Saturday, 3 September 2016

The eco warrirors


The present  burning and  critical  topic is the growing danger  of ecological imbalances  leading to global warming . The topmost leaders of several nations   are giving a clarion call in unison to mobilize  action for the herculean task of  solving them as they play a pivotal role in bringing  poignant sufferings of hundreds and thousands of people .

The environmentalists are making a hue and cry on the   ecological disasters  . It has happened at the time of heavy deluge  in Chennai we could manage due to selfless service of NGO s and general public.

Our posterity is to be  assured a safe , clean and green  environment . Our forefathers toiled hard enough to safeguard and strengthen environmental equilibrium with the help of limited resources and inadequate infrastructure and now we have to pass on the same to our offspring , only difference being we are equipped with the highest potential technology.  Apart from natural calamities  we come across so many environmental  adverse situations and health hazards due to  air pollution  etc  causing many chronic diseases . 

Also  we face threat from wild animals like elephant and lion  living in the forest.To cite a simple example we can quote the incidents where we see the animals in search of water and food enter into villages and  cities and giving  so much trouble to the people . This may result in causalities and    damage to  the growing crops .We should make space for the animals providing them a habitable environment. 

At this crucial juncture we as individuals as well a society  can make  miracles   if we put in a little more  effort and contribute  in our own way according to our capacity and capability to tackle environmental issues coming with novel plans and programmes to propagate the ecological slogans.

Little drops make an  ocean. By our small actions and  ,sacrifices we can make a big change. For this we have to be innovative and thoughtful enough to create new ideas and schemes   voraciously to highlight the ecological obstacles  on war footing level and create awareness about the intensity of the worst condition.

As  commoners we should become  eco-warriors to  be alert and eager and   attend to the environmental problems with not  haphazard but creative and constructive plans.   We can follow  a simple thriftiness when we use water.We   should not use the tap water directly  to wash our  hands but we have to take  water from  a plastic cup  to do the task. This trivial  gesture will have its own impact and if everyone follows the same that would lead to  avoide water scarcity .

Instead  of using cars and motorcycles one can take a cycle to reach his place . In China, cycle is the most desired and used mode of conveyance.  It is not only s symbol of simplicity and energy but also s good exercise.It will reduce the air pollution  , also it is economical and time -saving due to reduction in traffic jams. Similarly there are umpteenth number of   plans  that can be prepared and executed  so that the ecological  imbalances are reduced  in the true spirit and pukka manner. 

Eco-friendly products are to be welcomed and encouraged."Log kya kahenge" question should not be a barrier to our efforts in respect of our struggle against  ecological disturbances.

At the broad social level more and more Eco-campaigns should be arranged to create an awareness among the public who may be oblivious of the ecological disturbances  so that they should realize the significance of safeguarding the environment to the betterment of our living conditions. The felling   trees will  be equal to cutting our veins . To  lose our disguised blessings of enjoying pure oxygen and shadow  and  hundreds of other benefits which they grant us with unconditional love and affection is very much foolish  and futile. 

When planting of saplings is discussed the yeoman service performed by big corporate firms should  be appreciated. For example the textile concern namely  Pothys in Chennai is giving everybody whoever is visiting their show room  a sapling with the instruction to grow up the same in their house. Similarly other firms can also follow suit to come up with novel  and  fruitful schemes to encourage the people to do the possible things for the sake of our environment.

The makers of films  and TV soaps can drive forcefully and effectively  the message of environment issues along with their other themes and shoulder the social responsibility.Also big Realtors when they promote big apartments  they should come with plausible and palpable plans to plant sufficient number of trees in the surroundings and also Eco-parks should be established and maintained. Several acres of cultivating lands are converted into plots for constructing houses which should be  streamlined.

Catch them young. Our children should be taught about the ecological issues and they should study the same . For this in their curriculum the environment science  should be added . In the schools and colleges Eco-clubs should be formed so that the students will become more and more responsible and reasonable citizens to imbibe the quality of sense of belonging to the society. 

The examples are for illustrative purpose only and Eco-consciousness should be awakened in a grand manner so that everyone gives his/her best to enrich  the ecological balances as we live in  extraordinary period meeting emergency siutauions due to natural catastrophic tsunami, earthquake, depression etc.

Frequent Eco- camps be arranged to create awareness. For children competition may be arranged  to enlighten  them about the environment problems and their answers. 

Last but not the least Mother Earth is  to be adored   and  glorified not  sacrilegiously but like a sanctuary at all cost , in turn we can expect from her abundant supply of  comforts and luxuries  and also we have to face .Her fury and suffer in the event of  our negligence.Choice is ours.

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