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Dear Zindagi,

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You are compared  to so  many things like journey, puzzle , mystery and game.   During different phases of life you have to go to different places with different people ,with different goals  and hence it is a journey. If it is a puzzle or a mystery  who will solve it for us? Whether we have got the knowledge to break it  and come to a correct conclusion is a big question. Due to so many incidents and  happenings it may seem to be a puzzle or a mystery.

You are said to be a game  by all  of us. This game has got its own rules  and regulations. It has  got success or failure to decide the winner.We have to  practice and practice to win the game of life. In our childhood, I think we are playing a game of chess where our opponent is  none other than ourselves. To play the game of chess we  know how to make movements so that we can win. We have to mould ourselves to play the game.  During our childhood days we  get prepared for a bigger game. For this, our parents and teachers and the society  help us by guiding and teaching us various facets of our life. Whether the present rote system of education helps  our students for a better future is an everlasting question .

 I lost my mother when I was 10 years old . I have got a great father who was my mentor , philosopher , model, guide  and hero. He taught me so many things which help me throughout  my life. I adore and admire my father as my God  for his simplicity, honesty  thoughtfulness and wisdom. For example ,whenever we go to any relative's house he used to purchase  fruits and sweets in large quantity for them. I always wondered about his magnanimity   and I follow  the same meticulously.Like this I can quote so many things he  taught me.

When I join the school and college, life has become a game.  When  I   am  playing an outdoor game like cricket, football  and hockey, what I see is that I am  joining a team of ten   players and they help us to make  our efforts to win the game. There is another  team  whose players play against us and see that we don't get our goal. In my life since I am a motherless boy I have obtained the  sympathy from others and I have  got many people to  support and  help me to  make progress in my life. When I grow up I can find some well wishers as well as some people working against me behind my back.In my career life also I meet ten persons  who are in favour of my smooth sailing and there are other ten   work against me . Actually we are chasing some persons  for making  our dreams a reality  and we are chased by some to see whether we are doing it in the  right  manner  or not.

To play the game of life I feel the following principles  would help  us a lot.
1. Study the rules and regulations thoroughly and act accordingly . You have to abide by them if you want to win the game.
a.The first rule is to be alert about  what we sow so  that we may reap good fruits. If you are putting in handwork you earn your rewards by way of positive  results. 
b. Second one is that we have to understand the formula of CAUSE AND EFFECT. Your actions speak louder than words. So act with proper diligence and care to enjoy the fragrance of the flower  and avoid the thorns.
2. You should always  make yourself to be fit for the game by disciplining yourself and doing exercises to  tone  your muscle  bones and your brain. . Sans  good health and fitness you can not win the game.
3. Beware of your environment and adjust yourselves to new challenges and situations . We are living in a society and we are called social animals. We have to live with others amicable and peacefully . For that we have to develop good qualities like  patience , understanding , empathy tolerance  and trustfulness etc and discard bad ones like greediness,jealousy,covetousness,hatred and   intolerance.We have to develop social skills to build up our life.

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