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Review of Shadows of the Northlands


No. of pages : 512
Publisher: Estrade Publishers LLP
Publication : April 2016
Genre : Mytho, Fantasy, Adventure thriller
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My unbiased review 

"Shadows of the Northlands" is a  fantastic , fabulous and roller coaster fairy tale  taking place in a wonderful  world. It tells the story of  mystery and adventure , magic and war .The  action -packed  drama has fascinated me.  Readers would enjoy it for the appalling  experience.

"....a delight to read not just for its fast paced action , but for the immersive nature of the world it creates. " - 

Mainak Dhar best selling author of the 'Alice in Dreamland 'series.

The foreword by Ashok k. Banker tells about the author as follows.

Viswesh Desai is an author today because that's what he was born to do. He is a born writer. As  a writer he is amazing. Not just for a 14 -year -old. For any writer he's pretty damn good.

After having read the book I endorse his views and I wish to say the author  is a  genius to create his own world and people to spin a great story in a mythological background giving all the details in respect of dress pattern to war diplomacy.

The plot

Crown Prince, Head of the Empire summons the protagonist Merin, an able hunter and spy  to  his palace to take up the   mission to  lead a team to investigate and resolve the force of nature which attacks cities and villages with buildings burnt down and the land rendered completely infertile. Rikkard  , another spy accompanies him along with Corlan,Teren , Sorin and Matt.

Initially they suspect the Pandits and then it turns to be a Lizard. Finally it leads to be a robot framed by the people for safeguarding the mankind. They travel a lot and go to various places to find out the  mysterious evil element that brings huge damage without leaving any clues and cues.

The Pro

The style , language and narration of the author are superb . The characters are intelligent and wise people who  have got the training and they are experts in their respective field. The conversations , discussions  and arguments carry the story in a tremendous pace . The horrible  incidents ,  sickening ordeals , inevitable sufferings and painful situations ,violent consequences are narrated in a nice manner .The book talks about the war strategy and deals with bunker to religion.

My favorite

The literary style  that ornaments   the  scenery would intoxicate the readers. To cite an example I give below the following paragraph from the book.

Simple said , the view was  breathtaking . Great meadows of reddish -brown sand gleamed russet under the sun's caressing gaze as  it prepared to sink languidly into  the ice-capped mountains on the horizon that pierced the vast azure sky.

Throughout the book you can come across such flow of words that will definitely bewitch   the readers to go on reading the book without stopping.

I like the Rikkard character as he makes  humorous atmosphere in the  otherwise tense and suspenseful novel.

I also admire the two  religions followed by the people referred as the Maker and the Trinity.

Gems of wisdom from the book 

'The Maker guides us through life , keep us strong for the ordeals we will indubitably face.Yet he gives us those very ordeals to see if we are worthy of the joy that is existence .He is both the nectar that strengthens and the anvil that tests'

The book discusses about the Power of Air,Water etc.The author is a sure Eco-achiever.There are two maps to guide you to take the journey. Cover design by Ink Studioz is eye catchy.

The con

Since the story revolves around a mission and deluge of information divert the reader.There is a  dearth of twists and at times it tests our patience.

There is mention about cabs,pen,spectacles and watches with coding system.This raises the question to which era the story belongs . 

My rating 5/5.   

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Saturday, 19 November 2016


Friendship is said to be a great blessing that one should have and if it happens to be a reality there is no worry and problem. At each and every stage of our life we choose and come across different friends and on some we always have the track and on some we may lose the grip. Anyhow we have to  develop  good relationship with our peers so that we progress in our life . At the time of trouble and joy there should be someone to share our feelings and sympathize with us  to  console us and  enjoy with us to double our delight.

தொடர்புடைய படம்

When I was working in a city I used to commute by a particular bus to reach my work spot. At that time I met my dearest buddy who  was also working in the same sector. We used to go on talking , chatting all the things in the world from politics to social service. He is not only a know all but also a kind hearted person and a man of wit and wisdom. I discussed with him all my problems and he listened to them and tried to give a solution. Since I am an extrovert I opened my mind to him  with the result I felt my burden came down a large extent. Since his affection for me is genuine and pure he would never talk ill of me and always try to help me to his ability and capacity.

Since he knows my weak points he would assess my problem with thorough attention  and tries to guide me in a proper way. We have not got in to long argument or quarrel because our mental wave length is always at the equal level.  We are fortunate to develop such a frictionless relationship over a period of time.  I attended almost all his family functions without fail and he used to say our friendship is extraordinary and exemplary. 

After some time I had to stay with him in his house and I was very much overwhelmed by his hospitality. He is a man of details and he took all the pain to make my stay at his house a memorable one.

Since he cooked food for me and I took the food for my lunch. I  can not forget the food he cooked for me because it was so delicious  and tasty as the same was prepared with the utmost care and attention. 

In this period of intolerance and deterioration of values where trust , love and affection, empathy, etc   are becoming very expensive and costly  we  find true friendship a rare commodity. Especially nowadays people are said to be friendly with others with an intention and some expectation. I can boast we are true friends without any demand or disguised motive .

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

Monday, 14 November 2016



Author : Dr. Govind Sharma IAS

Published on 2016

Publisher : Notion Press  

Pages : 168

Genre : Crime Thriller.

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"STATE vs AMRIT KUMAR  is a great novel that speaks about the fight between good and the evil in a very much practical and simple approach. It talks about the struggle between the good people and the opposite ones . The misfortunes  and the sufferings the good people have to undergo because of their innocence and ignorance are depicted in a beautiful manner . The message "Ultimately the truth triumphs" is driven effectively with the various incidents strewn throughout the novel in a chronological order as they involve people from two generation. 

The second part of the blurb on the cover of the book is as follows.

Set in the fictional town of Rajapur ,  the novel tells the story of two generation from 1990 to 2016. There are situations where villains  disguise themselves as innocent individuals to the advantage of the unsuspecting nature of credulous people . Advocate Sukumar frequently quotes from Hitopadesh  to emphasize the importance of being careful to avoid being deceived by the wolves in sheep's  clothing . Will he be able to swing a verdict in Amrit's favour?

The plot

The story starts from the self -introduction of Advocate Sukumar and how he happens to deal with the challenging case of Amrit and Ajay the protagonists. Upto chapter 21 the story of the first generation involving Upendra  father of Amrit is given and  thereafter it tells about Amrit.  Upendra was studying in a college at Rajapur and there he met Madhu . They got married and started their  new journey from the famous temple of Rajapur. He met many an  obstacle due to the cunningness and cruelty of the bad people with ulterior motives and finally it resulted in   his downfall. In the second part  we come across the same people giving trouble to Amrit and he is trapped in a false case.

The pro

The  story discusses about the religious people who are pious and God fearing  and also the inhuman and characterless ones who indulge in all sort of  crimes. Upendra is destined to be a patsy to be victimized by the  wicked and evil persons. The drama of heist occurring in the temple is explained in a nice manner to be easily understood by the readers. It is a great delight to get so many informations regarding functioning of the temple authority to other social  duties. 

The con

There are some grammatical errors and spelling mistakes . The language is also very simple . Instead of" St.Stephens" it is given as saint Stephens. Since the book involves   two generation so many happenings are given in a hurried manner.

My favorite

One of the  protagonist namely Amrit's story is very  fantastic . I like the character because it is portrayed in a realistic way. The narration is so impressive that we sympathize with him for all his pains and sufferings.Also the ordeals experienced by Madhu ,his mother at the time of raising him as a single parent are depicted clearly. All the characters are  either good or evil .Both the extremes we come across in this tale.

Rating 3.5/5

Disclaimer I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

A tribute to my cherished Zindagi

My dear Zindagai,

Very glad I got  a golden opportunity to remember you and thank you for all the fortunate  blessings and happy moments  you have offered me.You have followed me as my shadow through thick and thin when there is light and protected me  from all the evils like a shield in darkness.I love you for all the relationships you have created in my life which have helped and guided me when I have  met the ups and downs of my life. Most of the people I have dealt are very kind , generous and empathetic. I cherish  the pleasant interactions and experiences with all which fact accounts for your loveliness. Even I can say there are so many people who do not know me directly  have supported me to carry on without any hindrance and trouble. This is possible because of your genuine  interest in me and my destiny matches with my dreams because of your loving nature.

I never forget the days when we, as kids  used to play hide and seek in the streets and the story I heard, told by mother when I slept on her lap in the open terrace in the night. I used to argue or quarrel with my siblings and regret afterwards.My father was  a  stern disciplinarian from whom I imbibe ethical values. Such a wonderful environment you have created for me and I love you exuberantly. Tranquility coupled with joyfulness is your gift to me . It was a period of happiness and sadness.
lovely life quotes க்கான பட முடிவு

But for the negligible stress and strain I have come across due to the inevitable friction and unexpected misunderstanding now and then  I have maintained a remarkable  quality of friendship. These all have resulted in my smooth sailing . I love you for  morals  and ethical rules  you have taught me to carry out my daily routine life in a peaceful and harmonious way.

You have helped me to  learn the principles of life which have influenced  my personality  at an early stage  I could manage to achieve so many things . This you have accomplished through my parents ,teachers, and other elders related to me. Arranging my buddies  who are kind enough to understand me and help me when I encounter trials and tribulations, you have performed a crucial role  to remember you always  as a lovely companion throughout my journey .

I have shown negative emotions like resentment, frustration , fear and  melancholy due to various incidents affecting me .You have not omitted to learn my mistakes and failures , as I have met many setbacks , shortcomings,debacles and downfall. You are such an endearing fondness for me because your lovable feature.

When I was pursuing my studies, you were so thoughtful enough to grant me a good atmosphere and I could come out of my college with flying colors to enter  a nice career.Whenever I entertain  pessimism you are the key to open the doors with  an optimistic outlook .It has become your duty to pave way for my progress and growth for which I owe a great deal to you.

For all the happiness and well- being I am enjoying presently because of you , I glorify you and thank  you whole- heartedly.

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Saturday, 5 November 2016


Dear Zindagi,

Image result for abdul kalams quotes on life game
You are compared  to so  many things like journey, puzzle , mystery and game.   During different phases of life you have to go to different places with different people ,with different goals  and hence it is a journey. If it is a puzzle or a mystery  who will solve it for us? Whether we have got the knowledge to break it  and come to a correct conclusion is a big question. Due to so many incidents and  happenings it may seem to be a puzzle or a mystery.

You are said to be a game  by all  of us. This game has got its own rules  and regulations. It has  got success or failure to decide the winner.We have to  practice and practice to win the game of life. In our childhood, I think we are playing a game of chess where our opponent is  none other than ourselves. To play the game of chess we  know how to make movements so that we can win. We have to mould ourselves to play the game.  During our childhood days we  get prepared for a bigger game. For this, our parents and teachers and the society  help us by guiding and teaching us various facets of our life. Whether the present rote system of education helps  our students for a better future is an everlasting question .

 I lost my mother when I was 10 years old . I have got a great father who was my mentor , philosopher , model, guide  and hero. He taught me so many things which help me throughout  my life. I adore and admire my father as my God  for his simplicity, honesty  thoughtfulness and wisdom. For example ,whenever we go to any relative's house he used to purchase  fruits and sweets in large quantity for them. I always wondered about his magnanimity   and I follow  the same meticulously.Like this I can quote so many things he  taught me.

When I join the school and college, life has become a game.  When  I   am  playing an outdoor game like cricket, football  and hockey, what I see is that I am  joining a team of ten   players and they help us to make  our efforts to win the game. There is another  team  whose players play against us and see that we don't get our goal. In my life since I am a motherless boy I have obtained the  sympathy from others and I have  got many people to  support and  help me to  make progress in my life. When I grow up I can find some well wishers as well as some people working against me behind my back.In my career life also I meet ten persons  who are in favour of my smooth sailing and there are other ten   work against me . Actually we are chasing some persons  for making  our dreams a reality  and we are chased by some to see whether we are doing it in the  right  manner  or not.

To play the game of life I feel the following principles  would help  us a lot.
1. Study the rules and regulations thoroughly and act accordingly . You have to abide by them if you want to win the game.
a.The first rule is to be alert about  what we sow so  that we may reap good fruits. If you are putting in handwork you earn your rewards by way of positive  results. 
b. Second one is that we have to understand the formula of CAUSE AND EFFECT. Your actions speak louder than words. So act with proper diligence and care to enjoy the fragrance of the flower  and avoid the thorns.
2. You should always  make yourself to be fit for the game by disciplining yourself and doing exercises to  tone  your muscle  bones and your brain. . Sans  good health and fitness you can not win the game.
3. Beware of your environment and adjust yourselves to new challenges and situations . We are living in a society and we are called social animals. We have to live with others amicable and peacefully . For that we have to develop good qualities like  patience , understanding , empathy tolerance  and trustfulness etc and discard bad ones like greediness,jealousy,covetousness,hatred and   intolerance.We have to develop social skills to build up our life.

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

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