Sunday, 5 February 2017

Tour is biggest stress buster

Travelling is essential for our life as it is becoming more and more stressful and tension -filled. It lifts our mind and soul .It widens our positive perspective and our horizon of happiness.It rejuvenates our body health. Touring paves the way for our relaxation giving physical and mental wellness. It enhances your creativity and productivity. Many organizations arrange such tour programme to strengthen  the bond among the employees and give a break to the monotonous lifestyle.It elevates our hopefulness and confidence.  

To take rest and recuperation the employer arranges tour programmes for the employees. Some like- minded people save some amount every month and utilize the same for the going to various places to enjoy the beauty of greenery to breath fresh air. Especially we prefer  hill stations due to the tranquility and serenity we experience at these places.

When we go together the sense of belonging is strengthened and it gives everyone a great opportunity to know each other .

Once I happened to visit Delhi on official visit along with my colleagues. We stayed in Hyatt Regency in New Delhi. That time we arranged a tour programme with the help of local friends. We have covered Simla ,Manali etc. It was a fantastic experience to me as it was the first time for me visiting such places.

When we went there the cilmate was chilly and we enjoyed the scenery and different food. We stayed In a hotel nearer to the bus stand. We visited Ktkhai palace,Kufri,Forest Sanctuary,Himachal Photo Art Gallery, Himachal State Museum. The environment gave  a picture of greenery and the scenery was charming.  The landscape was bewitching. Nature’s beauty captivated our mind and heart .We felt the experience would never leave our memory.

There were guides to enlighten us about the various facts of historical background and the interest shown by the tourist. The utmost courtesy and kindness shown by the local people were exemplary and we were overwhelmed by their hospitality.

We planned and made out a check list to make our tour programme a success. But sometimes our calculations may fail and we encounter some severe and trying ordeals which will be remembered by us for a long time.Sometimes it may be a great miracle to escape such bad experience.

A new place , strange environment , and fresh faces may create some inconvenience and unpleasant situations. It is better we follow the rules and regualtions of local people to avoid such occurrences.

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