Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Social skills matter

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well” -                                                                                                  Voltaire.

We live in a civilized society with its own culture , tradition and values . The  law guides us to live in harmony .We want to lead a peaceful,successful and happy life. We dream for  a celestial live -in-style. But in reality we struggle a lot  and meet obstacles. We find the sailing   tough with stress and strain to drain all our energy. 

There are schools and colleges for teaching everything from drawing to writing  computer coding. There are many institutes to impart special training for  ,special skills and other vocational courses.This would help us in earning our livelihood and reach a status in our life.

When it comes to moulding of our personality and building a good  character there is  no institution to guide us. We learn from our own experience and that of others  .Also we imbibe the  virtues and good qualities from what we learn and see .

Our parents are our first teachers and it is the home where our learning starts.Due to hustle and bustle of life they cannot teach all . Our teachers confine themselves to their own subjects .

As far as our social behavior is concerned, everything is taken for granted.We  never give a thought about our social quotient which decides our well being and progress .

We reap what we sow . What we offer the society we receive from it in  equal proportion.

Let us look at  John and Peter.

Happy Man Clipart Can Stock Photo Csp13361713 Jpg

John is an enthusiastic and energetic  person .
He is jovial , funny and playful.
He is optimistic and always social.
He is a man of virtues and vigor.
he is a man of wit and wisdom 

  Black and white outline of a sad man

Peter is dull and  inactive.
He avoids people  and is reclusive.
He looks sad always
His pessimistic attitude shows his character.
He talks ill of everything and everyone 
We meet  two totally contradictory and opposite personalities .We come across such persons in our life. We can conclude John"s social quotient is on the higher side and he excels in  social skills and Peter  lacks them.

Due to the  complexities and complications prevailing  in our society,  there is no perfect John or Peter.The  degree varies and it depends upon various factors and circumstances One who is the like of John may slip into the category of Peter due to some loss or failure or some mishap .  Similarly, once the person may be Peter due to depression, etc  may become John by changing his own mindset.

We have to ask ourselves whose characteristic match ours  and try to improve  so that our social life goes unruffled  with tranquility and blissfulness.

Then the question arises about the necessity of increasing social quotient. Everyone wants in his life happiness , peace of mind , success in all efforts , harmony in all the relationships ,respect and fair treatment among the fellow citizens and a superb status in the society.There is no iota of doubt  if we take care of our social awareness everything follows automatically. 

In this Internet  era ,the youngsters belong to Gen y   look for one or another application in their smart phone for all health and other facets.They don't understand the basic principles of life. Over exposure and indulging in  all the social media like Face book etc  has paved way for satisfying our Ego only.This has brought the world to our palm, but it has to create  a Utopia of peace  and happiness. 

This is acting like a double -edged knife and there is a sea change in our life style.

Elders don't get due respect.
Children don't get their space.
The youngsters are always in pursuit of material needs.

It all indicates that we may slip into the stone age unless or otherwise we rise to the new challenge  and act prudently to avoid such a situation.

Socializing is a great art . It includes skills like  good communication and  maintenance of    harmonious interpersonal relationship .

 We have to   behave with  noblest virtues like compassion love, affection, patience and gratitude  ,and avoid venomous vices like selfishness,resentment ,foxiness  arrogance and vindictiveness to lead an excellent life.


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