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Review of In Loving Memory by Haimanti Dutta Ray


No.of pages :96
Publisher : Rupali Pubications
Published on : October 2015
Genre : Biography
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“In Loving Memory” is an honest and humble tribute to Shyamal Dutta Ray a great renowned painter , by his beloved daughter Haimanti Dutta Ray. It is a genuine attempt by her in remembering her father for his great works getting national and international repute. .It is written in a biographic tone and even though as the author says the incidents are not in a chronological order she has taken all the efforts to cover all the facets of joy and despair in the life of Shyamal Dutta Ray.

The foreword by Manasij Majumder Retd Professor , author &art critic says about the book as follows.

Needless to say that the reader will find the book not only an interesting read but also of great help to understand and appreciate the works on one of our major painters.

Born in 1934 at Ranchi , Shyamal Dutta Ray  started drawing and painting at a very early age. The author of this book  Haimanti Dutta Ray gives a clear picture about her father’s commitment and devotion to his job as a painter. He was blessed with a keen mind and the ability to impress others with his paintings. Since he worked hard to give life to his drawings and dreams he was honored by laurels ,  and prizes.

Since the author of the book is a student of literature so many references and quotes  of celebrities and great artists are given in a nice manner. Rabindranath Tagore is remembered . English Romantic poet ,John Keats , British painter J.M.W.Turner, T.S.Eliot and Irish writer James Joyce are referred . Satyajit Ray, the great director ,used his painting in his film Seemabaddha.

The author has taken all the pain to describe the happy occasions as well as sad moments and depicted them with a literary style.Right from the motivating factors  for the artist to recognition from many quarters are given.  Rivers have made the impact to create wonders in his paintings. His paintings have got a place in the hearts of thousands of people as well as they are displayed in national and international galleries.

Also the good qualities of the artist are included.In totality it is a good book to be read by all .
In the own words of the author in the last page of the book the following sentences reflect her mind.

Life must and should go on. This is the lesson that I have learnt after Baba’s death. Books have become a constant companion and a solid mass of unalloyed love and commitment , post our bereavement 

The book is a good read by artists and students and lovers of art so that they get a picture of an artist's life .

Score 5/5

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