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Review of The THC under a Gibbous Moon


No. of pages : 194
Publisher : Notion Press
Published on : October 23, 2016
Genre : Adult fiction
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“The THC under a Gibbous Moon” an excellent novel tells about the haven of health for both the physically and psychologically sick and troubled persons inclusive of those suffer from sexual dysfunction.The center gives them holistic treatment in the form of Massage, Oil and Steam bath, coupled with the therapy like Acupuncture , etc for recovery and rejuvenation so that they lead a happy and hale life.

When I read the first chapter it has occurred to me the novel is an Indian version of “The Celestial Bed "written by Irving Wallace, an American best selling author and screenwriter and also I attended a program on Inner child healing last year. Because of these two factors I have got an  absolute zeal for reading the book and I have read the same at one sitting.

The blurb of the novel on the cover is as follows

The Total Holistic Center (The THC) welcomes the broken and those looking for closure through its doors and works its magic to return to the world fulfilled. This is the story of these three troubled souls who seek solace at the centre, indulge in its unusual treatment and find the cures to their ailments in surprising places.

A book on loss , longing and changing circumstances , the THC dives into uncomfortable topics that are usually swept under the rug; fragile relationships, deteriorating marriages , addictions , impotence and the delicate bond between fathers and sons .

Welcome to the THC.

About the author

Manoj V Jain has always been interested in human relationships and how they are affected by circumstances . He is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and a student  of Psychology. The THC I is his second book , the first being BNO. Sex , Life and Hookah.He runs his own garment export business.  

The Plot

The book covers three key protagonists namely Samer Bhatnagar, Sanjaneka Khurana and Varun Agarkar who make a visit to the THC  the Total Holistic Center for their illness, happen to meet one another and both Sanjaneka and Varun tell their stories in flashback.

Samer Bhatnagar is suffering from addiction to nicotine and impotence. After taking the treatment has he recovered ?

Sajnaneka Khurana hailing from a middle class family meets Aakash and falls in love with him. The romance blooms to love and they are about to be made for each other couple after the marriage .Why their castles built by them in the air collapse?.

Sajnaneka marries Jaiveer, a gay after the divorce from Aakash. What about their married life?

Varun Agarkar , a married person develops a relationship with Jaiveer . But despite the genuine interest by him there is a lukeworm response from Jaiveer. What is the reason for the same?

The readers can find out the answers for all the above questions when they read the book .

The Pro

Manoj V Jain’s writing is entertaining and engaging , his style, fast paced  and simple language are superb . His experience gained from the first book has helped him to hone his skills to present a fantastic story.
Homosexuality is still a taboo subject in India and in Indian context the attitude is skeptical and not so clear enough to be discussed openly.Also marriage is said to be an institution of responsibility , compromise and convenience . It has become an affair of complexity. The book deals with both of them in a bold and honest manner .

The characters are realistic and there are plethora of other characters like doctors, gardener, psychologists ,fathers and mothers who are supportive to carry on the story.I admire the protagonists for their innocence , understanding and tolerance.. Especially I like Jaiveer as he is a man of wisdom and golden heart. I pity Sanjaneka as she creates her own trap and falls victim to it.Her life is a good lesson to all girls in her age group as well as parents and husbands.

The anecdotes told by the MCs are funny. The sub plots are clubbed in such a way to blend with the main plot in a harmonious way. It culminates with an unexpected and shocking painful climax of revelation.

My favorite

I am overwhelmed by the functioning of the Total Holistic center which caters to the needs of the people affected by chronic diseases. The tight time schedule, good diet,timely advices by the doctors  psychological support given to the inmates and professional touch of the employees with result orientation all are fantastic and informative.Such clinics should be opened in a large scale in our country instead of poly clinics and specialty hospitals.

I find it amusing and amazing to read about the way Varun takes care of the plants in the garden. As a part of occupational therapy , he is guided to participate in gardening with the assistance of the gardener. One day he does not sleep at all the whole night and sat in the garden to see the plants are safe. It shows his childlike innocence and ignorance and the doctor is so wise enough to bring him to reality.

My verdict

Prevention is better than cure . This message is highlighted in this novel.It is a roller coaster read and it is recommended for all adult  fiction lovers. Due to the Adult content with a small dosage of erotic scenes the book is meant for youth and old .

Score 4/5

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Review of In Loving Memory by Haimanti Dutta Ray


No.of pages :96
Publisher : Rupali Pubications
Published on : October 2015
Genre : Biography
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“In Loving Memory” is an honest and humble tribute to Shyamal Dutta Ray a great renowned painter , by his beloved daughter Haimanti Dutta Ray. It is a genuine attempt by her in remembering her father for his great works getting national and international repute. .It is written in a biographic tone and even though as the author says the incidents are not in a chronological order she has taken all the efforts to cover all the facets of joy and despair in the life of Shyamal Dutta Ray.

The foreword by Manasij Majumder Retd Professor , author &art critic says about the book as follows.

Needless to say that the reader will find the book not only an interesting read but also of great help to understand and appreciate the works on one of our major painters.

Born in 1934 at Ranchi , Shyamal Dutta Ray  started drawing and painting at a very early age. The author of this book  Haimanti Dutta Ray gives a clear picture about her father’s commitment and devotion to his job as a painter. He was blessed with a keen mind and the ability to impress others with his paintings. Since he worked hard to give life to his drawings and dreams he was honored by laurels ,  and prizes.

Since the author of the book is a student of literature so many references and quotes  of celebrities and great artists are given in a nice manner. Rabindranath Tagore is remembered . English Romantic poet ,John Keats , British painter J.M.W.Turner, T.S.Eliot and Irish writer James Joyce are referred . Satyajit Ray, the great director ,used his painting in his film Seemabaddha.

The author has taken all the pain to describe the happy occasions as well as sad moments and depicted them with a literary style.Right from the motivating factors  for the artist to recognition from many quarters are given.  Rivers have made the impact to create wonders in his paintings. His paintings have got a place in the hearts of thousands of people as well as they are displayed in national and international galleries.

Also the good qualities of the artist are included.In totality it is a good book to be read by all .
In the own words of the author in the last page of the book the following sentences reflect her mind.

Life must and should go on. This is the lesson that I have learnt after Baba’s death. Books have become a constant companion and a solid mass of unalloyed love and commitment , post our bereavement 

The book is a good read by artists and students and lovers of art so that they get a picture of an artist's life .

Score 5/5

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