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Friendship is said to be a great blessing that one should have and if it happens to be a reality there is no worry and problem. At each and every stage of our life we choose and come across different friends and on some we always have the track and on some we may lose the grip. Anyhow we have to  develop  good relationship with our peers so that we progress in our life . At the time of trouble and joy there should be someone to share our feelings and sympathize with us  to  console us and  enjoy with us to double our delight.

தொடர்புடைய படம்

When I was working in a city I used to commute by a particular bus to reach my work spot. At that time I met my dearest buddy who  was also working in the same sector. We used to go on talking , chatting all the things in the world from politics to social service. He is not only a know all but also a kind hearted person and a man of wit and wisdom. I discussed with him all my problems and he listened to them and tried to give a solution. Since I am an extrovert I opened my mind to him  with the result I felt my burden came down a large extent. Since his affection for me is genuine and pure he would never talk ill of me and always try to help me to his ability and capacity.

Since he knows my weak points he would assess my problem with thorough attention  and tries to guide me in a proper way. We have not got in to long argument or quarrel because our mental wave length is always at the equal level.  We are fortunate to develop such a frictionless relationship over a period of time.  I attended almost all his family functions without fail and he used to say our friendship is extraordinary and exemplary. 

After some time I had to stay with him in his house and I was very much overwhelmed by his hospitality. He is a man of details and he took all the pain to make my stay at his house a memorable one.

Since he cooked food for me and I took the food for my lunch. I  can not forget the food he cooked for me because it was so delicious  and tasty as the same was prepared with the utmost care and attention. 

In this period of intolerance and deterioration of values where trust , love and affection, empathy, etc   are becoming very expensive and costly  we  find true friendship a rare commodity. Especially nowadays people are said to be friendly with others with an intention and some expectation. I can boast we are true friends without any demand or disguised motive .

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

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