Thursday, 15 September 2016

Work is Worship

Work is a great impact on everyone, because it gives not only monetary benefit but also job satisfaction. When one is engaged in his duty he would forget all his worries and problems. He would concentrate on his assignment and hence there would be no chance for him to brood over unnecessary things.
Work is its own reward and whoever is working will feel happy about this because he has got a golden opportunity to use his skill and brain and his interaction with his colleagues will give a lot of fun and strengthen his sense of belonging to the organization as well as with his colleagues.
When we work, we have to develop a proper mindset to contribute the maximum to the organization and for that we have to study the instructions and job profile thoroughly and if need be we have develop the skill relevant to the job. If I am selected for Technical writer job means I have to develop the skill to write in a way that people can understand me what I am saying and also follow the rules of the organization. I may get training for it and if I use my imagination and intelligence to give my best no one will find fault with me at any point of time.
We should be trust worthy always. Our primary concern should be to act with trust and faith so that we would get the recognition form the organization. If we forget this fact and we act lethargically we would be the loser. We are coming across many news about the people who works against his conscience and do some blunders. They would be caught and would be punished. Hence it is always prudent to act vigilantly and work according to the system and procedure laid down by the organization.
There are some occupational hazards the employees would have to come upon and they should be careful in handling the job with utmost diligence and alertness. There are benefits to take care of medical problems, but employees would take sufficient precaution to avoid any accident and conflicts.
Like chanting a prayer to our God we should do our job so that we would get full satisfaction and we will do it perfectly without any mistake. It should be our endeavor to maintain cordial relationship with our coworkers so that there is no misunderstanding and communication gap.
I have seen people working for a long time without any break which is wrong because it is not good for health . Proper rest should be there. Even sitting in a position for long time if we work we may develop Piles problem. In IT companies there is an arrangement to have the printers away from the computer so that they may leave the seat to fetch the printed pages . This sort of adjustment will help the employees to move here and there for some time and relax.

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