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Review of A walk in the Rain

A walk in the Rain 
No.of pages :236 
                                                         Publisher : Kyron publications
 Published on   January 7th 2015
Genre: Young adult crime contemporary fiction.
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My review :

“A walk in the Rain” is an adult youth crime thriller. It is a story of rivalry and terror of  young generation taking place in a city.

I like the novel for its fast paced nature and the turns and twists enthrall me. The suspense and thrill it carries have got my attention to read the entire book at a stretch and only after finishing the same I have felt relaxed. Such a fantastic and gripping social drama will linger in my mind for a longer time.

The readers would like this book for the realistic and adventurous events and the nail-biting suspense will entertain every one.Every chapter gives a new picture of pain and success .You can get the feeling of incidents happening in front of you. It has got romance , love ,lust ,and revenge to be fit for making a movie script.

Udai Yadla , the author has narrated the story in a direct and simple manner.He has carved the words in a splendid way  and   the flow is spontaneous to make the reading enjoyable and chilling sometimes.

The Plot :

Surya ,also called Sunny the protagonist has lost his mother when he was born and his father has not supported him fully. He has to struggle to come up in life . He befriends Imran his school mate and happens to save him in a fight that has taken place between him and Micheal belongs to a rival group in a bar.Also Sunny has developed love towards Sandhya .When they grow up once Imran asks Sunny to accompany him to a brothel .There he meets Saloni a sex worker.The story goes on to reveal so many surprises . There are so many sub-plots and they are given in a chronological order with time factor.

My favorite :

I like the sub plot which gives an account of the deep love between Sunny and Sandy when they are studying in the same class. They lie for the sake of each other and get punished by their  teacher.

I admire the Saloni character, as she is well versed in the mobile technology.She is very confident and bold . Actually she is carrying the most part of the story. She is a model for woman empowerment.

I also like Sam who had a positive approach of life . He was orphaned twice he never complained .  He believed the  only form of god is love.
I like the following quotes of wisdom.

The biggest sin in the world is not being able to love someone. Do not judge anybody by what thy are , because life may have played unfair with them.
The fruit of crime is bitter.
Chastity is not an attribute of body,but soul.
It is a jungle out there.There are hungry predators on the prowl.If you are helpless, they will hound you .

My verdict :

I like the characterization. All the characters including MCs Sunny and Saloni , Pooja , Victor , Hari ,Imran ,are both good and bad people. Both concept and execution are great .I recommend this book to all who are fans of crime fiction.

My rating : 4/5

Disclaimer : I received the book in exchange for my honest review from Writersmelon

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