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Author BIJU .P.R
No of pages   250
Publish by: FINGER PRINT
ISBN  978 81 7599 429 4 
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"INTIMATE SPEAKERS Why introverts and socially ostracized citizens use social media"
is a compilation of thoughts and experiences in the virtual world of  Internet and social media   by Biju P.R.  Writer, teacher and blogger .The  author   has depicted his personal encounters  and the happenings in the country along with the findings from the eminent scholars .There are three parts, each gives a different picture of  the activities of netizens , woman empowerment through the  Internet, and sexual activism of  lesbian,,gay,bisexuals,transgenders and inter-sex (LGBT). One chapter relates to Dalits .The crux of the book  is the fact that we are all becoming Intimate speakers in this virtual world ,

The other day my neighbour has asked  me ," We  have become his Facebook friends. Why you are  not putting any Like ,Comment, or Share for my posts whereas I am doing it on your posts?" It has not occurred to me this is a big issue and I have felt bad . My backwardness  in the virtual world makes me  an odd man out. This book has enlightened me on all facets of Internet and Social media.

The title of the book Intimate speakers  is a powerful eye-catching one and it shows  the sea- change that has taken place in our country after advent of Internet and social media like Facebook ,Twitter. and WhatsApp.

You are buying the electronics gadget like smart phone at the cost of more than 10K . This book comes to you as a great guide and the investment  of Rs 250/ worthful one and it is a best buy for all the clarifications and discussions  . Nuggets of wisdom   will definitely help you  to handle Internet and social media in a proactive and productive  way . You will get  a pukka direction  and the journey in the online world will be a happy one without any hassle . All bibliophiles want to have this book on their shelf as it is a great reference one on the  Internet and social media.

Biju.P.R has penned this book with a passion  coupled with   scholarly  craftsmanship with a lot of research.  His language is fresh,precise and  magnificent.   The narration is interesting  His proficiency in this filed has made  this book a great success. He  has used the word 'space' frequently .This  indicates the impact of the  Internet on the lifestyle of Indians and the effects of social media in their routine life.There is a poem written by him shows his flair for literature.

Social and historical context :

The book starts with the preface on Intimate speaker's Code of Conduct.It elaborates the  feelings  of the author on his personal challenges ,and events in his virtual world from the year 1991 to up to date.The book deals with all the subjects related to  the cyber world like cybersex, digital market cyberspace,to name a few., It covers various social media like Facebook,Twitter, YouTube,Orkut Blogger , Wordpress, Skype, WhatsApp  and SNSs. It talks about the chat platforms like social networking sites ,matrimonial sites etc Also It tells about the  impact of these media in the life of an ordinary Indian  in the context of his social life as well as personal life.

My favorite

The following conclusions  by the author have got my attention.

Social media was becoming a loudspeaker for the new kind of speakers in the age of instant and constant connections.

Social web became a real test of the liberal characters of Indians cherished and idealized democracy over the years.

Though a slight exaggeration our clicks or finger touches can bring about  a biggest change.

Internet has become a new mantra for liberation and empowerment.

Connectivity enables the death of common culture.

Internet is like the Pandors's Box for women and sexual dissenters.

Life is like a walk in the rain. You can either take shelter or get wet.

Internet gives a sense of invisibility to women

Facebook and WhatsApp were their second homes.

Internet has become increasingly accommodative to sexual minorities.

My verdict

I like this book for all the messages it carries on Internet  and Social Media .I also admire the way   the book deals with cyber citizenship so that we live in the  virtual world  with all the peace , happiness and harmony . I recommend this book to all, a good  buy and must read by parents,teachers,students ,bloggers and  professionals  I find the End notes very useful and informative.

My rating  5/5

Disclaimer :  I received the book from the publisher  in exchange for my honest review 


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