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Review of Amidhridhti the divine attitude


No of pages  : 206

Published by :  Write Place
Published on : 2016
Editing  : Anupama Ganesh
Genre : Spirituality
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Blurb of the book

About the Book Amidrishti - The Divine Attitude provides knowledge to live a life full of purpose and peace. This simple tale of two brothers provides guidance to the art of living with greater spiritual and emotional intelligence. A wonderfully crafted tale, the book narrates the extraordinary life of Amichand, a virtuous merchant who confronts challenges in life through his faith and patience. A life-changing odyssey, his journey provides powerful practical lessons that teach us to: Nourish relationships with family members Cultivate self-discipline Deal with adversities in life Be a benefactor to all including our own family members The story is all about relationships but there is a learning to one's own self also, which is very powerful. Also available in Gujarati as ""Amichand ni Amidrishti"" and in Hindi as ""Amrut Drashti."" 

About the Author

Jain Acharya Param Pujya Bhuvanbhanu Surishwarji Maharaj 

A clairvoyant , academic genius,profound thinker,skilful orator, vesrsatile,writer, incredible mentor of approximately 250 disciples, great sage,and above all ,humble devotee of Lord Mahavira and his religious order.

General :

When I have received the book , the title seems to be odd to me and I understand it is a guide for living our life  soul-centric .The cover makes me awestruck as it resembles a tree ,on one side human face made of branches  and another  side the greenery leaves  . It coaxes me to intrigue the mystery of combining two different aspects in one physical form .On reading it I get the point that the cover represents our  just opposite mental attitudes. Its design attracts me and I hope the book will be a wonderful  read for me .  This spiritual  book has taken me to the next  level of enlightenment  and clarified me on many a facet of life.

When I finished reading the Publisher's note I have decided to read the book again and again to grasp the real meanings and messages the author wants to convey .The book elaborately discusses about our attitude, our nature of dealing different circumstances and various situations  in our  own way so as to make our life meaningful .

As a reader you can relate to the book as it opens your eyes on the core subject of your social life.It gives  practical tips to control our mind and lead a pious and virtuous life. .This book exclusively serves the purpose of taking you a smooth navigation of your life with all the peace of mind and tranquility and face the trials and tribulations in a calm manner. 

Social and historical context 

The book carries 20 chapters with suitable captions apart from the subtitles for every stanza .  The book starts with the introduction of Amichand. His story revolves around incidents to explain about the Amis -an extremely sweet liquid which is relieving and refreshing .  The author calls all the positivity and virtues as  Amis .  There are totally 13 Amis. The book gives  the story ,the principles relate to the respective situation , and a synopsis at the end of all the 19 chapters. 

The tale of Amichand 

I don't want to go deep in to the story but give a sketch of it so that readers would understand the relevance  of the same

Amichand was the son of a wealthy merchant  and his father passed away soon after his marriage . He takes care of his younger brother and he and his wife are fond of him. When his mother died Amiichand promised to take care of his younger brother Vinu. Vinu marries Tara . Tara happens to be a city based girl manipulates Vinu by her nagging and complaining A stage has arrived they have to break the relationship with his brother and his wife. So goes the story and in between the author is giving justifications and pinpoint where they go wrong or right.

The book talks about 13 Ami like Gratitude, Courtesy, Treating others as one would treat himself or herself. The desire to do things for others . Each and every ami is discussed briefly . There is also questions -answers sessions here and there to clear the doubts .The book ends with Amichnad's Divine Discourse .

The book discusses about the Nectarous and Poisonous  Attitudes and their effect. It covers Karma and the consequences of the same.

Both virtues and vices are discussed .

The Pro 

The story fits well and it gives a clear picture as to how much we haVe to follow the moral values and  ethical principles at the given situation  The interesting narrative makes the reading an enjoyable read.The language is simple but have a  literary flavor. 

Acharya Bhuvanbhanu Suri's wiring style is superb .He is  well versed in Jain Scriptures . He has made all the  efforts to present a fantastic prose with rhyme and rhythm.  Asking "What poisons' Life?" in the first chapter he goes on to motivate us with heart -rending  sermons .He has touched all the crucial topics related to life like Human nature to the Essence of life.

From scriptures, words of wisdom are given in Hindi, Gujarti and English.The meaning for the Hindi words is given in the footnote on the same page .  It makes our  reading.easy.

My favorite 

In the story I  like the Ruler. When he makes an investigation about the theft of necklace and he is not quick to go by the advice of his wife. He wants to make a proper analysis like this necklace episode as it takes us to realistic how foolishly we are attaching ourself to material things and suffer.

I also like the following pearls of wisdom from the book.

One needs to convince his mind that he does not want a particular thing under ant circumstance. Then his mind will automatically feel the guilt dislike discomfort and hatred for that thing.

If we were to perceive things from a neutral point of iew the world would be beautiful and very different.

Material pleasure can give yo speed but true well-being lies in spritual progress only.

Wealth may be instrumental in giving you happiness but it i not happiness itself. Real happiness lies in giving  and not gathering

My verdict 

I adore this book as a gem of wisdoms guiding me to have a smooth sail amidst of storms and turmoils.  The author with his rich knowledge in the realm of Jainism and his involvement in propagating the virtues from the Jain's scriptures has penned this book with a lot of care and thoughtfulness . Readers  would benefit from this book by way of change in their perspective towards life ,realizing the very purpose of their life and necessity of living a  life of virtues .It will boost your  quality of life and take you to higher level.

Buy the book to have a great  change in your life  with more hope and peace of mind.

Rating  5/5

Disclaimer I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange of honest and unbiased review.

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