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Review of Shadows of the Northlands


No. of pages : 512
Publisher: Estrade Publishers LLP
Publication : April 2016
Genre : Mytho, Fantasy, Adventure thriller
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My unbiased review 

"Shadows of the Northlands" is a  fantastic , fabulous and roller coaster fairy tale  taking place in a wonderful  world. It tells the story of  mystery and adventure , magic and war .The  action -packed  drama has fascinated me.  Readers would enjoy it for the appalling  experience.

"....a delight to read not just for its fast paced action , but for the immersive nature of the world it creates. " - 

Mainak Dhar best selling author of the 'Alice in Dreamland 'series.

The foreword by Ashok k. Banker tells about the author as follows.

Viswesh Desai is an author today because that's what he was born to do. He is a born writer. As  a writer he is amazing. Not just for a 14 -year -old. For any writer he's pretty damn good.

After having read the book I endorse his views and I wish to say the author  is a  genius to create his own world and people to spin a great story in a mythological background giving all the details in respect of dress pattern to war diplomacy.

The plot

Crown Prince, Head of the Empire summons the protagonist Merin, an able hunter and spy  to  his palace to take up the   mission to  lead a team to investigate and resolve the force of nature which attacks cities and villages with buildings burnt down and the land rendered completely infertile. Rikkard  , another spy accompanies him along with Corlan,Teren , Sorin and Matt.

Initially they suspect the Pandits and then it turns to be a Lizard. Finally it leads to be a robot framed by the people for safeguarding the mankind. They travel a lot and go to various places to find out the  mysterious evil element that brings huge damage without leaving any clues and cues.

The Pro

The style , language and narration of the author are superb . The characters are intelligent and wise people who  have got the training and they are experts in their respective field. The conversations , discussions  and arguments carry the story in a tremendous pace . The horrible  incidents ,  sickening ordeals , inevitable sufferings and painful situations ,violent consequences are narrated in a nice manner .The book talks about the war strategy and deals with bunker to religion.

My favorite

The literary style  that ornaments   the  scenery would intoxicate the readers. To cite an example I give below the following paragraph from the book.

Simple said , the view was  breathtaking . Great meadows of reddish -brown sand gleamed russet under the sun's caressing gaze as  it prepared to sink languidly into  the ice-capped mountains on the horizon that pierced the vast azure sky.

Throughout the book you can come across such flow of words that will definitely bewitch   the readers to go on reading the book without stopping.

I like the Rikkard character as he makes  humorous atmosphere in the  otherwise tense and suspenseful novel.

I also admire the two  religions followed by the people referred as the Maker and the Trinity.

Gems of wisdom from the book 

'The Maker guides us through life , keep us strong for the ordeals we will indubitably face.Yet he gives us those very ordeals to see if we are worthy of the joy that is existence .He is both the nectar that strengthens and the anvil that tests'

The book discusses about the Power of Air,Water etc.The author is a sure Eco-achiever.There are two maps to guide you to take the journey. Cover design by Ink Studioz is eye catchy.

The con

Since the story revolves around a mission and deluge of information divert the reader.There is a  dearth of twists and at times it tests our patience.

There is mention about cabs,pen,spectacles and watches with coding system.This raises the question to which era the story belongs . 

My rating 5/5.   

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