Thursday, 10 November 2016

A tribute to my cherished Zindagi

My dear Zindagai,

Very glad I got  a golden opportunity to remember you and thank you for all the fortunate  blessings and happy moments  you have offered me.You have followed me as my shadow through thick and thin when there is light and protected me  from all the evils like a shield in darkness.I love you for all the relationships you have created in my life which have helped and guided me when I have  met the ups and downs of my life. Most of the people I have dealt are very kind , generous and empathetic. I cherish  the pleasant interactions and experiences with all which fact accounts for your loveliness. Even I can say there are so many people who do not know me directly  have supported me to carry on without any hindrance and trouble. This is possible because of your genuine  interest in me and my destiny matches with my dreams because of your loving nature.

I never forget the days when we, as kids  used to play hide and seek in the streets and the story I heard, told by mother when I slept on her lap in the open terrace in the night. I used to argue or quarrel with my siblings and regret afterwards.My father was  a  stern disciplinarian from whom I imbibe ethical values. Such a wonderful environment you have created for me and I love you exuberantly. Tranquility coupled with joyfulness is your gift to me . It was a period of happiness and sadness.
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But for the negligible stress and strain I have come across due to the inevitable friction and unexpected misunderstanding now and then  I have maintained a remarkable  quality of friendship. These all have resulted in my smooth sailing . I love you for  morals  and ethical rules  you have taught me to carry out my daily routine life in a peaceful and harmonious way.

You have helped me to  learn the principles of life which have influenced  my personality  at an early stage  I could manage to achieve so many things . This you have accomplished through my parents ,teachers, and other elders related to me. Arranging my buddies  who are kind enough to understand me and help me when I encounter trials and tribulations, you have performed a crucial role  to remember you always  as a lovely companion throughout my journey .

I have shown negative emotions like resentment, frustration , fear and  melancholy due to various incidents affecting me .You have not omitted to learn my mistakes and failures , as I have met many setbacks , shortcomings,debacles and downfall. You are such an endearing fondness for me because your lovable feature.

When I was pursuing my studies, you were so thoughtful enough to grant me a good atmosphere and I could come out of my college with flying colors to enter  a nice career.Whenever I entertain  pessimism you are the key to open the doors with  an optimistic outlook .It has become your duty to pave way for my progress and growth for which I owe a great deal to you.

For all the happiness and well- being I am enjoying presently because of you , I glorify you and thank  you whole- heartedly.

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