Sunday, 2 October 2016

Make every second count

 Small drops make an ocean. Similarly small steps take a Marathon. We call them baby steps. Babies have the quality of radiating happiness in the environment. They will be always active , looking happy and without ego they ask for anything and everything.When we grow up we loose the track we have travelled and we unnecessarily accumulate all the stuff irrelevant to our life. This results in heavy burden and disguised responsibility.

Nowadays we talk about the way people run here and there to get this and that in the meantime we forget to enjoy our life and fall prey to worry and tension .We make our world into a hell because of our greediness and the tendency to prove ourselves great . We live our life not in our own style but according to the undue pressure thrust upon by others without our knowledge. 

Everyone is unique and we have to write our own life script with the capacity and capability we are blessed with. Life is to be active , successful and moving towards progress .When we are highly self motivated and committed , we act as an ant naturally we can enjoy the same  as a great blessing because action speaks louder than words.

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We hear about stress and tension in this present period  frequently because we forget to take rest and recuperate ourselves in our struggle to achieve more and more. A limited stress level is OK as it acts as a great motivator. Like a rubber band a certain degree of stress is necessary to pull on and when we are active always we would feel hale and healthy .As the saying Empty mind is devils workshop we have to be engaged physically and mentally. 

What we take as food decides our well being. Good diet is suggested for all those who  suffer from any disease and the role of nutritionist  has become significant. Vitamins, minerals and other nourishing ingredients are necessary for our body .In order to undertake our daily activities we need a certain quantity of food and the same we should get on regularly .In our country we use to take wheat and rice in large quantity. 

Vegetables and fruits are important for our bones and vital organs like heart and brain.Only good food will give us the power to utilize our brain properly.Like a glutton if we take food and become obese it gives a danger signal to our heart.The thump rule is that we should stop eating when our stomach is half filled. Traditional food taking is shrinking day by day and fast food takes its place .Changing our food habits we assure ourselves a good heart and healthy life.

Pamper yourself with decent hygienic diet to ensure good health . Try to  avoid foods that meddles with our health because our taste buds are insatiable as they don ’t guarantee a disease -free life.

Happiness is the status of our mind. We make hell or heaven out of the circumstances and situations and our attitude matters.If we practice  to live every moment with the principle of here and now and we can be always happy and it paves the way for us to be healthy. A sound body and  sound mind go together and when we keep ourselves relaxed and peaceful we make our life pleasant and joyful.With the right attitude one can be happy in hell and even in heaven one has to motivate himself  to be happy. Happiness has got the property of being contagious and it spreads it fragrance everywhere without our knowledge.

Everyday morning I take a pledge to live every moment happily despite the unforeseen circumstances ,unpleasant situations , unexpected happenings  no external forces can influence my mind to go moody and sad. 

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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