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Mickesh Roy, on the very first day of his office, meets Gauri Trivedi in an elevator and her beauty leaves him spellbound. His sole aim was to woo her and for that he left no stone unturned. He reads a quote on Quora: "Even if the path taken is a malicious one, it is justified if the destination is a temple" and does every damn thing which could have taken him a step closer to his love. He tried all possible funny and cute proposals until Gauri rejected him straightforwardly. They say everything is fair in love and war, and for him, it was a combo. The one-sided love and the war, he had to fight against all odds. But then Gauri decides to take a new job in Kolkata, without giving a second thought about Mickesh. And this hammered the last nail in Mickesh's coffin. He is heartbroken and completely shattered. But will Gauri ever recognize his colossal efforts or she keeps playing the part of a confused girl? Is she going to take her new job or will Mickesh follow her to the eternity? Will she accept his proposal in the end or the doors to her heart are as cold as Arctic? "On the moon, between the stars" is about the journey of an ordinary guy and his extraordinary efforts to get his love.


An engineer by profession! A writer by chance! A chef by hobby! A singer by birth!Manvendra Kumar completed his graduation from JSS,Noida in 2014 in Mechanical Engineering before taking a job in corporate firm. He is currently working in NTL Electronics India Ltd as a design engineer in E&D.
He never thought of becoming a writer until one day his dream girl asked about his marriage plan. Since his job was not enough to meet his love's financial status and at the same time he could not afford losing her at any cost; then he decided to quit his GRE preparation and pen down this book to impress her family and because his journey of winning her heart was no less than breaking a mountain.
"On the moon, between the stars" is his debut novel that is a rom-com/romedy and based on his own life.
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My take :

FUNNY .. FUNNY…. FUNNY. This is the word that has striken me when I began reading  the book . From the beginning to the end there is fun-filled situations, and conversations. As the blurb says it is a story of Mickesh Roy. It starts  from the date of joining the NTL  till the date of his first increment . 

The book covers his  experiences  in the office . His interactions with his colleagues and his pranks make the reading interesting and amusing . He loves Gauri from the time she meets her when both of them entered in to  office  first time as new entrants in the same company.

Michesh Roy tries his level best to woo Gauri and wants to win her as her lover. He spends a lot of time as well as money  for this. 

Whether his  efforts and endeavors are successful or not  ?

At the time of announcing the increment what has befallen to him ?

What is the decision of Gauri  about her life and life partner ?

You have to read the book to get the answers .

First of all I like the title "On the moon between the stars" as it gives  a celestial touch . Cover design by  Divyam Kaushik  is nice.  The plot is thin and the subplots are supportive to run the story. The characters are realistic as most of them youngsters, intelligent and well placed in the IT world.  

Mickesh Roy is charming and charismatic. He has got the ability of planning  to achieve his goals minor and major.  He and his friends indulge in  vices like smoking and  boozing. They make mistakes.  

Manvendra Kumar's language is superb .The narrative is interesting.  He has written simple things in a compelling manner. His story is inspirational to the youngsters as it holds a good message .

Readers would like the book for the beautiful story of professionals working in IT and other sectors .There is no suspense or surprise but there is all the jovial and happy moments to entertain us. Also there may not be twists and turns but there is enough incidents to make the reading a pleasant experience .

My verdict :

Manvedra Kumar is capable of telling the story in an interesting way . He could make the most of  the trying circumstance comical . Overall I love the book for the fantastic storyline and the romantic aspect of the main character.. Readers would also like this book for the mirthful dialogues and believable scenes. It is a great entertainment to all .

My score :  4/5

 : I have received the book from the author in exchange of my honest and unbiased review .

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