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Obesity is becoming a great concern of all as it leads to many diseases. A Little effort on our part will extenuate this menace.

1. Balanced diet

balanced diet க்கான பட முடிவு

By balanced diet we mean a diet consists of  the vegetables, fruits  and rice or wheat , cereals .We get all the nutrients and nourishments  so that we carry on our daily routine life smoothly and we are hale ad healthy. We are what we eat.We have got a style and tradition  of consuming a balanced diet by virtue of our habit .We are following the way shown by our ancestors when it comes to taking food.This concept of Balanced diet is losing its value day by day . 
GO GREEN should be our mantra as green leaves are very much beneficial to our health.

Breakfast as the name suggests as we break the fast we should take food like a king.
 Lunch should be consumed like a prince. 
And supper we should take as a pauper. 

Let us see what is happening in our family. Nowadays both husband and wife are working and in the morning given the minimum time all are taking food only very limited . In some families I see that if not all, children  may skip the breakfast. It may be due to lack of time or appetite..I come to know  some students can not stand and faint  in the prayer meeting conducted in the schools on Mondays.This is a bad practice as it would lead to ulcer and other complications. 

As far as lunch is concerned , children are provided with a lunch  box carrying curd rice , chappathi etc. Nowadays teachers are instructed to check the same and see whether they take vegetables and fruits along with rice and chappathi.

When it comes to dinner the scenario is entirely different .Only in the night we use to join together and eat food. Children  should take food sufficient quantity.In fact at that time the food would be tasty , fresh and hot. 

Mothers have got a bigger role in managing this balanced diet concept as she is cooking the food and take care of the kitchen department. I can see fathers are also participating in preparation of food . They have to make all the efforts to see whether they take a balanced diet and children also follow suit. 

As the head of the family, the father should purchase all the fruits , vegetables available in the market  and also other grocery items. It is better to spend on food rather on hospital expenses.   Wherever ladies take care of the above , they should see they include all the items in their purchase list.In this aspect they should also teach children the necessity of a balanced diet. 

Fast food like Burger should be avoided and more and more traditional food is to be taken .

 2 An active life

Nowadays the children are becoming addicted to smart phone and video games and other activities related to Internet.. These mobiles have made  them immobile.When we sit for a long time in front of the computer this would result in physical troubles like back pain and piles.The hours our children  spend in front of the monitors should be minimum.They should undertake one or other physical activity to keep their body in healthy condition.They should be taught to learn new skills and hobbies . They should spend mote time for these activities instead of confining themselves social media and virtual  world.

We should do one or other exercise to maintain our body.

You can walk.
You can run.
You can skip.
You can play.
You can jog.
You can dance.
You can swim.
You can do  acrobatic dance.
You can  perform gymnastic exercises.
You can do some domestic chores .

The list is endless . This will make you hale and healthy.  

3.A positive attitude

We should teach our children to entertain positive attitude as it leads them to be happy and cheerful always.Our mind depends on our attitude and so we should develop an optimist outlook .Since sound body and sound mind go together we see that they imbibe the right attitude . Negativity is to be discouraged and they should follow the principles of positivity .There should be proper counseling  to encourage children to put all the hard work and  make all the efforts to succeed in all their aspirations. When failures strike them they should not lose their heart.

When children develop the correct positive attitude they will be disciplined and they concentrate on their well  being. They will try to avoid bad habits. They will give attention to their eating habits and spend sufficient time in playing and doing exercises to have control over their body weight. The vicious circle of indulging in over eating , worrying about the same and again taking food like a glutton should go .

They should be enlightened about obesity and guided to take care of their physical and mental health . 

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