Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Infatuation ,a puppy love happens in everyone's life .It may blossom into a full fledged love affair or it may fade away in the course of time as a phase of life. Usually an adolescent boy will have a crush on a girl studying with him or somehow he has contact with her. This way she becomes his girlfriend and it may take him to romance .  As the opposite poles attract in a magnet , it is natural to feel the attraction by a boy towards a girl.

Till we are small kids we use to move and play without any gender difference and there would be mirth and merriment .As we grow up when we realize the difference between a boy and a girl the movement will be restricted to talking  only . But our memory will always bring back the olden days and it will serve as a catalyst for feeling happy and joyful.

When I was a  small kid, at the age of 7 or 8 I used to play with classmates and friends in our neighborhood. It was a co-education school and at that time we both girls and boys  mingle and spend our time together.There was a girl from a upper middle class family who used to be friendly with me and we used to take all the opportunity to chitchat and laugh .She is a good looking girl with regular features and she used to put on a  fresh and clean dress .We would be joking and making fun of every situation and having a great time .

Apart from school hours we went to the same tuition teacher  and we spent our weekend playing in the nearby ground. Actually we both boys and girls have fun and enjoyed our childhood, I felt a special inkling between myself and the girl I am talking about. For one thing, we were quite comfortable with each  other and another thing we looked for ways to help each other.

Once we went on a tour to a historical place from our school and we were very happy at that time relaxing and enjoying our time together.It so happened  that I spent all the amount  I got it from my father. by buying snacks.As the last visit we went for shopping . I thought I would purchase some dolls made for my sisters.She noticed I was running short of money and she volunteered to offer some amount from the pocket money she got it from her parents. This touched my heart and gave me a nostalgic vibe whenever I remember the same.
half girlfriend க்கான பட முடிவு

Due to my  father's transfer to some other place , we had to leave the place  and shifted to the new one.  Thereafter, I did not contact her .There would be always the memory to cherish our friendship. Later on after a long time I come  to know she has got married to one of our friends and they lead  a happy life. Even today I think of those golden days and feel glad I have got a half girlfriend .

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