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Author  Hanadi Falki
No of pages 248
Genre : Romance Youth Fiction Contemperory
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Strong blurb of the book goes as follows :

Have you ever wondered how it would feel when your loved ones look through the 3D glasses and spot your name in the movie credits of big Hollywood projects? How rewarding would that be, for your ego and for your deep pockets?

Zuby, Adi and Tanya join Digiworld Studio in the hope of achieving these dreams. Little do they know that they would soon have to face some ugly truths of the industry. Will their friendship survive betrayal, revolt and a tragic death?

Join the journey of these youngsters in modern day India where they have to silently tread the thin line between right and wrong, struggle between friendship and love and balance their traditional values with modern spirit.

General :

Indian women contributed just 17 per cent of national GDP, which is less than half the global average of 37 per cent, according to a McKinsey study.
After advent of Internet and information technology   in India, both boys ad girls join the IT sector and work together to earn their livelihood. More lucrative jobs await them , they get the opportunity to mingle among themselves and their life is full of mirth and merriment .For some  this may lead them to develop good friendships . 
I like the fictions involving the youth , their fun filled activities , the romance budding due to the proximity and closeness  ,love and hate drama ,and the resultant love affairs, as well as break ups due to conflicts. 

"THE PRICE OF OUR SILENCE " tells us the story of  young working professionals .

The Plot :

Zuby , the protagonist, a Muslim girl  joins Digiworld Studios in Pune , the leading Hollywood Post Production company as a fresher with a dream. She was a rotoscopy artist in Vision 3D in Hyderabad.There he meets Adi, Mansi, Tarun, and Saachi,Vimal who are her colleagues  and develop friendship with them .Zuby and Tanya, another fresher share the same flat.In the beginning there is a misunderstanding between Zuby and Saachi and they part with each other. Later on, Zuby, Adi, Tanya and Vimal become dearest buddies. The love and affection they show to each other take most part of the story .Their relationship is oscillating between friendship and love It is only funny  and .playful as they are  young and enthusiastic about their career and life. Tanya has got a bitter experience with Dev her previous lover and Zuby helps her  to come out of the turmoil. Also the hectic schedule and time bound targets frustrate them. Jealousy plays havoc in their relationship.Later on, the story tells about how they settle themselves in their own way .

The Pro :

Hanadi Falki , the author , a recipient  of University Gold Medal for English literature (Aligargh Muslim Unversity batch 2007) and a master degree holder in Creative writing from Auckland University of Technology New Zealand has penned this novel with a fantabulous language and a fluent style.She has depicted each and every incident in a gracious manner,and  it compliments the pensive flow of the book . 

Also I like the characterization as all the characters are there for a reason . I admire Zuby for her knowledge, thoughtfulness, wisdom and skill. She is shouldering the whole story with a genteel manner.

Also I assure that you can relate to the story as it revolves around the youth and their aspirations.

Cover design is dull but the picture suits well.

My favorite : 

Adi's father impresses me a lot.He is a hard working business man . He knows the pulse of the consumers. He has not got any bad habit.
After a heart attack, he allows his son  to continue his job and  follow his heart  even though he is in need of person to look after his business.

The following general views by the author are note worthy:

India has many customs and rituals that may seem bizarre to anyone not used to its distinctive culture. It is a strange combination of being a young nation as well as an ancient country.

The best insurance that a girl can be given is a proper education and a steady career That way she can assume a bright future for her family herself instead of depending on her future groom to give her a comfortable life. 

My verdict :

I recommend this clean and entertaining book to youth Fiction lovers.

My score :  5/5.

Disclaimer : I have received the book from the author in exchange of my honest review.

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