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Review of Bhrigu Mahesh , Phd

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No Of pages  : 311

Published by : PartidgeIndia

Genre: Mystery, Detective , Crime Thriller 

Author : Nisha Singh 

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“Bhrighu Mahesh, PhD “ The witch of Senduwar is a crime fiction written in the most  fluent fashion  of genius like Sherlock Homes, the fictional private detective , aided by the technique of observation. This logically  marvelous  book is woven with a beautiful social mysterious  drama in a literary style.I like the thrill and excitement It has created in me and the poetically expressed prose has lured me to finish the reading within three days.  I like itssimplicity and the tempo it maintains throughout the story. My keenness to know the way the story proceeds , will always work like a trigger to complete the book at one go. It is a great delight to come across an Indian version in the contemporary atmosphere  casting a brilliant work in the form of a mystery thriller.

 The plot

The story is told in a first person ‘s voice  and his name is Sutte . He  happens to be the  neighbour of  Bhrigu Majesh   ,the protagonist who is the detective ,  assigned the job to unravel the mystery of a murder. The victim is the  only son of Jayanti Devi a 65 old woman living in a  village Senduear in Bihar.  It  relates to a legend involving a witch  well versed in "Black magic herbs"What is the motive of such a heinous crime , who is the culprit and other related questions arise and the answers are found by the hero after many  efforts  and experiments. In between there are so several  sub plots to carry forward the story in a coherent and logical way.The methods used by him to find out the truth are given in a beautiful manner. The theories and formulae employed are included in the story. The sharp intelligence and quick reflexive movements  of  the investigator are exhilarating .


The language is superb. Nisha Singh’s style is exquisite . it is straight , poignant not mind -boggling.The words are crafted  with  an artistic workmanship to get awe-struck and it makes the reading a lively experience. Valuable in formations  and ideas  are strewn all over the pages to enlighten  the reader about the mechanism applied by the investigator. 

 The characterization is strong  and vital to the movement of the tale. All the characters  are down-to earth and they are realistic. I like Meenakshi  character because she  is projected as  an eccentric one with an aptitude to be the voice of the voiceless. But she chooses to become a social worker to help the exploited and poor villagers. 

Some humorous situations tickle your ribs to create a spontaneous laughter. Sutte helps in this area and it gives some relief in the otherwise tense and fast moving story.

I find the following lines in the book are meaningful. .

A couple can never survive together if both are equally controlling.One has always to back down to make room for the other.

Suspects are like pieces of chess. Read them correctly and be ahead by one move only.You will win the game.

Charm of a temptress is the most potent weapon known to mankind.

Love should never be bound by laws , even marital ones .  it was and should be free.

Talent is distributed equally , nor is knowledge.


I find a very few grammatical errors and otherwise the book is flawless. Every effort is made by the author to present a great novel.   

Rating  :  4.5/5

My verdict

 It is an exciting read and I like the concept , story and the execution.  I recommend the book to all, especially who are interested in detective novels with a love for literature .

Disclaimer : I am reviewing this book in association with blogadda's Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books.

  About the author: Nisha Singh is a crime fiction enthusiast who has written short stories for National Print Magazine and has contributed to a variety of online publications. Nisha is a prolific reader and writer and her stories have surprising endings. Nisha resides in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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