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Heart is an importance organ in our body and it works round the clock 24x7x365. It sends blood to every other organ . Nowadays heart attack is very much common and accounts for more deaths next to diabetes. The irony is that even at young age at 25 to 40 persons get stroke when old people only use to face the same. The main reason for such a scenario is the sedentary life style followed by the present generation. One more reason is stress due to work load , peer pressure, and urge to achieve at any cost. In such a situation it is our duty to look for a solution in the form of a peaceful life and happy atmosphere. 

Eating better

We have to eat wholesome and balanced diet  to lead a happy and healthy life. We shoud consume a lot of  vegetables and fruits. We should avoid taking junk foods often. Nowadays we are getting organic food and it is good for our wellbeing . Also traditional food we should take to live a better life without any discease .

Laughter is the best medicine for a better life

In the fast paced life we forget to stand and stare. In order to balance our personal and social life we overlook to laugh and relax . We have to feel happy to note that human beings only laugh and animals will not laugh. They express other emotions. Gandhi said if there was no laughter he would have committed suicide. It is found by research that cancer patients who enjoy the comedy movies for a long time get well . Humour clubs should be organized to create an awareness about the effect of the same in curing diseases.

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Staying active 

Doctor’s first prescription should be to go for 3 miles walk daily. Whatever the suffering or the ailment we go to the doctor for check up and guidance it is expected the Doctor should advice the patient to walk 3 miles daily and correct his diet pattern. Medicines work for the betterment of the person . But in the long run only walking and other exercises you feel will keep you well and healthy. This is for the betterment for staying active.

Five key factors that influence your well being and happiness.

I. In the morning you should get up early and go for a walk. At that time air would be pure and you will feel the difference .

2. Your food should include vegetables and fruits.You should avoid oily items and junk foods.

3. Take water at frequent intervals, We are supposed to drink 5 litres water daily.

4. We should take rest and sleep for 8 hours for good health. Sleep deprivation is one of the causes for heart attack.

5. We should avoid working under stress and there should be always planning to avoid last minute rush .

Also for staying active doing social service is a great stress buster.

We live in a society where we come across all sort of people. There are sick people and handicapped persons. We meet orphans and widows. We should make it a point to help them in one way or other so that our life would be happy and satisfactory.

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Review of The Peshwa


         No of pages : 338
         Author : Ram Sivasankaran

         Year of publication : 2015

         Name of the publisher : Westland ltd

         Genre: Historical crime thriller 

 My unbiased review

History is a superb subject as it teaches various incidents occurred at several places at different times.When I studied in the school I cherished history as my favorite subject because it gave challenges to memorize huge data and to recollect them at the time of examination.

The Peshwa is a great historical and period crime thriller. As a voracious reader I like the book as the political tale is woven with a meticulous craftsmanship, in which words and sentences are arranged in a decorative way with the usual aspects like suspense , romance  , humour , thrills, twists, joy ,despair and shock . The prose has got a poetical approach to make it a delight to go through the book .It is a story of ambition, achievements,obsessions and defeats. Loyalty and treachery are exhibited in their true colour . Ways of war is depicted nicely.Right from the dress pattern and rituals followed by the people everything is written perfectly leaving no room for finding a flaw. The characters are portrayed in a grand manner and the drama is engaging enough to read it at one go.There are good and bad people but they are all intelligent and wise . I like the Besajirao the protagonist as he represents courage , wisdom and intelligence. The brilliant plots are worked out after due research which fact accounts for the hard work of the author.With a fire in his belly the writer has made all the efforts to make the novel a great success.

The blurb given by the Publisher Westland ltd has correctly put in that the author Ram Sivasankaran who saw a passionate student of history in his debut novel has woven a beautiful story on the greatest but a less known -figure from Indian history -Bajirao Bhat Peshwa of the Maratha Confederacy .

The Plot

It is a period novel revolving around the incidents took place during the 18 th century.

The incidents referred in the book are said to happen during the turbulent periods of Indian history when the Mughal rule was dominating .

In the 17th century during the war between the Mughals and the Marathas both the Queen Mother of the Maratha Confederacy yeusbai and her husband Sambhaji became prisoners of war . The Mughal Emperor Aurnagahzeb executed Sambhaji and the Yesubai was allowed to live in return for the cessation of Maratha hostilities against the Mughal empire. 

In the year 1718 the Peshwa namely  Balaji Vishvanath was assigned the mission to negotiate the release of Yesubai .He along with his son Bajirao who is the protagonist of this novel then he was 18 years old ,accompanied by two hundred men rode towards the North. On the way, the father taught his son various strategies implemented in the war even though he got military training.

Farrukhsiyar was the incumbent Mughal Emperor .Syed Hassan and Syed Abdullah called the Syed Brothers with the help of Marathas put him on the Peacock Throne . The Nizam is a prominent person in Delhi’s political arena . Whether the Peshwa was successful in his attempt to bring Ysubai back their place or not is the topic of the novel. In the mean time his life was threatened by the Scorpions who were the imperial saboteurs and assassins of the Mughal empire. How this attempt was foiled by the Peshwas forms another part of the story.

Gems of quotes from the book

Marriage at the right age builds a man’s character and sense of responsibility. Moreover , marriage to the right woman brings about happiness and stability.

Old leaves have to fall and make way for the new . Our family will grow but it must also shrink . That is the law of God.


The vibrant illustrations by G .Saundrarya are superb. The design and illustration of the cover by Kunal Kundu is fantastic.There is a wonderful map of The Indian Subcontinent 1718 . Also the Glossary gives a proper guidance for the novel The culture and traditions are described with scrupulous attention. The author has blended the emotions and events beautifully to keep the tempo of the readers. There are only two woman characters in the book. I wish more woman characters should have been included in the book as Mughal era women got a great say in the society by virtue of their wisdom.

My verdict

I recommend this book to all historical fiction lovers.

My rating of this book  4/5

Disclaimer I  received the book in exchange for my honest review . My sincere thanks to the Writers Melon for the same.

About the author

Ram Sivasankaran was born in Madras, India, but has spent most of his life abroad - largely in the Middle East and the United States of America. 

He was brought up with stories from Hindu legend and the great epics and classics of both India and the West. In addition to being a passionate student of history in school, Ram built keen interest in stories of valor, heroism, chivalry, beauty and romance.

A day-dreamer of sorts, Ram believes deeply in the power of imagination - the mind being the canvas on which even the seemingly talentless can create new universes, resurrect eras long gone, bring the gods to life and even resurrect heroes and damsels of yore. 

As such, Ram makes his debut with a historical novel on one of the greatest and yet, to an extent, less-known warrior from Indian history - Bajirao Bhat, Peshwa of the Maratha Confederacy.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Life is beautiful

She opened the blank notebook and started to write. The words flowed like the water in the river.


Both Indra Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher were great leaders. They were heads of big nations and shouldered their responsibility of running State affairs with ease and capacity. They ruled the people with compassion . They were very successful in their endeavors to safeguard the interest of the public and protect the country. Their administrative powers were established beyond doubt and their charisma attracted all.  They faced many a challenge and proved to be great leaders. We remember always for their valor and  commitment. Their struggle and sacrifice took them to the highest level to be adored as the saviors of mankind in history.


The present chief Mininsters namely Ms Jayalalitha and Ms. Mamta Banergee are great political leaders who have struggled a lot to come up in life . They have proved with hard work and sincerity they could achieve their dream of becoming leaders of their respective states, namely Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.They would have got their own failures and setbacks . But they have established their capability to stand tall in the political arena.


Kalpana Chawla  an Indo-American astronaut  was the first Indian origin to undertake the space mission . Being one of the seven crew members of space shuttle she died due to a disaster along with others. Her courage  and the will power to fly in spite of her being  a woman has earned her many awards. Her greatness always will be recognished, She was a great role model for all.


Sakshi Malik has won India's first medal at Rio Olympics .It is a prideful performance by her bringing cheerfulness to all of us. She has  made us all happy and proved given the opportunity women can excel in sports with proper training and support. She has become an example for all women.


The  list is for illustrative purpose only. If we talk about women achievers it would take volumes .But the message to be conveyed at this juncture is that women can achieve a lot with, proper planning  and putting in sufficient efforts ".No pain, no gain" holds" good for them.There may be lack of gender  equality and all the feminists work for women emancipation and empowerment. Think before you leap . Try and try again at last you will succeed.

After finishing the above she closed the notebook with her feet as she had no limbs  to write. She has prepared  the above notes  to be read by her in the school meeting arranged by the management for the students who are awaiting their Government examination  result .

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Review of A Broken Man by Akash Verma

I  received the captioned book in exchange for my honest review . My sincere thanks to the Writers Melon for the same.

A Broken Man revolves around the happenings in an Indian University  and the crux of the novel is the struggle made by the oppressed to come up in life.The characters are moulded beutifully and the prose make it interesting to read the novel.In between Hindi poems are given to strenghthen the theme of the book. Even though I do not understand Hindi I try to catch the message the author wants to convey . 

The plot

30125569The novel starts from the flashback recollected by the protagonist shortly clalled as KK  original name being Krishna. The story starts from the efforts made by Chhavi a student in the university where Krishna also pursue his higher studies. Chavvi is a self imposed crusadar of the students studying there to combat the evils and discrimination meted out to them by the higher authorities. In this struggle she is antagonising the unscrupupulous elements. They made a plan to fish out of troubled waters by using Krishna as a puppet and instigating to act against Chavvi. The stroy goes like this with twists and turns .    


The novel is having all the regular facets like romance . suspense , sufferings, and sex. This make ths same worth reading and a must read by youth fellows. It is enlightening various aspects of flaws in our education system . The story is  appealing and  the narration is honest and straight . The incidents are depicted  in a nice manner to make the reading interesting and inducing . The charecterisation is optimum and the role played by Chhavi is engrossing and engaging our zeal to read it at our own pace.


In the first half the story is so fast moving and succeeding in coaxing the reader to move the pages swiftly and the second half is predictable . It makes the reader to slow down the reading. In fact in the first half it is painful because of the ordeals met by the Protagonist Krishnan. But when he comes to Mumbai and joins the cine field everything seems to work for him the fact which seems to be unbelievable. "The survival of fittest" is true for the cine world also . 

Important quotes

There is a reason why everything happens the way it happens . It is only latter we get to realise the motive behind it.

The two biggest adversities that one can be born with in the country are caste and poverty.

Everyone seemed to hate us and had some or other problem with us.If one of us wore slightly cleaner and well ironed cloth to school we had to hear tauts sucnh as -"Look at this charmar ka, he is wearing new clothes. .....

My verdict

It is a must read by the younger generation .

Rating  4/5

About the author

Akash is an entrepreneur and Indian fiction author.

His work has taken him across the country and he finds this experience very relevant while giving shape to his stories.

He has authored two national bestsellers - It Happened That Night, in 2010 and Three Times Loser, in 2011.

Akash took up to writing fiction in 2007; and he attributes this sudden urge towards writing to his compelling passion in understanding human relationship and behavior.

He has deep interest in music, literature, history and travel. Akash is based in Gurgaon, India.

Work is Worship

Work is a great impact on everyone, because it gives not only monetary benefit but also job satisfaction. When one is engaged in his duty he would forget all his worries and problems. He would concentrate on his assignment and hence there would be no chance for him to brood over unnecessary things.
Work is its own reward and whoever is working will feel happy about this because he has got a golden opportunity to use his skill and brain and his interaction with his colleagues will give a lot of fun and strengthen his sense of belonging to the organization as well as with his colleagues.
When we work, we have to develop a proper mindset to contribute the maximum to the organization and for that we have to study the instructions and job profile thoroughly and if need be we have develop the skill relevant to the job. If I am selected for Technical writer job means I have to develop the skill to write in a way that people can understand me what I am saying and also follow the rules of the organization. I may get training for it and if I use my imagination and intelligence to give my best no one will find fault with me at any point of time.
We should be trust worthy always. Our primary concern should be to act with trust and faith so that we would get the recognition form the organization. If we forget this fact and we act lethargically we would be the loser. We are coming across many news about the people who works against his conscience and do some blunders. They would be caught and would be punished. Hence it is always prudent to act vigilantly and work according to the system and procedure laid down by the organization.
There are some occupational hazards the employees would have to come upon and they should be careful in handling the job with utmost diligence and alertness. There are benefits to take care of medical problems, but employees would take sufficient precaution to avoid any accident and conflicts.
Like chanting a prayer to our God we should do our job so that we would get full satisfaction and we will do it perfectly without any mistake. It should be our endeavor to maintain cordial relationship with our coworkers so that there is no misunderstanding and communication gap.
I have seen people working for a long time without any break which is wrong because it is not good for health . Proper rest should be there. Even sitting in a position for long time if we work we may develop Piles problem. In IT companies there is an arrangement to have the printers away from the computer so that they may leave the seat to fetch the printed pages . This sort of adjustment will help the employees to move here and there for some time and relax.

Monday, 12 September 2016



Once I happened to visit a customer care center of a telecom operator in Chennai. At that time there were only four customers waiting in the hall. One couple came in. The husband approached the employee behind the counter and asked for a Pre paid SIM. He advised him to take a token from the machine meant for the same placed at the entrance. He took the token. He and his wife sat and waited for their turn. After an hour he was called and when he asked for Pre paid Sim he was told that they won’t give Pre paid SIM and they would give Postpaid Sim only. Hearing this the customer got irritated and shouted at the clerk for not informing him the same before hand as he was in a hurry to catch a flight to go abroad. He is an NRI and he has come on vocation and he wants to get her wife a Prepaid SIM. Being provoked and disappointed he asked for the name of the employee so that he could make a complaint to the higher authority.

Going out of the office he called the customer care officer over phone and the officer asked for some information which he could not give immediately. Again he entered in to the office and we saw the all the employees were laughing at the customer. This had added fuel to the fire and he called for the manager of the center and complained about the ill treatment. .He warned he would inform TRAI and go to consumer court.The manager , a lady apologized and felt sorry whatever had happened.

The inference of the above incident is that the employees are not well trained to give very Good customer service in the present cut throat competitor world. Unnecessarily they made fun of the customer and ridiculed him . You put yourself in his position . He is employed in a foreign country and he has come on vocation, His wife wants to have a Prepaid SIM. If they are particular about the customer service they would naturally have a notice board saying that they give only Post paid SIM or the security may be instructed to tell the customers they have stopped issuing Pre paid SIM.

The organization is spending a lot of money on ambiance . The hall is air conditioned , well furnished and spacious . Car parking is available. The employees are highly educated . young and energetic. They wear new uniforms  and with the emblem of the telecom operator. But the organization is not interested in educating their own employees to treat the customer nicely .


Gandhi's quotes on customer க்கான பட முடிவு

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The eco warrirors


The present  burning and  critical  topic is the growing danger  of ecological imbalances  leading to global warming . The topmost leaders of several nations   are giving a clarion call in unison to mobilize  action for the herculean task of  solving them as they play a pivotal role in bringing  poignant sufferings of hundreds and thousands of people .

The environmentalists are making a hue and cry on the   ecological disasters  . It has happened at the time of heavy deluge  in Chennai we could manage due to selfless service of NGO s and general public.

Our posterity is to be  assured a safe , clean and green  environment . Our forefathers toiled hard enough to safeguard and strengthen environmental equilibrium with the help of limited resources and inadequate infrastructure and now we have to pass on the same to our offspring , only difference being we are equipped with the highest potential technology.  Apart from natural calamities  we come across so many environmental  adverse situations and health hazards due to  air pollution  etc  causing many chronic diseases . 

Also  we face threat from wild animals like elephant and lion  living in the forest.To cite a simple example we can quote the incidents where we see the animals in search of water and food enter into villages and  cities and giving  so much trouble to the people . This may result in causalities and    damage to  the growing crops .We should make space for the animals providing them a habitable environment. 

At this crucial juncture we as individuals as well a society  can make  miracles   if we put in a little more  effort and contribute  in our own way according to our capacity and capability to tackle environmental issues coming with novel plans and programmes to propagate the ecological slogans.

Little drops make an  ocean. By our small actions and  ,sacrifices we can make a big change. For this we have to be innovative and thoughtful enough to create new ideas and schemes   voraciously to highlight the ecological obstacles  on war footing level and create awareness about the intensity of the worst condition.

As  commoners we should become  eco-warriors to  be alert and eager and   attend to the environmental problems with not  haphazard but creative and constructive plans.   We can follow  a simple thriftiness when we use water.We   should not use the tap water directly  to wash our  hands but we have to take  water from  a plastic cup  to do the task. This trivial  gesture will have its own impact and if everyone follows the same that would lead to  avoide water scarcity .

Instead  of using cars and motorcycles one can take a cycle to reach his place . In China, cycle is the most desired and used mode of conveyance.  It is not only s symbol of simplicity and energy but also s good exercise.It will reduce the air pollution  , also it is economical and time -saving due to reduction in traffic jams. Similarly there are umpteenth number of   plans  that can be prepared and executed  so that the ecological  imbalances are reduced  in the true spirit and pukka manner. 

Eco-friendly products are to be welcomed and encouraged."Log kya kahenge" question should not be a barrier to our efforts in respect of our struggle against  ecological disturbances.

At the broad social level more and more Eco-campaigns should be arranged to create an awareness among the public who may be oblivious of the ecological disturbances  so that they should realize the significance of safeguarding the environment to the betterment of our living conditions. The felling   trees will  be equal to cutting our veins . To  lose our disguised blessings of enjoying pure oxygen and shadow  and  hundreds of other benefits which they grant us with unconditional love and affection is very much foolish  and futile. 

When planting of saplings is discussed the yeoman service performed by big corporate firms should  be appreciated. For example the textile concern namely  Pothys in Chennai is giving everybody whoever is visiting their show room  a sapling with the instruction to grow up the same in their house. Similarly other firms can also follow suit to come up with novel  and  fruitful schemes to encourage the people to do the possible things for the sake of our environment.

The makers of films  and TV soaps can drive forcefully and effectively  the message of environment issues along with their other themes and shoulder the social responsibility.Also big Realtors when they promote big apartments  they should come with plausible and palpable plans to plant sufficient number of trees in the surroundings and also Eco-parks should be established and maintained. Several acres of cultivating lands are converted into plots for constructing houses which should be  streamlined.

Catch them young. Our children should be taught about the ecological issues and they should study the same . For this in their curriculum the environment science  should be added . In the schools and colleges Eco-clubs should be formed so that the students will become more and more responsible and reasonable citizens to imbibe the quality of sense of belonging to the society. 

The examples are for illustrative purpose only and Eco-consciousness should be awakened in a grand manner so that everyone gives his/her best to enrich  the ecological balances as we live in  extraordinary period meeting emergency siutauions due to natural catastrophic tsunami, earthquake, depression etc.

Frequent Eco- camps be arranged to create awareness. For children competition may be arranged  to enlighten  them about the environment problems and their answers. 

Last but not the least Mother Earth is  to be adored   and  glorified not  sacrilegiously but like a sanctuary at all cost , in turn we can expect from her abundant supply of  comforts and luxuries  and also we have to face .Her fury and suffer in the event of  our negligence.Choice is ours.

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Books are windows that allow light of knowledge

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