Saturday, 25 February 2017

Review of Open-Eyed Meditations

No.of pages : 279
Publisher : Fingerprint publishing
Published on : August 1st 2016
Genre : Non fiction,Self-help
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My honest review :

Self-help books are sold like hot cakes.Every one is always in the pursuit of success, peace of mind and happiness in his/her life. This type of book helps one and all as a guide and changes their life.

I am always in search of books in this genre as I want to improve myself and I never get tired reading these books .When I came to know that I am selected for giving my honest review to this book I felt myself in the seventh heaven.

Since I am a health freak I use to learn about yoga and meditation. When I have received the book the "Open Eyed Meditations practical wisdom for everyday life, I take the literal meaning and I prepare myself to study the methods and practical tips on doing meditation with my eyes opened. On going through the book only I have  realized my mistake and the author has meant wise principles of life by calling them meditations.

I have felt fascinated by the splendid ideas given in the book for my progress and solving my problems.Each and every word in the book brings me to a newer world and fresh experience.The pearls of wisdom displayed in the book have enlightened me on several facets of life . This book has awakened me in several senses and I have changed a lot in my thinking pattern and my interaction with others.


The author, Shubha Vilas  has penned this self - improvement book beautifully   in several angles and there is to be a special mention for top  three of them.
1 He has given Moral messages and down-to-earth tips for handling our interpersonal relationship.
2 He has utilized the stories from the most famous Epics namely Mahabaratam and Ramayanam.
3 He has written the book for youth of the present generation.

Every emotion like Jealousy, fear , anger is discussed elaborately . All subjects Philosophy , psychology,business and personal  management ,leadership qualities are dealt in to be understood by a lay man.

In our day-to day life we meet several problems . The book carries solutions to our problems , suggestions for improving ourselves , discussions on leadership qualities, formulas for mind control and lessons on managing dilemmas and methods of strengthening friendship.

The readers will get a life time companion to show a new and correct path so that they will have a fresh enlightenment . The incidents taken from the Epics are relevant to the topics covered in the book and it would enthrall them. You will get a mojo to transform yourself into a new avatar after reading this book .

I like the simple language and the poetic prose. There are 64 chapters and each one is titled. These titles are fantastic and they hold strong messages.One title goes like this “Can I change without changing?”Another one -Are You Angry Against Anger?
The following terms frequently used by the people are mentioned to show the book contemporary.

Hacking , cyber police, database, Valentine’s day,going off line ,Google  and Likes.

My verdict :

I like the fantabulous book for all the moral and motivational rationales. In this world where people are driven by consumerism and values are deteriorating this book has come as an oasis.I recommend this must read book to all. Every one should keep this book in his/her library.It is a ready reckoner of gems of wit and wisdom. The cover is sure to capture anyone’s attention. 

Rating : 5/5

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Social skills matter

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well” -                                                                                                  Voltaire.

We live in a civilized society with its own culture , tradition and values . The  law guides us to live in harmony .We want to lead a peaceful,successful and happy life. We dream for  a celestial live -in-style. But in reality we struggle a lot  and meet obstacles. We find the sailing   tough with stress and strain to drain all our energy. 

There are schools and colleges for teaching everything from drawing to writing  computer coding. There are many institutes to impart special training for  ,special skills and other vocational courses.This would help us in earning our livelihood and reach a status in our life.

When it comes to moulding of our personality and building a good  character there is  no institution to guide us. We learn from our own experience and that of others  .Also we imbibe the  virtues and good qualities from what we learn and see .

Our parents are our first teachers and it is the home where our learning starts.Due to hustle and bustle of life they cannot teach all . Our teachers confine themselves to their own subjects .

As far as our social behavior is concerned, everything is taken for granted.We  never give a thought about our social quotient which decides our well being and progress .

We reap what we sow . What we offer the society we receive from it in  equal proportion.

Let us look at  John and Peter.

Happy Man Clipart Can Stock Photo Csp13361713 Jpg

John is an enthusiastic and energetic  person .
He is jovial , funny and playful.
He is optimistic and always social.
He is a man of virtues and vigor.
he is a man of wit and wisdom 

  Black and white outline of a sad man

Peter is dull and  inactive.
He avoids people  and is reclusive.
He looks sad always
His pessimistic attitude shows his character.
He talks ill of everything and everyone 
We meet  two totally contradictory and opposite personalities .We come across such persons in our life. We can conclude John"s social quotient is on the higher side and he excels in  social skills and Peter  lacks them.

Due to the  complexities and complications prevailing  in our society,  there is no perfect John or Peter.The  degree varies and it depends upon various factors and circumstances One who is the like of John may slip into the category of Peter due to some loss or failure or some mishap .  Similarly, once the person may be Peter due to depression, etc  may become John by changing his own mindset.

We have to ask ourselves whose characteristic match ours  and try to improve  so that our social life goes unruffled  with tranquility and blissfulness.

Then the question arises about the necessity of increasing social quotient. Everyone wants in his life happiness , peace of mind , success in all efforts , harmony in all the relationships ,respect and fair treatment among the fellow citizens and a superb status in the society.There is no iota of doubt  if we take care of our social awareness everything follows automatically. 

In this Internet  era ,the youngsters belong to Gen y   look for one or another application in their smart phone for all health and other facets.They don't understand the basic principles of life. Over exposure and indulging in  all the social media like Face book etc  has paved way for satisfying our Ego only.This has brought the world to our palm, but it has to create  a Utopia of peace  and happiness. 

This is acting like a double -edged knife and there is a sea change in our life style.

Elders don't get due respect.
Children don't get their space.
The youngsters are always in pursuit of material needs.

It all indicates that we may slip into the stone age unless or otherwise we rise to the new challenge  and act prudently to avoid such a situation.

Socializing is a great art . It includes skills like  good communication and  maintenance of    harmonious interpersonal relationship .

 We have to   behave with  noblest virtues like compassion love, affection, patience and gratitude  ,and avoid venomous vices like selfishness,resentment ,foxiness  arrogance and vindictiveness to lead an excellent life.


Thursday, 9 February 2017



Obesity is becoming a great concern of all as it leads to many diseases. A Little effort on our part will extenuate this menace.

1. Balanced diet

balanced diet க்கான பட முடிவு

By balanced diet we mean a diet consists of  the vegetables, fruits  and rice or wheat , cereals .We get all the nutrients and nourishments  so that we carry on our daily routine life smoothly and we are hale ad healthy. We are what we eat.We have got a style and tradition  of consuming a balanced diet by virtue of our habit .We are following the way shown by our ancestors when it comes to taking food.This concept of Balanced diet is losing its value day by day . 
GO GREEN should be our mantra as green leaves are very much beneficial to our health.

Breakfast as the name suggests as we break the fast we should take food like a king.
 Lunch should be consumed like a prince. 
And supper we should take as a pauper. 

Let us see what is happening in our family. Nowadays both husband and wife are working and in the morning given the minimum time all are taking food only very limited . In some families I see that if not all, children  may skip the breakfast. It may be due to lack of time or appetite..I come to know  some students can not stand and faint  in the prayer meeting conducted in the schools on Mondays.This is a bad practice as it would lead to ulcer and other complications. 

As far as lunch is concerned , children are provided with a lunch  box carrying curd rice , chappathi etc. Nowadays teachers are instructed to check the same and see whether they take vegetables and fruits along with rice and chappathi.

When it comes to dinner the scenario is entirely different .Only in the night we use to join together and eat food. Children  should take food sufficient quantity.In fact at that time the food would be tasty , fresh and hot. 

Mothers have got a bigger role in managing this balanced diet concept as she is cooking the food and take care of the kitchen department. I can see fathers are also participating in preparation of food . They have to make all the efforts to see whether they take a balanced diet and children also follow suit. 

As the head of the family, the father should purchase all the fruits , vegetables available in the market  and also other grocery items. It is better to spend on food rather on hospital expenses.   Wherever ladies take care of the above , they should see they include all the items in their purchase list.In this aspect they should also teach children the necessity of a balanced diet. 

Fast food like Burger should be avoided and more and more traditional food is to be taken .

 2 An active life

Nowadays the children are becoming addicted to smart phone and video games and other activities related to Internet.. These mobiles have made  them immobile.When we sit for a long time in front of the computer this would result in physical troubles like back pain and piles.The hours our children  spend in front of the monitors should be minimum.They should undertake one or other physical activity to keep their body in healthy condition.They should be taught to learn new skills and hobbies . They should spend mote time for these activities instead of confining themselves social media and virtual  world.

We should do one or other exercise to maintain our body.

You can walk.
You can run.
You can skip.
You can play.
You can jog.
You can dance.
You can swim.
You can do  acrobatic dance.
You can  perform gymnastic exercises.
You can do some domestic chores .

The list is endless . This will make you hale and healthy.  

3.A positive attitude

We should teach our children to entertain positive attitude as it leads them to be happy and cheerful always.Our mind depends on our attitude and so we should develop an optimist outlook .Since sound body and sound mind go together we see that they imbibe the right attitude . Negativity is to be discouraged and they should follow the principles of positivity .There should be proper counseling  to encourage children to put all the hard work and  make all the efforts to succeed in all their aspirations. When failures strike them they should not lose their heart.

When children develop the correct positive attitude they will be disciplined and they concentrate on their well  being. They will try to avoid bad habits. They will give attention to their eating habits and spend sufficient time in playing and doing exercises to have control over their body weight. The vicious circle of indulging in over eating , worrying about the same and again taking food like a glutton should go .

They should be enlightened about obesity and guided to take care of their physical and mental health . 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Review of Ashoka Lion of Maurya

 ASHOKA - Lion of Maurya (Ashoka, #1) 

No of pages  248
Published by Westland ltd
Published on   2016
Author  Ashok K. Banker
Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction
Author's link   Website   Goodreads   Facebook 

About the author:

Ashok is an internationally acclaimed author of mixed-race and mixed-cultural parentage based in Mumbai, India. 
        His Epic India Library is a lifetime writing plan that aims to retell ALL the major myths, legends and itihasa of the Indian sub-continent in an interlinked cycle of over 70 volumes. 
        This includes the Ramayana Series, Krishna Coriolis, the Mahabharata Series, the contemporary thriller Blood Red Sari and other works. 
        His books have sold over 1.4 million copies in 12 languages and 57 countries worldwide.

About the blurb.
The cover has got a brief and strong blurb.

We are not makers of history. We are made by history
Martin Luther king Jr.

My review

History is being always my favorite genre as it evokes all the emotions in me and the past events would enthrall me I prefer to read historical fictions.Especially if it deals with Maurya Era ,it talks about the iconic personalities like Alexander.
Asoka Lion of Mayrya is an adventurous and action-packed novel.It talks about the bravery and wisdom of Ashoka,  the great warrior.

Ashok k Banker , an Indian writer has woven a beautiful   tale equipped with a well versed scholarly craftsmanship .The  language is superb and the stylish prose is full of rhyme and rhythm to make the reading a pleasant experience on the historical hero, Ashoka.

The plot.
The story starts with the entry of Kavaala, a citizen of Lichchavi  camouflaged as a dancer in to Pataliputra. She was sent by Lichchavi Confederacy to carry out the task of assassination of Emperor Bindusara. Ashoka overheard two persons whom he believed to be Confectionery assassins, talking about the plan  and he fought with them in the pit where there would be fights to decide the fate of the fighters.Ashoka killed them and found the truth.

Why  the LIcchavi Confederacy hatches such a plan?
What is the role of Ashoka in unraveling the truth behind it and safeguarding the Emperor and his family?
Such sort of  questions arise  and to find out the answers you have to  read the book .

My favorite.
I adore Ashoka , the protagonist for his valour and wisdom. Other characters describe him as follows:
He is a cactus in the field of roses and a child of the jungle.He has a sharp ear and sharper mind. He sees goodness and hope in all humanity and does not see the ugliness and cruelty and pain that lies beneath it all. He is part-general, part -spy,part-soldier. He is almost ugly ,in fact short and slender,unimposing and unimpressive to look at. He is a role model to all our youngsters as he displays wit and wisdom by his thoughts , words and actions.

Also I like the episode involving the mature lioness called the Vyag and Ashoka. In the Hauned Forest the Vyag dragged  away Sushim , his brother and there ensued a fight between the Vyag and Ashoka. The author has depicted this incident so nicely that it melts my heart.     

Golden wisdom gems  from the book
Where there is a throne , there is always a conspiracy.
Thrones are thrones . Ambition is ambition.The colour or race doesn’t change basic human nature.

“Do what you can with what you have where you are.”said Alexander.

Violence is a two -edged blade.

We do not always get what we desire , and what we desire is not always what comes to pass.

There is nothing to be gained from arguing the inarguable.

Because there is darkness we desire light . Injustice is the norm , it is dharma that is the exception.

My verdict.
This period social drama  carries all the element of a historical novel like treachery, blasphemy, love, lust , sex ,  humour, eavesdropping, spying ,protocol  assassination and coup.The author has portrayed the characters in a grand manner and they are realistic and gender- sensitive.Women are bold and assertive .The book holds a great message and moral on virtues and vices.
I recommend this book to all young and old who have got a liking for historical fiction.

The cover design by Ermisenda Alvarez and cover illustration by Deepak S.V. are fantastic.

My rating : 3.5/5

Disclaimer: I am a winner of Goodreads Giveaway to receive the book in exchange of my honest review.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Tour is biggest stress buster

Travelling is essential for our life as it is becoming more and more stressful and tension -filled. It lifts our mind and soul .It widens our positive perspective and our horizon of happiness.It rejuvenates our body health. Touring paves the way for our relaxation giving physical and mental wellness. It enhances your creativity and productivity. Many organizations arrange such tour programme to strengthen  the bond among the employees and give a break to the monotonous lifestyle.It elevates our hopefulness and confidence.  

To take rest and recuperation the employer arranges tour programmes for the employees. Some like- minded people save some amount every month and utilize the same for the going to various places to enjoy the beauty of greenery to breath fresh air. Especially we prefer  hill stations due to the tranquility and serenity we experience at these places.

When we go together the sense of belonging is strengthened and it gives everyone a great opportunity to know each other .

Once I happened to visit Delhi on official visit along with my colleagues. We stayed in Hyatt Regency in New Delhi. That time we arranged a tour programme with the help of local friends. We have covered Simla ,Manali etc. It was a fantastic experience to me as it was the first time for me visiting such places.

When we went there the cilmate was chilly and we enjoyed the scenery and different food. We stayed In a hotel nearer to the bus stand. We visited Ktkhai palace,Kufri,Forest Sanctuary,Himachal Photo Art Gallery, Himachal State Museum. The environment gave  a picture of greenery and the scenery was charming.  The landscape was bewitching. Nature’s beauty captivated our mind and heart .We felt the experience would never leave our memory.

There were guides to enlighten us about the various facts of historical background and the interest shown by the tourist. The utmost courtesy and kindness shown by the local people were exemplary and we were overwhelmed by their hospitality.

We planned and made out a check list to make our tour programme a success. But sometimes our calculations may fail and we encounter some severe and trying ordeals which will be remembered by us for a long time.Sometimes it may be a great miracle to escape such bad experience.

A new place , strange environment , and fresh faces may create some inconvenience and unpleasant situations. It is better we follow the rules and regualtions of local people to avoid such occurrences.

“I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip

Books are windows that allow light of knowledge

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