Saturday, 28 January 2017

Magic of warmth

Life is full of moments of joyfulness , hope . sorrowfulness and despair. It is like playing on a seesaw meeting both ups and downs. Sucess and failure are part and parcel of our life. Trails and tribulations are all in the game of life.Truimps and celebrationas touch our life now and then. We remember all the happy moments and we try to forget the unhappy ones. Happy moments are motivating and pushing us to go on despite our limitations.

Immediately after  finishing my graduation in Mathematics I was in a dilemma whether to study further or not.After consulting my parents and friends  I decided to work and join a correspondence course . I tried to get a job. I joined some private companies and worked for some time. In the meantime ,I got selected in Telephone department and  joined as a standby telephone operator in Dindigul, a small town in

I had to work as a relieving hand  whenever there was a vacant counter to work , when the regular employees took leave. Hence, I got the opportunity during the day and night . I enjoyed the work as it involved talking most of the time.I stayed in a mansion. In my room I got a companion from a nearby village,who was studying in a local college. He has got his forearm of his right hand up to the elbow level amputated due to some accident and with his left hand alone, he has to manage every thing. I used to help him and we became thick buddies.My association with him opened my eyes about the physically happened persons and developed an empathetic attitude towards them.
Even though I satisfied myself with the present  job I got to be made permanent in course of time.I took food from a  local mess. My days were moving smoothly.

Once in the evening , when I returned from my office my father who was staying in the nearby town came to meet me. He showed me a letter of appointment from a private bank. I felt the moment very happy and jumped out of great surprise .  I applied for a job in the same some 6 months back. Later on I attended a competitive exam conducted by the same. I forgot the whole thing due to my present job .I longed for a good postilion and I was in the most blissful  mood. After having served over a period of time  nearly 30 years in the bank,I always used to cherish the moment and I remember and recollect the same whenever time permits.

The above incident was lingering in my mind for a longer period .
It is a turning point in my life when my life script is redefined .This has paved way for my working in the bank for more than 37 years for my fullest satisfaction and delight.

I have seen the joyfulness shown in my father’s eyes as he was very happy to convey the good news.He has stood with me through thick and thin.Like a shadow he stayed with me at all times and helped me to reach my goals . Even today I can visualize the occasion. 

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