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NO OF PAGES  : 310


Published on : 2017

Genre : Adult Action Science Mystery

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Blurb of the book is given below

The protagonist suffers from chronic pancreatitis and has spent months at the hospital. 
So-called friends and girlfriends drift away in his time of need. The only ones by his side are his family, giving him strength to fight the pain. 
Soon things become even worse. He is rushed into an emergency surgery following an episode of internal bleeding. 
He wakes up to the sound of voices. The first thing the voices tell him is, -No one comes back from death empty-handed. We are going to stay with you, either to guide you or to torture you. We will play with your head and thoughts as we feel fit.- 
What do these voices want from him? 
Will they help him or turn against him?

About the Author 

Akash Lakhotia  tells about himself as follows:
I was born on 25th August, 1990, in a small village named Rambha at the banks of Chilika lake (Odisha), India. I have settled in Bangalore, Karnataka, India where I attended high school.

I had a rough childhood and constantly suffered from stomach aches. Soon after I  turned twenty, my pain worsened, and I was diagnosed with chronic calcific pancreatitis. I fought the disease bravely, and experienced a quick recovery.

I then acquired a Diploma in Game Designing, and subsequently, a job in the same field. My poor health forced me to quit in two months. I was bedridden, and employed my time learning to build games for mobile phones and began working as a freelancer.

My review

Every coin has got two sides. Similarly every new scientific and technological invention has got advantages and disadvantage . Internet has brought    a great revolution  as well as it has become a threat to our life due to the wrong approach of some people who want to misuse it for their  selfish motives. For example hackers steal information from others accounts and steal the money from them. Like this they play a havoc in our day to day  to life and thereby giving all the trouble . Cyber crimes are increasing .

People navigate in the virtual world with half knowledge or  without any guidelines. . Some of them fall prey to predators .

"WORLD HYPNOTIZED MAKING OF THE FUHRER"  is a novel deals with the extra sensory power of the protagonist and manipulative activities of  computer geeks . The book advises the readers  about the trap  in the form of free downloads which leads to virus attacks and theft of important data like password, date of birth  etc.

The book also talks about the not so fair treatment meted out to gay couples in this society. It tells about the illegal activities of  a paedophile. who exploits small children. The book elaborates  about beggars and their lifestyle.

The plot is good and there are so  many sub plots to convey many episodes involving several extraordinary matters like world war , politics  and abuse of power by unscrupulous people .

The language is simple . and narration is direct . The storyline is  good .
I recommend this book for an easy read .

My rating: 3/5

Disclaimer : I received the book in exchange for my honest review from the author.

My review

My review

My reiew.

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