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Author : Dr. Govind Sharma IAS

Published on 2016

Publisher : Notion Press  

Pages : 168

Genre : Crime Thriller.

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"STATE vs AMRIT KUMAR  is a great novel that speaks about the fight between good and the evil in a very much practical and simple approach. It talks about the struggle between the good people and the opposite ones . The misfortunes  and the sufferings the good people have to undergo because of their innocence and ignorance are depicted in a beautiful manner . The message "Ultimately the truth triumphs" is driven effectively with the various incidents strewn throughout the novel in a chronological order as they involve people from two generation. 

The second part of the blurb on the cover of the book is as follows.

Set in the fictional town of Rajapur ,  the novel tells the story of two generation from 1990 to 2016. There are situations where villains  disguise themselves as innocent individuals to the advantage of the unsuspecting nature of credulous people . Advocate Sukumar frequently quotes from Hitopadesh  to emphasize the importance of being careful to avoid being deceived by the wolves in sheep's  clothing . Will he be able to swing a verdict in Amrit's favour?

The plot

The story starts from the self -introduction of Advocate Sukumar and how he happens to deal with the challenging case of Amrit and Ajay the protagonists. Upto chapter 21 the story of the first generation involving Upendra  father of Amrit is given and  thereafter it tells about Amrit.  Upendra was studying in a college at Rajapur and there he met Madhu . They got married and started their  new journey from the famous temple of Rajapur. He met many an  obstacle due to the cunningness and cruelty of the bad people with ulterior motives and finally it resulted in   his downfall. In the second part  we come across the same people giving trouble to Amrit and he is trapped in a false case.

The pro

The  story discusses about the religious people who are pious and God fearing  and also the inhuman and characterless ones who indulge in all sort of  crimes. Upendra is destined to be a patsy to be victimized by the  wicked and evil persons. The drama of heist occurring in the temple is explained in a nice manner to be easily understood by the readers. It is a great delight to get so many informations regarding functioning of the temple authority to other social  duties. 

The con

There are some grammatical errors and spelling mistakes . The language is also very simple . Instead of" St.Stephens" it is given as saint Stephens. Since the book involves   two generation so many happenings are given in a hurried manner.

My favorite

One of the  protagonist namely Amrit's story is very  fantastic . I like the character because it is portrayed in a realistic way. The narration is so impressive that we sympathize with him for all his pains and sufferings.Also the ordeals experienced by Madhu ,his mother at the time of raising him as a single parent are depicted clearly. All the characters are  either good or evil .Both the extremes we come across in this tale.

Rating 3.5/5

Disclaimer I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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