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Review of Go Clown


No of pages : 325

Published by Shatrugna Vadwlas

Publishing facilitation : Authors Upfront
Published in 2016

Genre : Young Adult Fiction 

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"Go Clown" is a very humorous and hilarious  broad comedy, It is a  story of a droll,which is also a  jovial, fun filled  but thought provoking   novel written with a literary flair  to make the reading a pleasant experience coupled with the pearls of wisdom in the form of philosophical  psychological and motivational  quotes and discussions. From the beginning to the end humour is taken as the core subject   with the result, it comes as an oasis for all of us in the present fast paced life in this complex society infected by hypocrisy, corruption  and other evils .After a long time I come across such a funny and amusing  book . 


I am  impressed by the name of the novel   "Go Clown" as I find it engrossing  to read   the pranks and antics of the main character ie the  protagonist namely Kirthi  , with whom we can connect in our day to day life  easily. His views of everything at his perception level may seem to be exaggerated and magnified only to serve the purpose of making you laugh and relax . His criticism from his POV is somewhat sarcastic sometime and reasonable on other occasions  but leading us to see the reality and realize the cruel nature of people  , circumstances and situations.

I like this novel because of the above fact which is stressed upon in a comical  manner. At times it may seem to be boring but the words are crafted  in a beautiful and spectacular manner to make it very appealing and amazing.

Characterization is done beautifully  I like Kris for his wisdom and wit at his age . Every character seems to be there for a purpose . We meet different persons with various qualities and traits . 

The plot.

Kiriti who belongs to a  Hindu middle class family living in the coastal town of South India is  the protagonist whose life story is given with a biographical tone. .The child in him is referred as "Clown" and the games  played by him are  mischievous and childish .The story starts from America  and up to seven  chapters his college life is dealt with and all the happenings, his actions and reactions, ordeals encountered by him ,attacks and counter attacks   are written   well .Ragging menace is highlighted.His buddy Kris  makes his life wonderful . 

 From chapter 8 the story again starts from his birth and passes on to his adolescent and college  days. His interactions with people mostly his well wishers and his associates , his expectation , frustration ,  pain , joy ,  aspirations,  dreams and his endeavors all are given in a marvelous and fabulous  manner . We see both the privation  and richness in their true colour . His mother is the sole bread winner of the  family, albeit his father is well alive and don't care about his family and act  responsibly .Like a vagabond he whiles away his time on  gambling and other vices.Like this  we come across characters with whom Kiriti grows up with  a  story. There are so  many characters  each has got an episode. In the meantime he is practicing a Chinese game "GO" which is very helpful to him in his day to day life

The story moves on to America again and how the hero joins politics and tries to plan for the development and growth of our nation is well depicted .He continues his mission  after coming back to India.

I am overwhelmed  by the following paragraph which gives a beautiful and realistic approach to our life .

Kris Kiriti's buddy utters  the following words when they cross the road and see the faint traces of blood .

In a way we are all pedestrians crossing the road and we never know when we will be hit by something which will end everything that we know , we feel and we see. There is no point in making plans and trying to cling onto them thinking that we are  in control of everything about us.There is no point in searching for any Meaning ,  when eventually the concept of Meaning itself will cease to exist.All we can do is just keep crossing . We can not sit on the sides , afraid to cross , afraid that we cross the road it might be our last crossing.

The following golden quotes mean a lot .

Everything is bound to happen at the appropriate time . No amount of worrying can change the order of things which they ought to be in.

In America the poor are fat and the rich are thin
in India poor are thin and the rich are fat.

A man's life originates from the earth and ultimately settles back in the same dust.

A child's mind is more like a lump of clay which needs to be given a delicate shape and structure , by the skilled hand of a potter.

When there is a mention about the father of Kiriti namely Niswar it is given as follows:

But above everything else is life there was one valuable trait that Niswar was blessed with. The one that mankind has been searching for all since ages. From the summit of the mighty snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the voiceless vacuum in the moons caters , man has been looking for it everywhere and it has been rarely found . The ones who find it are the true monks of soul and this nature of value was "being content and happy with one's life!"


The narration is direct ,simple , and honest ,but there is no suspense , thrill ,  sudden terns  twists romance and but there is only a  comedy. There are so many comparisons of situations and  circumstances with rhyme and rhythm to attract  the attention of the reader.The changing    scenery is so fast and quick sometime we may feel we are traveling through so many lanes and roads which may hamper our reading  . The incidents are also given as peeling of layer by layer  from the  onion The routine way of explaining the same and ending with the pinnacle of mockery will lead us to predict before hand . There is a  grammar mistake.   An is used before the word "serious" instead of a.But for such negligible mistakes it is a great delight to read the book. Adult content is added here and there the book is meant for youth only.

Some incidents are repeated in different forms and so it is predictable. Kiriti makes plans for the prosperity of the nation he should have  made efforts for safety of women which has become a billion dollar issue in addition to corruption.The Game "GO" is not elaborated  I can not follow it.

The cover design by Priyanka Kumar and Neena Gupta is superb.
"Kiriti's Moves" given in a separate sheet with a table and figures along with a blank yellow sheet with columns and rows  will be useful for those who want to learn and play the game "GO" The author has suggested to visit www.GoClown.Com for playing the same.

Rating : 4.5/5

My verdict 

I admire   this book for the  comedy as laughter is the best medicine and I recommend it for all who want to enjoy  reading  funny situations and laughable circumstances .It is a must read by all youngsters as the story revolves around the  young lad from his infancy when there is no Internet and smart phone  and also it covers the latest period where there are  Face book,Twitter  and other social media .

Disclaimer :I have received a copy of the book in exchange of my honest review.

About the author:

 Shatrugna Vadwlas is a Software architect based in the US, with an American Masters in Engineering and an undergraduate degree from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), India. He has worked in various roles at several Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, Time Warner etc. He is a contributor to the Times of India, Huffington Post, Faking News and other Media Portals. He has completed a writer's course at the Writers Center in Washington DC. 

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