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Heart is an importance organ in our body and it works round the clock 24x7x365. It sends blood to every other organ . Nowadays heart attack is very much common and accounts for more deaths next to diabetes. The irony is that even at young age at 25 to 40 persons get stroke when old people only use to face the same. The main reason for such a scenario is the sedentary life style followed by the present generation. One more reason is stress due to work load , peer pressure, and urge to achieve at any cost. In such a situation it is our duty to look for a solution in the form of a peaceful life and happy atmosphere. 

Eating better

We have to eat wholesome and balanced diet  to lead a happy and healthy life. We shoud consume a lot of  vegetables and fruits. We should avoid taking junk foods often. Nowadays we are getting organic food and it is good for our wellbeing . Also traditional food we should take to live a better life without any discease .

Laughter is the best medicine for a better life

In the fast paced life we forget to stand and stare. In order to balance our personal and social life we overlook to laugh and relax . We have to feel happy to note that human beings only laugh and animals will not laugh. They express other emotions. Gandhi said if there was no laughter he would have committed suicide. It is found by research that cancer patients who enjoy the comedy movies for a long time get well . Humour clubs should be organized to create an awareness about the effect of the same in curing diseases.

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Staying active 

Doctor’s first prescription should be to go for 3 miles walk daily. Whatever the suffering or the ailment we go to the doctor for check up and guidance it is expected the Doctor should advice the patient to walk 3 miles daily and correct his diet pattern. Medicines work for the betterment of the person . But in the long run only walking and other exercises you feel will keep you well and healthy. This is for the betterment for staying active.

Five key factors that influence your well being and happiness.

I. In the morning you should get up early and go for a walk. At that time air would be pure and you will feel the difference .

2. Your food should include vegetables and fruits.You should avoid oily items and junk foods.

3. Take water at frequent intervals, We are supposed to drink 5 litres water daily.

4. We should take rest and sleep for 8 hours for good health. Sleep deprivation is one of the causes for heart attack.

5. We should avoid working under stress and there should be always planning to avoid last minute rush .

Also for staying active doing social service is a great stress buster.

We live in a society where we come across all sort of people. There are sick people and handicapped persons. We meet orphans and widows. We should make it a point to help them in one way or other so that our life would be happy and satisfactory.

 “I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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