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Review of Open-Eyed Meditations

No.of pages : 279
Publisher : Fingerprint publishing
Published on : August 1st 2016
Genre : Non fiction,Self-help
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My honest review :

Self-help books are sold like hot cakes.Every one is always in the pursuit of success, peace of mind and happiness in his/her life. This type of book helps one and all as a guide and changes their life.

I am always in search of books in this genre as I want to improve myself and I never get tired reading these books .When I came to know that I am selected for giving my honest review to this book I felt myself in the seventh heaven.

Since I am a health freak I use to learn about yoga and meditation. When I have received the book the "Open Eyed Meditations practical wisdom for everyday life, I take the literal meaning and I prepare myself to study the methods and practical tips on doing meditation with my eyes opened. On going through the book only I have  realized my mistake and the author has meant wise principles of life by calling them meditations.

I have felt fascinated by the splendid ideas given in the book for my progress and solving my problems.Each and every word in the book brings me to a newer world and fresh experience.The pearls of wisdom displayed in the book have enlightened me on several facets of life . This book has awakened me in several senses and I have changed a lot in my thinking pattern and my interaction with others.


The author, Shubha Vilas  has penned this self - improvement book beautifully   in several angles and there is to be a special mention for top  three of them.
1 He has given Moral messages and down-to-earth tips for handling our interpersonal relationship.
2 He has utilized the stories from the most famous Epics namely Mahabaratam and Ramayanam.
3 He has written the book for youth of the present generation.

Every emotion like Jealousy, fear , anger is discussed elaborately . All subjects Philosophy , psychology,business and personal  management ,leadership qualities are dealt in to be understood by a lay man.

In our day-to day life we meet several problems . The book carries solutions to our problems , suggestions for improving ourselves , discussions on leadership qualities, formulas for mind control and lessons on managing dilemmas and methods of strengthening friendship.

The readers will get a life time companion to show a new and correct path so that they will have a fresh enlightenment . The incidents taken from the Epics are relevant to the topics covered in the book and it would enthrall them. You will get a mojo to transform yourself into a new avatar after reading this book .

I like the simple language and the poetic prose. There are 64 chapters and each one is titled. These titles are fantastic and they hold strong messages.One title goes like this “Can I change without changing?”Another one -Are You Angry Against Anger?
The following terms frequently used by the people are mentioned to show the book contemporary.

Hacking , cyber police, database, Valentine’s day,going off line ,Google  and Likes.

My verdict :

I like the fantabulous book for all the moral and motivational rationales. In this world where people are driven by consumerism and values are deteriorating this book has come as an oasis.I recommend this must read book to all. Every one should keep this book in his/her library.It is a ready reckoner of gems of wit and wisdom. The cover is sure to capture anyone’s attention. 

Rating : 5/5

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