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Review of From Yesterday

No of pages :226

Published by : Frog books

Editor: Layzel F

Printed at Repro

Printed on 2016

Genre: Youth Fiction Contemporary Romance

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Blurb of the book goes as follows

34595753Anita, a make-up artist blessed with name, fame and fortune, yet cursed with a lonely and loveless existence. Adi, a young, ambitious and jet setting management professional, yet nursing a broken heart. Christina a bright, young and independent individual, brimming with optimism. Adi and Anita meet in Chennai and instantly fall for each other. However Anita's checkered past comes back to haunt her. The sequence of events that follow, leave Adi heart-broken. Adi moves to Chicago for work and happens to meet Christina. Christina is instinctively attracted to Adi. On the other hand, Adi distinctly senses the presence of Anita around him. 'From Yesterday' takes us into the world of love as Adi, Anita and Christina brush each other's lives in the beautiful city of Chicago. Does Adi find his true love? Does he find Anita in Chicago? Does Christina lose in love? Adi unravels the answers to all these questions, as he gazes at the Bean, on a cold evening in the Windy city.

About the author

Anupam Dasgupta writes contemporary fiction largely based on his personal experiences and observations. He firmly believes in the adage, “truth is stranger than fiction” and is of the opinion that the world around us is full of interesting events and colorful characters.

“From Yesterday” is Anupam’s second novel. His debut novel “Salsa!” was released in May 2013 and was subsequently re-published as “Salsa World is a small place” in February 2014. His interviews and articles related to the book were featured in leading Indian dailies like “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, “The New Indian Express” and “Deccan Chronicle”.

Anupam has done his Bachelors in Engineering from Jadavpur University and MBA from IIM Indore. He has worked for more than a decade across roles in Business Development, Consulting and Strategic Planning. He currently works and lives in Bangalore, India.

Besides his passion for writing, Anupam has an ear for soulful music and loves singing. He is also an avid follower of Latin dance forms and a keen social dancer. Anupam can be reached at

General :

On going through this book , I raise these questions to myself "Where youngsters belonging to the present generation are heading towards? Are they acting responsibly or live their life just  like that ? Remaining a spinster or a bachelor  for a long time and want to settle at a later age say 37  seems to be the mistake of the individual or the society  ?"Which is more important? Professional life or personal one. 

"From yesterday " portrays the lifestyle of working women and men, who while away  their  time in flirting,dating  and  partying  not giving the relevant significance to their personal life albeit  in professional life they make all the efforts to come up and achieve a lot . 

The Plot :

The protagonist, Adi a management professional happens to meet Anita an orphan . a make-up artist through, a popular social media and they fall in love and they want to get married. The only factor that work s against this is their age. Adi is 28 and Anita is running 37. Still they want to settle in life as husband and wife. In the meantime Anita tells about her affairs with Vanraj and Anand.Even though Vanraj loves her , his erratic immoral acts put a full stop to their relationship. Anand has dated her with sincere love, but his family don't agree. They have to part with each other.  

The love between Adi and Anita blossoms but their age difference comes as a hindrance . This prompts her to stay away from Adi. On official duty Adi goes to Chicago.There he  meets Christina . They feel their love for each other.

What happens to Anita  and whether the love between Adi and Christina succeeds are the two significant questions  for  which the answers we get on reading the book .

Pro :

This is the first book I read where the story moves on through conversations in Chennai and Chicago.The language is fantastic  and fresh. The colloquial style  and  slangy expressions make the reading interesting and pleasant as we can relate to the story line .
The author ,Anupam  a gifted writer has got the ability to pen the events in a pleasing way  with the right words.

There are minimum number of characters and they are intelligent and kind hearted  and only exception is Vanraj who indulge in unethical activities. 
The sub plots are realistic and unpredictable.Even though there are not so many twists and turns, the way story goes with minute  details keep the reader engrossed and works as a page turner.

The title "From yesterday " shows  it is a nostalgic journey of the MCs. The cover is beautiful and the only shadow  of the girl's along with the hero induces us to find out out the mystery behind such a scenario.

The story line is thin but with strong message and the climax is shocking .

My favorites :

 I like Hamid as he is a sincere and honest assistant of Anita. 

I give below examples of  the words of wisdom sprinkled throughout the book 

Life is not momentary . There is always a tomorrow . You have a bright tomorrow that should not get shrouded by shadows from yesterday.

Life is not about what you have lost in the past. Look ahead . Beckon the new beginnings , brush aside the thorns from the past.

My verdict :

I recommend this book to all for a light and quick reading  as it is a great entertainer.

My rating : 4/5

Disclaimer : I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Infatuation ,a puppy love happens in everyone's life .It may blossom into a full fledged love affair or it may fade away in the course of time as a phase of life. Usually an adolescent boy will have a crush on a girl studying with him or somehow he has contact with her. This way she becomes his girlfriend and it may take him to romance .  As the opposite poles attract in a magnet , it is natural to feel the attraction by a boy towards a girl.

Till we are small kids we use to move and play without any gender difference and there would be mirth and merriment .As we grow up when we realize the difference between a boy and a girl the movement will be restricted to talking  only . But our memory will always bring back the olden days and it will serve as a catalyst for feeling happy and joyful.

When I was a  small kid, at the age of 7 or 8 I used to play with classmates and friends in our neighborhood. It was a co-education school and at that time we both girls and boys  mingle and spend our time together.There was a girl from a upper middle class family who used to be friendly with me and we used to take all the opportunity to chitchat and laugh .She is a good looking girl with regular features and she used to put on a  fresh and clean dress .We would be joking and making fun of every situation and having a great time .

Apart from school hours we went to the same tuition teacher  and we spent our weekend playing in the nearby ground. Actually we both boys and girls have fun and enjoyed our childhood, I felt a special inkling between myself and the girl I am talking about. For one thing, we were quite comfortable with each  other and another thing we looked for ways to help each other.

Once we went on a tour to a historical place from our school and we were very happy at that time relaxing and enjoying our time together.It so happened  that I spent all the amount  I got it from my father. by buying snacks.As the last visit we went for shopping . I thought I would purchase some dolls made for my sisters.She noticed I was running short of money and she volunteered to offer some amount from the pocket money she got it from her parents. This touched my heart and gave me a nostalgic vibe whenever I remember the same.
half girlfriend க்கான பட முடிவு

Due to my  father's transfer to some other place , we had to leave the place  and shifted to the new one.  Thereafter, I did not contact her .There would be always the memory to cherish our friendship. Later on after a long time I come  to know she has got married to one of our friends and they lead  a happy life. Even today I think of those golden days and feel glad I have got a half girlfriend .

“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

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More Indian than you think

great leaders india க்கான பட முடிவு

I take it a  pride in a proud manner  of calling myself an Indian as I feel blessed so many ways to celebrate by living in  this country with high tradition and glorifying culture and rich ideology.  Our success in our life is dependent on the Indian way of thinking  which paves way for personal growth and success in our life.  "Simple living and high thinking" is the slogan of the people. The two pillars of agriculture and defense for our existence assure us all the tranquility and peacefulness.

Unity in diversity is the beauty of our country .The best ethical and moral values rule our thinking as our ancestors showed the path of greatness .Our Indian thinking is accommodative, courteous and friendly.

When my mother died  I was 10 years old and I was the youngest son . We were 4 children.  . I have two sisters and one elder brother. I cannot think of the painful poignant thoughts of my father when he has lost his wife and destined  as a  single parent he has brought up all of us.  Now we are respectable citizens of India the credit goes to the Indian way of thinking. Our father did  not remarry and he took all the efforts to settle us in our life peacefully and he  made many a sacrifice .He faced many a struggle and underwent  numerous ordeals.

He worked as a honest and sincere  school inspector and with his salary he could manage to make our living comfortable with the minimum comforts and maximum care and attention. . He made  us all educated and saw we are well placed, He has also coffined himself to see our  needs and also we go the correct way to come up with life. But for the Indian way of thinking this would not be possible. All my relatives and friends helped my father shoulder this burden with ease and solace.

rabindranath tagore க்கான பட முடிவு
sir c v raman க்கான பட முடிவு
lata mangeshkar க்கான பட முடிவு

We feel happy and proud to be Indian because the mindset of the Indian people will be Live and let live others. There were so many leaders like Dr Abdul kalam whose teachings help us to lead a happy and peaceful life. Great poets like Rabidranath Tagore have contributed a lot for our literature and their works motivated us a lot. Physicist  like Sir  C V Raman have showed us a great path in the field of science.

Great cine field artists like Lata Mangeskar have made us forget our problems and relax a lot by their outstanding performance . Like this we can say we live in an atmosphere of serenity and happiness by virtue us being born in India.

"More Indian than you think " ad is very crisp , sharp and to the point. Editing and timing are superb.The characters are perfect and their portrayal is fantastic and engrossing.

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NO OF PAGES  : 310


Published on : 2017

Genre : Adult Action Science Mystery

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Blurb of the book is given below

The protagonist suffers from chronic pancreatitis and has spent months at the hospital. 
So-called friends and girlfriends drift away in his time of need. The only ones by his side are his family, giving him strength to fight the pain. 
Soon things become even worse. He is rushed into an emergency surgery following an episode of internal bleeding. 
He wakes up to the sound of voices. The first thing the voices tell him is, -No one comes back from death empty-handed. We are going to stay with you, either to guide you or to torture you. We will play with your head and thoughts as we feel fit.- 
What do these voices want from him? 
Will they help him or turn against him?

About the Author 

Akash Lakhotia  tells about himself as follows:
I was born on 25th August, 1990, in a small village named Rambha at the banks of Chilika lake (Odisha), India. I have settled in Bangalore, Karnataka, India where I attended high school.

I had a rough childhood and constantly suffered from stomach aches. Soon after I  turned twenty, my pain worsened, and I was diagnosed with chronic calcific pancreatitis. I fought the disease bravely, and experienced a quick recovery.

I then acquired a Diploma in Game Designing, and subsequently, a job in the same field. My poor health forced me to quit in two months. I was bedridden, and employed my time learning to build games for mobile phones and began working as a freelancer.

My review

Every coin has got two sides. Similarly every new scientific and technological invention has got advantages and disadvantage . Internet has brought    a great revolution  as well as it has become a threat to our life due to the wrong approach of some people who want to misuse it for their  selfish motives. For example hackers steal information from others accounts and steal the money from them. Like this they play a havoc in our day to day  to life and thereby giving all the trouble . Cyber crimes are increasing .

People navigate in the virtual world with half knowledge or  without any guidelines. . Some of them fall prey to predators .

"WORLD HYPNOTIZED MAKING OF THE FUHRER"  is a novel deals with the extra sensory power of the protagonist and manipulative activities of  computer geeks . The book advises the readers  about the trap  in the form of free downloads which leads to virus attacks and theft of important data like password, date of birth  etc.

The book also talks about the not so fair treatment meted out to gay couples in this society. It tells about the illegal activities of  a paedophile. who exploits small children. The book elaborates  about beggars and their lifestyle.

The plot is good and there are so  many sub plots to convey many episodes involving several extraordinary matters like world war , politics  and abuse of power by unscrupulous people .

The language is simple . and narration is direct . The storyline is  good .
I recommend this book for an easy read .

My rating: 3/5

Disclaimer : I received the book in exchange for my honest review from the author.

My review

My review

My reiew.

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   Sarah Bernhardt



empathy images க்கான பட முடிவு

Empathy is one  of the most cherished virtues of everyone , which connects others  with abundant love and  affinity ,not allowing to entertain hatred , animosity and resentment .It guarantees the most peaceful, joyful   and successful life. Empathy means to put yourself in others shoes. It is to see from the POV of others.

 In our office,  all the staff  members  planned  to offer  some  donation to a nearby school on the Independence  day.  The school authority requested us to give uniform materials to the children.When the day for function neared we decided to offer  the same  to toppers  who excelled in their studies or those came with flying colors in sports and other activities.

One of the senior most official ,a wise, intelligent,and kind-hearted lady suggested students studying 1st standard should get the uniform . 
For this she gave the following points :
Toppers would have got their prizes from various sources.
 we can not identify the actual students who are sure to score high marks.
Hence it is better to give the uniform to small children studying in the First standard, there won't be any frustration out of jealousy and ego among them.

What she  told seems​ to be very rational and logical .She has been sensitive to the sentiments and feelings of the small kids.This is a fitting  example for empathy. We have to be empathetic to  comprehend the situation the other persons will be put into by our actions  and  act accordingly with prudence and diplomacy.

When others encounter  a setback or a mishap we should  not  laugh and  try to fish out of troubled waters. We should be excogitative enough to aid others sail through the storms .

 We don't know what would happen to us in the next moment . Serving others is equal to making social  deposit and that will be beneficial at our bad times .


Hearing is inherent. 

We should learn to look at others' sufferings with humanity.

Seeing is inherent

 We should try to look at their shortcomings with compassion.

 Feeling the warmth of friendship is inherent. 

We should aspire to understand

others' limitations and misfortunes .

I see when there is  an accident , onlookers  try  to take videos of such occurrence and  post in the social media . They want their posting should go viral . This is very unfortunate attitude as the victim will be crying for  care and first aid. 

This should change and people must give priority for saving the wounded person and they can write stories afterwards.

 Let us all empathize with ourselves 
and show empathy to others at all times   

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Author :' Saharari ' Subrata Roy Sahara
No of pages : 116
Published by  : Rupa publications India Pvt.Ltd
Genre: Non Fiction Politics Contemporary
Book links : Amazon Goodreads Flipkart
Author link : Goodreads


Who is going to bell the cat ?
This is the question we all ask  about corruption,nepotism , red tapism ,black money , privation, race and gender discrimination and what not. In social media there are many outbursts in respect of undue sufferings and ordeals experienced by common ordinary  citizens due to above factors.

"THINK WITH ME Fundamentals for making our country ideal"deals with possibilities for solving all the problems faced  by us in normal course of our life. Readers will get the methods and schemes to overhaul our societal structure so that our posterity live with highest degree of happiness quotient.

Subrata Roy has come with his thoughts , ideas , plans for revamping the society. His views and opinions  are sensible and worth reading. His guidelines on reforms will pave way for the progress and prosperity of  the country.His language and style of presentation are impressive.
In the preface he gives an account of future India as follows.

India would rise as an advanced , progressive, an prosperous country wherein people would live together in harmony , work collectively, achieve collectively and the collective gains would be distributed equitably , filling peoples lives with abundant peace, happiness and satisfaction.

His discourses aim to reach the above status .
He has taken into account the following pillars of our country for discussion  and invite us for debate.

1. Electoral system and leadership
2. Population
3. Education system
4 Media
5 Religion

Such an Utopian world will arise if at all we all work together making necessary changes in all the public forums.

My favorite

I find the following suggestions and ideas interesting and innovative


Formation of Nominated Deputy Member of Parliament.(NDMP)

We are becoming literate but we need to be educated and need to gain insight to the Education of Life.

The narration is simple ,fresh and  direct The font and printing are nice..The title is superb and cover and design are fantastic.

My verdict

I like the book for all its messages  and planning for eradicating the perils and pains of the common man .

My rating :  3/5 

Disclaimer : I received the book in exchange for my honest review from Writermelon.

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Review of SEMMARI Aararivu aadu in Tamil


No of pages : 286
Published  by Notion press ,com
Published on 2017
Genre: Tamil Fiction Historical Action  Adventure Thriller
Book links: Goodreads  Amazon 

செம்மாரி’ - திருப்பங்கள் நிறைந்த விறுவிறுப்பான சரித்திர காலத்து கற்பனைக்கதை. நமது பாரம்பரிய விளையாட்டான ஆடுபுலி ஆட்டத்தை பின்னணியில் கொண்ட கதை.


சிலையூரை தலைநகராக கொண்ட சந்திரநாட்டில், சிற்பிகள் பொழுதுபோக்கிற்க்காக விளையாடிக்கொண்டிருந்த ‘ஆடுபுலி ஆட்டத்தை’ வேடிக்கை பார்த்த ஆடுமேய்க்கும் இளைஞன் செம்மாரிக்கு, அவன் வாழ்வில் நினைத்துப்பார்க்க முடியாத விபரீதம் நடந்தது. சொந்தநாட்டு மன்னன் ஒருபுறமும், சூரியப்பேரரசின் படைத்தளபதி மறுபுறமும், அரக்ககுணம் கொண்ட ‘கோடாரி’ இன்னொரு புறமும், என அவனைக்கொல்ல ஒரு கூட்டமே துரத்தியது. அவர்களிடமிருந்து தப்பித்தானா?...


"Semmari Aararivu aadu " is a splendid   Tamil historical story  about the life  of great  sculptors and the indoor game of lamb and tiger, an ancient one played by all in Tamilnadu. 

I thank Samura for having sent me the book in exchange of  my honest review.I have already enjoyed  his  first book ,namely Silikanpuram for   it's high entertainment quotient  . As I have expected his second book Semmari  also has engrossed  me. 

 It is a great treat for Tamil readers as the tale has got a charm by giving an account of  historical views and past events . Life and death situations ,do or die circumstances give all the thrill to sustain the reading .Emotional situations lead us to relate  with the characters and it gives an experience of excitement and exhilaration.

In this Internet age where all are going for computer games , it is indeed a different and pleasant experience of knowing about the game Aadu Puli Attam  (Lamb and tiger game). 

Samura , an Author , Mentor  ,Career consultant ,Speaker, NGO and software professional - multi faceted   personality  has penned this book  with a  lot of  the brainstorming and hard work  . His intelligent  and wise touch  coupled with a lot of studies to concoct a strong social drama  has resulted in  its grand success .

The plot

In Chandranaadu, a small kingdom  the king Puthirasekaran wants to build a monument i.e  grand hall full of sculptures   in  memory of his father Mandraseakran. Sadayuthar , an old  famous  sculptor and his immediate assistant Nagalan  have  taken care of the  construction of the same. When time permits ,the sculptors along with other laborers  use to play an  ancient indoor game, namely  Aadu Puli Attam  (Lamb and tiger game). It is a game played with application of brain and mind.

The protagonist Semmari a Sheppard, 18 year old lad  is living in Chandraaadu  kingdom along with his family earning their livelihood by rearing  of sheep. He gets a chance to witness the  game and learns the tricks and tactics  of  the game from Nagalan . With his sharp grasping he has become a master .

Once Gugan, a tourist  crosses the place and invites Nagalan to play the game with him and challenge him to win it if possible as he is so confident of defeating him.At that juncture Semmari comes there and helps Nagalan . There starts troubles and turmoils which pave way for so many adventures and ordeals to Semmari and close associates .


Samura's handling of the plot focusing on the game is superb  The coordination of all the subplots to culminate in a terrific  climax is  an example for his highly gifted story telling talent. The narration is interesting and the characterization is optimum. Both the title and the cover design are attractive,

My favorite:

I like the joint family atmosphere which is  a distant dream in this present  era due to the emerge of nucleus families . There we see the youngsters give respect to elders .There is a strong sense of belonging and love and affection among the siblings. 

I like the natural and spontaneous  romance  of Semmari with Nathiyazh .I admire Semmari for his valour , wit and wisdom.

My verdict :

I find the book an excellent read as it has enthralled me with a  realistic but unpredictable  storyline .I strongly recommend this book as a good , simple, decent and must read by all Tamil loving people.It is worth buying . Don't miss it

Rating :  5/5
Disclaimer : I have received the book directly from the author in exchange of my review.

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Review of The Gutter Princess Diary of an (Un)willing prostitute


No Pages  :  140
Published By : Frog Books
ISBN 978-93-52017-59-1
Published on 2016
Book Links: Goodreads   Amazon Flipkart
Author Link  Goodreads 

The bitter but dark story  of the Gutter Princess, a sex worker induces  us to be curious and funny  at sometimes; sometimes it makes us excogitative ; sometimes it coaxes us to weep in silence. Her distressed ordeals melt our heart . Her reemerge as a winner invigorates us to a  sigh of relief.

 The most brilliant plot of Mini and her dedicated  execution of the Wonderful​ concept in the fluent language ensure this book  to be a great masterpiece.Kudos to Mini Gautam.

 Also the book carries  the powerful message for women empowerment,  I.e "All girls should get education ."

My rating: 5/5

Disclaimer:   I received the book from the author  in exchange for my honest review .

Books are windows that allow light of knowledge

Courtesy   Wise books would embellish our life with wisdom Wisdom always mould  our mind and heart Heart elates due to mindfuln...