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Review of Confused Bastards

confused bastards க்கான பட முடிவு

No of pages 217

Published by : Srishti Publishers&Distributors

Published on : 2016

Author : Manav Vigg

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fiction

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The book has got a strong blurb.

About the author

Manav Vigg wants to live in a world where there’s freedom to express, easy-going fun friends, and a force field protecting the nerds from the cool dudes. As a star gazer, chartered accountant, screenwriter and novelist, he’s walking the tight rope of creative type and office workaholic.


Confused bastards is a fantabulous  story of an enthusiastic and energetic  trio ,comprising  young  entrepreneurs  .It tells about their journey of success and debacle amidst of confusions  in a brilliant manner.

I feel happy to read this book as I find it fascinating and engrossing. It has left me spell-bounded .

The readers get the first hand information about the efforts of youngsters who make it big in the world of Internet against all the odds.Avid book readers will want to add this book to their shelf as it gives a pleasant and pleasing  experience.

The best part of the book is that it deals with the confusions that bother the present generation and  the clarifications for the same.This book carries all the masala elements like,wit,jokes,  fun, love ,romance, lust , thrill  and suspense .There is an unexpected twist  to surprise you at the end .

It has got a superb  message that if you come with innovative ideas and put all your heart to them you can succeed . If you ignore rules and regulations you will meet downfall which may be fatal.

Also, as the story revolves around the cyber world, the readers will get all the ideas about the functioning of such online  forums , and the influence of web -savvy netizens.

The plot

This novel starts with a powerful prologue. Akash , Jai and Vivek are buddies, living in the same house albeit they come from different background. Jai works in the Corporate Sales division of a telecom company. Aakash is trying to open a start-up . Vivek is an engineer  . Jai is so fed up with his job due to the pressures of the  target and the hire and fire policy of the company.He decides  to quit the same.

He  along with his buddies comes with a plan to open a platform through Internet  for those people who want to vent their anger . After recording their outburst in videos   they upload them in the website. They go viral and fetch  earnings from ads.  Through this website they want to make it big. Their company grows up. 

To err is human. They make hasty decision which costs them heavily and their image is tarnished . How they overcome this with the help of one of the investors make the rest of the story. 

The characters.

Apart from the three protagonists,  Aakash,Jai and Vivek there is a  plethora of characters, Amrit,Sheena, Gaurav,Arthi,Sahitya, Sattu,Bhasha Raam Bapu etc  to support them . I like all of them as they are realistic . 

My favorite

I admire the  budding romance between Jai and Sneha . It is a love at first sight and it comes as a  breath of fresh air.After a long time I come across a love story which is heartening.I am fond of jai for his indomitable optimism and playfulness.

The present youth follow the western style in partying and consuming liquor.  Vivek seems to be different and he is a health freak performing  yoga etc to take care of his well being.

 I like Sattu for his wisdom and knowledge. He is particular about ethical values in the business world which is deteriorating day by day.

All the revelations of the aggrieved persons are shocking and some are saddening. Especially  Tabassum's story melts my heart.

The writing style of Manav Vigg is gripping and fast paced.He has coined the words to weave an amazing story with a meticulous care. 

He has carved the concept like an experienced writer  and the way he has executed the same makes us wonder whether this book is his debut one . He has excelled in the concoction of this contemporary and  unostentatious story .

Kudos to Manav Vigg for this wonderful book  and I wish he comes with his next book on IT related topics like silicon valley.

My verdict.

I recommend this book to all, young and old as it is a great entertainer. 

My rating  4/5

Cover designed by Kanupriya Gupta is fantastic.

Disclaimer I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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