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Review of Project a k in Tamil


No of pages : 255
Printed and Bound at Color Business center
ESBN 978-93-5254-178-2
Date of publication  Oct 2015
Genre: Tamil Young  Contemporary  fiction 
Name of the author :Kava Kamz
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My review 

'Project K in Tamil' , a wonderful Tamil novel ,  as the title suggests it is about a mission taken by youngsters to find out the treasure supposed to be hidden in an isolated faraway place. As the story revolves around  Chennai and the characters are IT employees most of the incidents are happening in and around Tamilnad.It is a  beautiful novel depicting their struggles  and achievements. 

I like the novel as it is a fast-paced action thriller. The efforts taken by the Mcs to find out  the mystery surrounding the unusual  and unexpected events  are given in a nice manner. It makes an easy read for all as the story is told in a straight and simple manner.

The author ,Kavakamz' s language is superb and the poetic prose will entertain all .She has woven  an action thriller connecting historical events and places.

The protagonist Akil meets his grandfather's friend who  gives a card . This card contains some cryptic letters .They tell about the treasure and the consequence it  results in if the same reaches the  wrong hands. Along with his friends Sudharson, Keerthi, and Sneha  Akil tries to find out the truth behind it.. Their journey starts from Chennai ,travels to Vishapattinam and various cities  like Thanjavur and Mahalipuram.

I like the story because it retains its suspense till the end. The climax is unpredictable. Readers would like the book for its contents which are comical and interesting. The unraveling of the puzzles has made me the turn the pages to find out the results.

The novel has got all the adventurous and romantic elements to  lure me to read it as a light reading.

My rating : 4/5  

Disclaimer I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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