of many people.If you read the book you can change the lives of many people.This self help book falls under this category.I can reckon this Blockbuster brings  a turning point in your life .

The book emphasizes in a skillful and extensive way  why change is significant  and inevitable and how it guarantees a life of abundance .  It reiterates the fact you should not settle for mundane life   when you can aim for the sky. It carries  savvy, intelligent,wise and worthful   advices and guidelines  on all facets of life with a skillful and extensive way.

The core theme around which the book revolves is that if any person practice the technique given in the book for 60 days he can realize the transformation . 

The book's greatest strength is the author's genuine concern  to   uplift us  to greater heights which fact reflects in his  each and every word .This is a  provocative book with powerful, motivational and inspiring quotes   for success ,happiness and peace of mind  in our life.

 Dharmendra, the author  addresses   human problems and obstacles in promoting  oneself  by combining his rich knowledge from professional experience and wise quotes from Gautam ,the Budha and Albert Einstein ,Sir Napoleon Hill, and Rhonda Byrne the author of The secret .

He has utilized his personal anecdotes and inferences to provide detailed discussions of philosophy ,psychology,physiology  and an ancient theology with vast research and thorough reading on the subjects resulting in giving a  potential and intriguing life-altering road map  that assures us  all the energy and stamina to achieve abundance.


The title of the book I AM CHANGING MY LIFE FROM A LIFE OF LACK TO A LIFE OF ABUNDANCE is itself a  bombastic affirmation. Whenever you open the book it would boost your strength and energy to achieve your dreams .

The cover resembles a mask  on the face and the split indicates the necessity of change in our life . Its design is magnificent.There are 37 chapters, each carrying  a relevant caption  and I give below some of them.


Apart from the comprehensive prose on all the aspects of life ranging from mind to abundance ,  the book holds form section on the daily  exercises which the author wants us to carry out . For example , the form starts with Limiting beliefs and thoughts  in a tabular form  like a questionnaire. There are 13 forms to take you to a greater level if you give you a truthful  attempt to answer them .

The second part of the book namely M TO THE POWER OF 3  TECHNIQUE  bears the  8 golden steps we have to perform with meticulous care and diligence . There are two chapters on banishing fear and changing habits  . This would awaken your lateral brain to the new realm of abundance. The inimitable  narrative of  prose would engross you.

There are pictures , images and charts to substantiate the truths and ideas for improvement of our life.At the end ,THINGS TO DO -FORCED OR UNFORCED - YOUR DAILY DOSE 
is given so that we could practice and ensure we develop good qualities to lead a life of Abundance.

The Pro 

The book covers all the topics related to the maintenance of both physical and mental health. It discusses both psychological and physiological views . The book explains how our fear, passion, dreams and goals, faith , forgiveness , affirmations , decision making and relationship decide our destiny. It depicts in an elaborate way  Yoga , Goal setting , Acupressure , Meditation,  money, decision making and social life .

The language is direct and honest and any layman can understand it. The form section works as a ready made  tool box which would help us to monitor our progress .The font is optimum and the pictures , images and charts are bold ,crisp and eye-catching.

The reference section is useful .

My favorite

I like the revelations like the fact that the wrong things we do with or without the  knowledge which hinder our progress and prosperity .For example I can quote the following.

If you say I don't want to be poor then universe will hear you want to be poor and guess what it has to obey and it returns back poor to the source.

Also I like all the good things mentioned in detail about our SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND , and THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE .
There is an example given on goal setting and  Chunking which would serve as a boon to all.

Start giving what the best can , with pure intentions ,with clear emotions ,with transparent heart . You will never be sent back empty handed , in fact, you will be rewarded 
in multiple of 10s, 100s, 1000s, and N times.
When you do , then you open yourself into a space of Magic and Miracles 

My verdict 

Dharmenrda ,the author a world acclaimed scholar has penned this book  with a  love for humanity. His expertise in presenting the book with utmost orderliness and ease makes it  a great delight to read the book.He has crafted the book in such a beautiful manner we have to keep is as a lifetime companion and read it again and again 

Readers can pamper themselves by buying this book as this is a good investment for themselves.After reading it there is a sea change in  your aura ,charisma and image  .
You can give it as a gift to their friends and relatives on important occasions .

My score 5/5

Disclaimer  I have received a copy from the Author for a honest and unbiased review .



The present  burning and  critical  topic is the growing danger  of ecological imbalances  leading to global warming . The topmost leaders of several nations   are giving a clarion call in unison to mobilize  action for the herculean task of  solving them as they play a pivotal role in bringing  poignant sufferings of hundreds and thousands of people .

The environmentalists are making a hue and cry on the   ecological disasters  . It has happened at the time of heavy deluge  in Chennai we could manage due to selfless service of NGO s and general public.

Our posterity is to be  assured a safe , clean and green  environment . Our forefathers toiled hard enough to safeguard and strengthen environmental equilibrium with the help of limited resources and inadequate infrastructure and now we have to pass on the same to our offspring , only difference being we are equipped with the highest potential technology.  Apart from natural calamities  we come across so many environmental  adverse situations and health hazards due to  air pollution  etc  causing many chronic diseases . 

Also  we face threat from wild animals like elephant and lion  living in the forest.To cite a simple example we can quote the incidents where we see the animals in search of water and food enter into villages and  cities and giving  so much trouble to the people . This may result in causalities and    damage to  the growing crops .We should make space for the animals providing them a habitable environment. 

At this crucial juncture we as individuals as well a society  can make  miracles   if we put in a little more  effort and contribute  in our own way according to our capacity and capability to tackle environmental issues coming with novel plans and programmes to propagate the ecological slogans.

Little drops make an  ocean. By our small actions and  ,sacrifices we can make a big change. For this we have to be innovative and thoughtful enough to create new ideas and schemes   voraciously to highlight the ecological obstacles  on war footing level and create awareness about the intensity of the worst condition.

As  commoners we should become  eco-warriors to  be alert and eager and   attend to the environmental problems with not  haphazard but creative and constructive plans.   We can follow  a simple thriftiness when we use water.We   should not use the tap water directly  to wash our  hands but we have to take  water from  a plastic cup  to do the task. This trivial  gesture will have its own impact and if everyone follows the same that would lead to  avoide water scarcity .

Instead  of using cars and motorcycles one can take a cycle to reach his place . In China, cycle is the most desired and used mode of conveyance.  It is not only s symbol of simplicity and energy but also s good exercise.It will reduce the air pollution  , also it is economical and time -saving due to reduction in traffic jams. Similarly there are umpteenth number of   plans  that can be prepared and executed  so that the ecological  imbalances are reduced  in the true spirit and pukka manner. 

Eco-friendly products are to be welcomed and encouraged."Log kya kahenge" question should not be a barrier to our efforts in respect of our struggle against  ecological disturbances.

At the broad social level more and more Eco-campaigns should be arranged to create an awareness among the public who may be oblivious of the ecological disturbances  so that they should realize the significance of safeguarding the environment to the betterment of our living conditions. The felling   trees will  be equal to cutting our veins . To  lose our disguised blessings of enjoying pure oxygen and shadow  and  hundreds of other benefits which they grant us with unconditional love and affection is very much foolish  and futile. 

When planting of saplings is discussed the yeoman service performed by big corporate firms should  be appreciated. For example the textile concern namely  Pothys in Chennai is giving everybody whoever is visiting their show room  a sapling with the instruction to grow up the same in their house. Similarly other firms can also follow suit to come up with novel  and  fruitful schemes to encourage the people to do the possible things for the sake of our environment.

The makers of films  and TV soaps can drive forcefully and effectively  the message of environment issues along with their other themes and shoulder the social responsibility.Also big Realtors when they promote big apartments  they should come with plausible and palpable plans to plant sufficient number of trees in the surroundings and also Eco-parks should be established and maintained. Several acres of cultivating lands are converted into plots for constructing houses which should be  streamlined.

Catch them young. Our children should be taught about the ecological issues and they should study the same . For this in their curriculum the environment science  should be added . In the schools and colleges Eco-clubs should be formed so that the students will become more and more responsible and reasonable citizens to imbibe the quality of sense of belonging to the society. 

The examples are for illustrative purpose only and Eco-consciousness should be awakened in a grand manner so that everyone gives his/her best to enrich  the ecological balances as we live in  extraordinary period meeting emergency siutauions due to natural catastrophic tsunami, earthquake, depression etc.

Frequent Eco- camps be arranged to create awareness. For children competition may be arranged  to enlighten  them about the environment problems and their answers. 

Last but not the least Mother Earth is  to be adored   and  glorified not  sacrilegiously but like a sanctuary at all cost , in turn we can expect from her abundant supply of  comforts and luxuries  and also we have to face .Her fury and suffer in the event of  our negligence.Choice is ours.

Books are windows that allow light of knowledge

Courtesy   Wise books would embellish our life with wisdom Wisdom always mould  our mind and heart Heart elates due to mindfuln...