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No of pages : 97
Published by Notion press
Year of publication 2017
Genre : Non Fiction , Personal finance , stock market
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Blurb of the book :

Do you have most of your money in Fixed Deposits?
Does the thought of investing in stocks scare you?
Do you believe that common investors making money in stocks is a myth?
Do you want to learn more about stock picking strategies that can work for you?
Do you crave for financial freedom?
Look no further, this is the right book for you. Unleash the investor in you. Discover how to make money in stocks and the pitfalls you should avoid. Make the stock market work for you. 

This is a no nonsense guide to getting started with the stock markets in India

General :

Ants save for rainy days.
Savings is to be the first expenditure.
There are so many a maxim to emphasize the significance of saving .Equally important is the necessity of investment.When it comes to buying shares and selling , so many of us hesitate for the risk involved .

"MIDDLE CLASS TO MONEY CLASS  SIMPLE SECRETS TO INVESTING LIKE A PRO" is a book on investment in the stock market. Especially this book addresses to the middle class people who struggle to make extra bucks and reach a level of financial freedom. After reading this book you would feel enlightened and want to invest in the stock market and earn money. 

Social and historical context :

Srividhya , a senior manager in a Fortune 10 company and also a trained financial analyst  and Sairam , a self -taught investor have penned this book to help the middle class people learn the art of investing in the stock market   They  are well versed in personal finance  and they have got rich knowledge and wide experience. They have crafted this book with great care and attention so that the readers get all the informations and guidelines for making investment in the stock market ..
There are 13 chapters and each has got  a caption as well as  important points to ponder .The book carries the quotes by eminent experts like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch   and data from very sources to substantiate the tips.

The title MIDDLE CLASS TO MONEY CLASS  is fantastic and the cover design is wonderful.The language is fantastic and superb. It covers all the aspects of stock market and gives all the guidelines to show us the risk , strategy , and planning to be successful in the stock market trading .

My favorites :

I like the Dividend Defenders  chapter as all along I am thinking that the companies pay more dividend means they are more healthy . But the author says as follows on the topic

High dividend yield could be the result of low stock price due to poor company performance and fundamentals.

Like this there are several ideas which would open our eyes and give the real picture. 

To reach the financial freedom  you should follow the following theory

Increased Earnings+Decreased Spending +Smart Investments= Financial Freedom :

Readers get many a suggestion to enhance his financial quotient.
Also the chapter Money class Habits-10 Habits for Financial Prosperity  guides us  a lot.

My verdict :

I recommend this book to all middle class people who want to shine in the stock market .Buy the book and start making investment to boost your financial freedom.  

My score :  4/5

Disclaimer : I have won this book in Goodreads Giveaway and in exchange I give the honest and unbiased review .

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