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You are the architect of your own destiny,you are the master of your own fate; you are behind the steering wheel of your life. There are  limitations to what you can do ,have or become .Accept the limitations you place on yourself by your own thinking.

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Ego means" A person’s sense of self-esteem or self -importance"- according  to British Dictionary. From womb to tomb we are carrying this Ego as a God’s gift and actually it is not a blessing but a curse.
Ego is venomous and vindictive
Ego is harmful and sickening
Ego is dangerous and unforgiving
Ego is evil and ill-tempered

Ego leads to think about yourself and do not allows you to see from the point of view of others. Ego is always selfish and it  gives room for all the negative thinking about others . Ego is your own enemy and works against your well being and peace of mind.

To cite an example the following incident is given.
In a reputed  company ,the manager of a particular section called one of his subordinates and scolded him for a mishap, not fully aware of the reason behind it.Later he realized his mistake and he wanted to seek apology from him.Here Ego prevented him from doing the same and he postponed it .Meanwhile the   person  died in an accident.   The manager is left with the scar and guilt  to  live the rest  of his life.His conscience pricks and he is losing his peace of mind.But for his ego he would have gone to his subordinate  and accept his mistake.

The incident clearly shows that the manager has given more weightage  to his age, education, knowledge, experience, and superiority. But mistake is mistake and to err is human.He should have called him in person and told  who is to be blamed for such a mishap .
 We should control our ego as it misguides us.  We make mistake and take a hasty decision wounding others .Had he given a thought to maintain coolness and ignore what our ego says he would have avoided such an unpleasant situation. 

There is nothing to feel pride and arrogant as we have got our own limitations and weakness. Everybody is unique and blessed with strengths and opportunities. All are born equal. Everyone likes to be respected and  treated well .

படம் இதைக் கொண்டிருக்கலாம்: உரை


Three golden rules to be followed to keep your EGO under control.

1. We should adhere to virtuous living by speaking the language of love and affection . Ego will take  the back seat .
2.We  should develop  a  feedback switch in your mind to review the interactions with others by  our words and actions .  Wherever and whenever it is necessary, we have to be flexible and if we are wrong we should never hesitate to correct ourselves .
3. Deal with others' ego as you deal with our own .


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