Sunday, 29 January 2017

Magic of warmth

MOTHER  is the sweetest and noblest  member of all the creatures of God as
Her genuine  and   unconditional  love   is as pure as the ice cube in the fridge.

She is the most desired and respected pillar  of the family system who is
Always making the relationships beautiful  by acting as  an everlasting bridge
Innumerable sacrifices she makes for the sake of her children and others
Unbearable  pains and agony    she endures with a smile but without any grudge.

Even in her sleep she dreams about her kith and kin planning their wellbeing
she sheds  tears over disappointments  and for success always she takes a pledge

Her every  breath will  sing and talk  about the positive aspects of her children
With the result that their good health and  happiness are always assured.

With all her blood and flesh she  toils hard for her people in the sincere
 And honest manner as such  she should  be worshiped and honoured.

Her alertness and thoughtfulness always give a spontaneous  support and help
And all her plans are appreciated  and  always welcomed by all concerned.

Due to her eagerness to  satisfy the basic needs of her kids she may sometimes
 Embrace  inevitable lies and but the real truth about her affection is established

She is the symbol of holiness in the whole universe as her dedicated and complete
Devotion to her role is always  perfect and sincere   enough to be adorable.

Her strategies and skills she learn in  course of time  will always help her to
Shoulder her responsibility and duty with apparent  ease  only to be admirable.

Patience and prudence are her most cherished blessings which help her to
 Tackle the unexpected storms and find   the solace  very much  amicable.

Her  goals will be revolving around the proper   upbringing of children so that
A good society is created to live in which is actually adoptable

Courage and confidence are her greatest virtues and she meets the trying circumstances
With boldness  and wisdom to avoid any unpleasant situations  quickly. 

She is trustful enough to be  guided  as her   her knowledge and experience
Will be total and amazing  due to the attachment and 
fondness  she nourishes beautifully.

Her readiness to forgive and forget gives all  the peace of mind and   harmony
Not Harbouring any resentment forever  ,  her  kindness flourishes  naturally.

Her diligence and common sense  support and guard  us in a great way  especially
At the time of trials and tribulations  she runs the show calmly and peacefully
After writing about all mothers for the Mother’s Day I think about my mother. I lost my mother when I was ten years old  I always cherish my mother’s love as I inhaled her unconditional love and affection. From combing my hair on my head to telling me story so as to make me sleep there is no peer to match her.In the nght when before we went  to sleep my mother used to serve us food in the terrace of our house talking about our ancestors while I would be lying on her lap.  When we siblings fight among ourselves she would make compramise and see that we keep calm and cool always. Every moment with her was a wonderful one and our relationship was bound by the sweetest warmth.

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Magic of warmth

Life is full of moments of joyfulness , hope . sorrowfulness and despair. It is like playing on a seesaw meeting both ups and downs. Sucess and failure are part and parcel of our life. Trails and tribulations are all in the game of life.Truimps and celebrationas touch our life now and then. We remember all the happy moments and we try to forget the unhappy ones. Happy moments are motivating and pushing us to go on despite our limitations.

Immediately after  finishing my graduation in Mathematics I was in a dilemma whether to study further or not.After consulting my parents and friends  I decided to work and join a correspondence course . I tried to get a job. I joined some private companies and worked for some time. In the meantime ,I got selected in Telephone department and  joined as a standby telephone operator in Dindigul, a small town in

I had to work as a relieving hand  whenever there was a vacant counter to work , when the regular employees took leave. Hence, I got the opportunity during the day and night . I enjoyed the work as it involved talking most of the time.I stayed in a mansion. In my room I got a companion from a nearby village,who was studying in a local college. He has got his forearm of his right hand up to the elbow level amputated due to some accident and with his left hand alone, he has to manage every thing. I used to help him and we became thick buddies.My association with him opened my eyes about the physically happened persons and developed an empathetic attitude towards them.
Even though I satisfied myself with the present  job I got to be made permanent in course of time.I took food from a  local mess. My days were moving smoothly.

Once in the evening , when I returned from my office my father who was staying in the nearby town came to meet me. He showed me a letter of appointment from a private bank. I felt the moment very happy and jumped out of great surprise .  I applied for a job in the same some 6 months back. Later on I attended a competitive exam conducted by the same. I forgot the whole thing due to my present job .I longed for a good postilion and I was in the most blissful  mood. After having served over a period of time  nearly 30 years in the bank,I always used to cherish the moment and I remember and recollect the same whenever time permits.

The above incident was lingering in my mind for a longer period .
It is a turning point in my life when my life script is redefined .This has paved way for my working in the bank for more than 37 years for my fullest satisfaction and delight.

I have seen the joyfulness shown in my father’s eyes as he was very happy to convey the good news.He has stood with me through thick and thin.Like a shadow he stayed with me at all times and helped me to reach my goals . Even today I can visualize the occasion. 

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Review of Project a k in Tamil


No of pages : 255
Printed and Bound at Color Business center
ESBN 978-93-5254-178-2
Date of publication  Oct 2015
Genre: Tamil Young  Contemporary  fiction 
Name of the author :Kava Kamz
Book  links Goodreads  Flipkart    Amazon

Author Links  website 

My review 

'Project K in Tamil' , a wonderful Tamil novel ,  as the title suggests it is about a mission taken by youngsters to find out the treasure supposed to be hidden in an isolated faraway place. As the story revolves around  Chennai and the characters are IT employees most of the incidents are happening in and around Tamilnad.It is a  beautiful novel depicting their struggles  and achievements. 

I like the novel as it is a fast-paced action thriller. The efforts taken by the Mcs to find out  the mystery surrounding the unusual  and unexpected events  are given in a nice manner. It makes an easy read for all as the story is told in a straight and simple manner.

The author ,Kavakamz' s language is superb and the poetic prose will entertain all .She has woven  an action thriller connecting historical events and places.

The protagonist Akil meets his grandfather's friend who  gives a card . This card contains some cryptic letters .They tell about the treasure and the consequence it  results in if the same reaches the  wrong hands. Along with his friends Sudharson, Keerthi, and Sneha  Akil tries to find out the truth behind it.. Their journey starts from Chennai ,travels to Vishapattinam and various cities  like Thanjavur and Mahalipuram.

I like the story because it retains its suspense till the end. The climax is unpredictable. Readers would like the book for its contents which are comical and interesting. The unraveling of the puzzles has made me the turn the pages to find out the results.

The novel has got all the adventurous and romantic elements to  lure me to read it as a light reading.

My rating : 4/5  

Disclaimer I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Review of Confused Bastards

confused bastards க்கான பட முடிவு

No of pages 217

Published by : Srishti Publishers&Distributors

Published on : 2016

Author : Manav Vigg

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fiction

Author Link Website  Likedin Facebook 

The book has got a strong blurb.

About the author

Manav Vigg wants to live in a world where there’s freedom to express, easy-going fun friends, and a force field protecting the nerds from the cool dudes. As a star gazer, chartered accountant, screenwriter and novelist, he’s walking the tight rope of creative type and office workaholic.


Confused bastards is a fantabulous  story of an enthusiastic and energetic  trio ,comprising  young  entrepreneurs  .It tells about their journey of success and debacle amidst of confusions  in a brilliant manner.

I feel happy to read this book as I find it fascinating and engrossing. It has left me spell-bounded .

The readers get the first hand information about the efforts of youngsters who make it big in the world of Internet against all the odds.Avid book readers will want to add this book to their shelf as it gives a pleasant and pleasing  experience.

The best part of the book is that it deals with the confusions that bother the present generation and  the clarifications for the same.This book carries all the masala elements like,wit,jokes,  fun, love ,romance, lust , thrill  and suspense .There is an unexpected twist  to surprise you at the end .

It has got a superb  message that if you come with innovative ideas and put all your heart to them you can succeed . If you ignore rules and regulations you will meet downfall which may be fatal.

Also, as the story revolves around the cyber world, the readers will get all the ideas about the functioning of such online  forums , and the influence of web -savvy netizens.

The plot

This novel starts with a powerful prologue. Akash , Jai and Vivek are buddies, living in the same house albeit they come from different background. Jai works in the Corporate Sales division of a telecom company. Aakash is trying to open a start-up . Vivek is an engineer  . Jai is so fed up with his job due to the pressures of the  target and the hire and fire policy of the company.He decides  to quit the same.

He  along with his buddies comes with a plan to open a platform through Internet  for those people who want to vent their anger . After recording their outburst in videos   they upload them in the website. They go viral and fetch  earnings from ads.  Through this website they want to make it big. Their company grows up. 

To err is human. They make hasty decision which costs them heavily and their image is tarnished . How they overcome this with the help of one of the investors make the rest of the story. 

The characters.

Apart from the three protagonists,  Aakash,Jai and Vivek there is a  plethora of characters, Amrit,Sheena, Gaurav,Arthi,Sahitya, Sattu,Bhasha Raam Bapu etc  to support them . I like all of them as they are realistic . 

My favorite

I admire the  budding romance between Jai and Sneha . It is a love at first sight and it comes as a  breath of fresh air.After a long time I come across a love story which is heartening.I am fond of jai for his indomitable optimism and playfulness.

The present youth follow the western style in partying and consuming liquor.  Vivek seems to be different and he is a health freak performing  yoga etc to take care of his well being.

 I like Sattu for his wisdom and knowledge. He is particular about ethical values in the business world which is deteriorating day by day.

All the revelations of the aggrieved persons are shocking and some are saddening. Especially  Tabassum's story melts my heart.

The writing style of Manav Vigg is gripping and fast paced.He has coined the words to weave an amazing story with a meticulous care. 

He has carved the concept like an experienced writer  and the way he has executed the same makes us wonder whether this book is his debut one . He has excelled in the concoction of this contemporary and  unostentatious story .

Kudos to Manav Vigg for this wonderful book  and I wish he comes with his next book on IT related topics like silicon valley.

My verdict.

I recommend this book to all, young and old as it is a great entertainer. 

My rating  4/5

Cover designed by Kanupriya Gupta is fantastic.

Disclaimer I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Review of A Knotty Affair

a knotty affair க்கான பட முடிவு

No of pages : 230

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Author : Dhaval Birajdar Jinadatt

Year of publication : 2016

ISBN    987-93-52016-24-2

Editor: Cora Bhatia
Genre: Fiction,contemporary,Social drama 

Layouts: Logistics Info Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Book links : Goodreads   Amazon Flipkart

The blurb of the book says as follows.
‘A Knotty Affair’ is a story about a thirty-year-old software engineer, Viraj Sargaokar. 
Born into a middle-class family that lives in the suburbs, he joins a south Bombay college, where he encounters a culture divide between him and his rich classmates. Viraj is fascinated by a classmate Ruhi, a beautiful good-natured girl, who befriends him and treats him well, unlike the rest of his classmates.
Will Viraj be able to prove his father’s innocence?
Will Viraj survive the rigours of college life and overcome his shortcomings?
What will happen to the relationship between Ruhi and Vir

About the author

Dhaval Birajdar completed his master's i Mechanical Engineering and is currently working as Assistant Professor in a reputed college in Mumbai. He has already published a novel named "360 days"and this is his second work. 


"A Knotty affair " a great social drama ,depicting many knots that  entice me to read it fast. Much of the satisfaction in reading this family story  comes from  knowing  about the  achievements ,   struggles and sufferings of the Mcs. It is a breath of fresh air to read it..It is an easy read for me in a relaxed manner as the story gives an amusing and amazing entertainment.

There are emotional situations which make you laugh and think.  You feel  glad to read this book as the incidents  that take place in the life of MCs create an impact in your mind  and the happy ending delights you.  

The Plot

The protagonist ,Viraj Sargaokar is a thirty year old software engineer. When the story starts,  he is living with his mother in Mumbai and he is going to join new  office. He happens to meet his girlfriend Ruhi  by accident  He recollects in flashback all that has happened in the past spanning a period of ten years from his college days.His Dad ,a professor in the same college meets an awkward situation and his reputation is tarnished . It costs his life. His son, our hero makes all the efforts to prove his father’s innocence .This takes most part of the novel.Along with this ,his love for a girl ,Ruhi co -student and winning her heart , make the rest.

My favorite

The relationship between mother and son is portrayed beautifully. The cosmopolitan touch is there in their conversations and his mother seems to be well informed.It shows the bond between them.His mother is his mentor , consultant ,philosopher and  motivator.
The hero is a stammerer and how he overcomes the disorder is given nicely.

Also I like the court proceedings. The author has given the details about the case in a simple and honest language anyone can follow it easily. I admire  the NGO opened by the hero for the sake of the poor people who can not afford to run  their cases in   the court.

The Characters

There are only four MCs the hero ,Viraj , his father . mother and his lover namely Ruhi.  . There are other characters to move the story.  They are realistic wise, highly intelligent and smart ,barring some  who are unscrupulous and wicked. Ruhi is   a modern girl.  Her father is an IAS officer.Her life seems to be messy.

Dhaval Birajdar Jinadatt has handled all the   emotions,sentiments,and dilemmas beautifully. His style of narration and language is precise , simple and clean.

My verdict

I recommend this book to all .. The concept and execution are satisfactory.Being a family drama, it has got all the fun, jokes,action ,suspense and pain.You can relate to the story as the happenings in the life of MCs are  realistic.There is a great moral and strong message of ALL THE PAIN ALL THE GAIN to the youth. Cover by Shynu K is good.

My rating   3/5.

Disclaimer I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Sunday, 8 January 2017


Work is its own reward

LOVE YOUR JOB க்கான பட முடிவு

During  the period of 80’s  after graduation with a first class degree I started to search for a  reasonable and respectable job . It seemed a Herculean task to find a suitable job even though I left no stone unturned and in course of time  I became a naysayer . Fortunately I landed in a job with the help of my dearest buddy. I got appointment  as  a sales Representative in a partnership firm selling Engineering and electrical goods. I had less and less desk work and more and more external job. I used to carry a specimen kit of Electric shock guard and  I went to various companies and organizations for canvassing orders for the same. This I had to execute by means of a demo to all and tell about the salient features of the same.

First impression should be the best one.

Since It was my first job I took it  seriously and worked hard to prove myself.I had to report to my boss now and then about the progress and constraint.  Due to my dedication to the  job and my knowledge about drafting letters etc  always I was in his good books . He got a soft corner for me and whatever request I put in he agreed sans questioning. Including me there were fifty employees.I got an edge over others by virtue of my qualification as all others were either metric passed or failed. As they were well experienced and learned a lot  they handled their job as a versatile artist and well versed in their field like accounts etc.
Attitude alters  altitude.

Apart from my  meager  salary as I was compensated by means of perks in the form of incentive and beta.I used to put in my best efforts to finish my job in time with a proactive manner with  a result oriented approach   Since I was treated as a family member by all in the office , it became my next home .

Compliment  in public but correct  in private.

. When I took an electrical item to a firm and opened I found it broken into pieces.I thought of resigning my job as I was negligent and not so serious about my job. My boss advised me not to quit and be careful hereafter.

Give respect and  get respect.

I developed the habit of respecting others wholeheartedly . I did not give room to  my ego to interfere in this matter  If you treat people well, you will be treated well by them . Whenever there was a function in our boss house all irrespective of cadre or status we were invited to attend the same  We had got  a strong  sense of belonging to the concern as well as with each other and the atmosphere as well as the environment would be always happy and joyful.

Lessons I have imbibed  from my first job.

No pain No gain.
It holds good for our success and peace of mind.
Work is fun and fun only. We have to develop the correct attitude to take work as a fun and play.Team spirit is the secret of success of any organization.Working together we can gather many laurels .

Friday, 6 January 2017

Review of SILICONPURAM in Tamil

Pages: 107
Publisher: Notion press com
Published on 2016
Author: Samura 
Genre:  Tamil Contemporary Social drama
BOOK LINK      Goodreads
Amazon Flipkart

The blurb of the book
 Siliconpuram is an anthology of short stories in Tamil. This bunch of sweet, crisp and refreshing short stories happen at Siliconpuram, a fictional locale in Bangalore, India. It is written in contemporary style, and one can easily relate to these characters and incidents. It is a blend of unexpected twists, humor, current scenario and social elements.

About the author

Samura was one of the winners at the Microsoft ThinkWeek paper publishing global contest in 2008. He was awarded for his thought-provoking and well-articulated paper. He has published numerous Tamil poems on the social media and one of his poems on Dr Abdul Kalam has been published in an anthology yearbook at NAL Tamil club, Bangalore. Samura is from an engineering background and hails from Chennai.

SILICONPURAM is a collection of 12  short tamil stories of excellent themes of family drama .The stories  with minute details in the humorous and  funny  situations and sometimes  alarming  and emotional  circumstances will entertain you to a great extent.In all the stories the climax    is amazing. It is predictable but not unbelievable. 

Since the title " Silicompuram" relates to the  cyber world ,I like it as  it is my favorite subject .Also the captions of the stories resemble films which are latest hits .The stories talk about the youth belonging to the  new generation .The book deals with the generation gap  and the  sea change of the society.
The Plot.
In Bagubali thatha Ramu brings his father Nagaraj to his house .After both Ramu and his wife Janani goes to their office Nagaraj plays with his grandson Vinay. Like this, every story starts and end with a twist  revealing the suspense.

 The Characters 
I like all the characters ,as they are realistic and practical. In the “Nanayam” story I admire the honesty and innocence of the beggar who hands over the iPhone, he has found out on the ground to a policeman.Most of the characters are employees in the IT sector and their near and dear ones. Some are poor .
My favorite.
Nan avanillai is my favourite story .I like the conversations and the poetic prose .
Also, I like the simple language and the narration albeit there are many English words like IT , MNC, UK, .The words like auto forward , auto reply are not translated , but they are written in tamil.
 My verdict 
The stories carry superb  messages and  morals.
Samura's writing style is fantastic and  beautiful It touches your heart.My humble request is  he may come with another book dealing in cybercrime,digital frauds ,abuse of social media  gender equality  and women safety.

I recommend this book for all.  Those people  who work in IT sector will relate to the characters and incidents definitely.The title as well as the cover which is a map of Siliconpuram are wonderful.

My rating 3.75/5
Disclaimer I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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