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Once I happened to visit a customer care center of a telecom operator in Chennai. At that time there were only four customers waiting in the hall. One couple came in. The husband approached the employee behind the counter and asked for a Pre paid SIM. He advised him to take a token from the machine meant for the same placed at the entrance. He took the token. He and his wife sat and waited for their turn. After an hour he was called and when he asked for Pre paid Sim he was told that they won’t give Pre paid SIM and they would give Postpaid Sim only. Hearing this the customer got irritated and shouted at the clerk for not informing him the same before hand as he was in a hurry to catch a flight to go abroad. He is an NRI and he has come on vocation and he wants to get her wife a Prepaid SIM. Being provoked and disappointed he asked for the name of the employee so that he could make a complaint to the higher authority.

Going out of the office he called the customer care officer over phone and the officer asked for some information which he could not give immediately. Again he entered in to the office and we saw the all the employees were laughing at the customer. This had added fuel to the fire and he called for the manager of the center and complained about the ill treatment. .He warned he would inform TRAI and go to consumer court.The manager , a lady apologized and felt sorry whatever had happened.

The inference of the above incident is that the employees are not well trained to give very Good customer service in the present cut throat competitor world. Unnecessarily they made fun of the customer and ridiculed him . You put yourself in his position . He is employed in a foreign country and he has come on vocation, His wife wants to have a Prepaid SIM. If they are particular about the customer service they would naturally have a notice board saying that they give only Post paid SIM or the security may be instructed to tell the customers they have stopped issuing Pre paid SIM.

The organization is spending a lot of money on ambiance . The hall is air conditioned , well furnished and spacious . Car parking is available. The employees are highly educated . young and energetic. They wear new uniforms  and with the emblem of the telecom operator. But the organization is not interested in educating their own employees to treat the customer nicely .


Gandhi's quotes on customer க்கான பட முடிவு

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