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Review of From Yesterday

No of pages :226

Published by : Frog books

Editor: Layzel F

Printed at Repro

Printed on 2016

Genre: Youth Fiction Contemporary Romance

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Blurb of the book goes as follows

34595753Anita, a make-up artist blessed with name, fame and fortune, yet cursed with a lonely and loveless existence. Adi, a young, ambitious and jet setting management professional, yet nursing a broken heart. Christina a bright, young and independent individual, brimming with optimism. Adi and Anita meet in Chennai and instantly fall for each other. However Anita's checkered past comes back to haunt her. The sequence of events that follow, leave Adi heart-broken. Adi moves to Chicago for work and happens to meet Christina. Christina is instinctively attracted to Adi. On the other hand, Adi distinctly senses the presence of Anita around him. 'From Yesterday' takes us into the world of love as Adi, Anita and Christina brush each other's lives in the beautiful city of Chicago. Does Adi find his true love? Does he find Anita in Chicago? Does Christina lose in love? Adi unravels the answers to all these questions, as he gazes at the Bean, on a cold evening in the Windy city.

About the author

Anupam Dasgupta writes contemporary fiction largely based on his personal experiences and observations. He firmly believes in the adage, “truth is stranger than fiction” and is of the opinion that the world around us is full of interesting events and colorful characters.

“From Yesterday” is Anupam’s second novel. His debut novel “Salsa!” was released in May 2013 and was subsequently re-published as “Salsa World is a small place” in February 2014. His interviews and articles related to the book were featured in leading Indian dailies like “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, “The New Indian Express” and “Deccan Chronicle”.

Anupam has done his Bachelors in Engineering from Jadavpur University and MBA from IIM Indore. He has worked for more than a decade across roles in Business Development, Consulting and Strategic Planning. He currently works and lives in Bangalore, India.

Besides his passion for writing, Anupam has an ear for soulful music and loves singing. He is also an avid follower of Latin dance forms and a keen social dancer. Anupam can be reached at

General :

On going through this book , I raise these questions to myself "Where youngsters belonging to the present generation are heading towards? Are they acting responsibly or live their life just  like that ? Remaining a spinster or a bachelor  for a long time and want to settle at a later age say 37  seems to be the mistake of the individual or the society  ?"Which is more important? Professional life or personal one. 

"From yesterday " portrays the lifestyle of working women and men, who while away  their  time in flirting,dating  and  partying  not giving the relevant significance to their personal life albeit  in professional life they make all the efforts to come up and achieve a lot . 

The Plot :

The protagonist, Adi a management professional happens to meet Anita an orphan . a make-up artist through, a popular social media and they fall in love and they want to get married. The only factor that work s against this is their age. Adi is 28 and Anita is running 37. Still they want to settle in life as husband and wife. In the meantime Anita tells about her affairs with Vanraj and Anand.Even though Vanraj loves her , his erratic immoral acts put a full stop to their relationship. Anand has dated her with sincere love, but his family don't agree. They have to part with each other.  

The love between Adi and Anita blossoms but their age difference comes as a hindrance . This prompts her to stay away from Adi. On official duty Adi goes to Chicago.There he  meets Christina . They feel their love for each other.

What happens to Anita  and whether the love between Adi and Christina succeeds are the two significant questions  for  which the answers we get on reading the book .

Pro :

This is the first book I read where the story moves on through conversations in Chennai and Chicago.The language is fantastic  and fresh. The colloquial style  and  slangy expressions make the reading interesting and pleasant as we can relate to the story line .
The author ,Anupam  a gifted writer has got the ability to pen the events in a pleasing way  with the right words.

There are minimum number of characters and they are intelligent and kind hearted  and only exception is Vanraj who indulge in unethical activities. 
The sub plots are realistic and unpredictable.Even though there are not so many twists and turns, the way story goes with minute  details keep the reader engrossed and works as a page turner.

The title "From yesterday " shows  it is a nostalgic journey of the MCs. The cover is beautiful and the only shadow  of the girl's along with the hero induces us to find out out the mystery behind such a scenario.

The story line is thin but with strong message and the climax is shocking .

My favorites :

 I like Hamid as he is a sincere and honest assistant of Anita. 

I give below examples of  the words of wisdom sprinkled throughout the book 

Life is not momentary . There is always a tomorrow . You have a bright tomorrow that should not get shrouded by shadows from yesterday.

Life is not about what you have lost in the past. Look ahead . Beckon the new beginnings , brush aside the thorns from the past.

My verdict :

I recommend this book to all for a light and quick reading  as it is a great entertainer.

My rating : 4/5

Disclaimer : I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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