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The story of a suicide by Sriram Iyer

"The story of a suicide " , an adult fiction depicting a social drama happening in a college environment. Since the story revolves around the young generation, their usage of the latest social media like Twitter , Facebook is widely discussed. The novel is having all the ingredients of romance, love ,sex, betrayal , treachery , hatred, and revenge . It also includes fun and quarrel , humor and emotions.The characterization is beautiful and the prose is given in the form of poetical work . It gives immense pleasure for the reader to go through the pages in a slow but steady manner to catch the author's views and concerns. Sometimes it seems to be boring and this would be a hindrance to our reading the book at a stretch.


Mani, one of the protogonists belongs to a poor family. His father is a drunkard. The liquor menace is the reason for the downfall of so many families. The bread winner who is supposed to be the saviour of the family , being head of the same, is addicted to alcohol and spoiling his own life and the lives of his family members. It is pathetic to see the woes of the womenfolk as well as children who are depending on the senior male member of the family. Also the reason for which Hari, his partner tries to commit suicide is very common nowadays among the school children as well as those who are pursuing graduation especially Engineering subjects. English may be alien language . but it is recognized as the universal language and most of the research papers are released in English. Learning language may be difficult . But for those who are joining college in the first year at the beginning of the course the Bridge course is conducted for the benefit of the fresh students especially those who come from rural areas. If this course is conducted effectively and fruitfully the students will be benefited.


The main protagonists of the story are Sam, Hari, Mani and Charu. Sam is an ordinary youth exploring the complex relationship and facing the sexual encounters. Since the novel is targeted on the young persons it is moving towards the adult world. Most of the happenings are associated with these four characters and their interaction with their friends and well wishers. Charu , his co-student attracts Sam and it leads to an affair. The story goes like this with introductions of some more characters mostly of their age group. Mani and Hari are gay. This relationship is potrayed in a decent manner and the readers will be able to put themselves in their shoes and feel their pains.


Suicide is not at all a solution for sufferings. Life is one of the most wonderful and precious gift for the mankind. None has got right to pluck his life . Moreover it is temporary phenomenan as the life is compared to the air bubble which is said to last for a second or two. There may be so many ways to end ones life but there are hundreds and thousands of methods to live a life to our satisfaction peacefully and happily. The life of bottle may be half empty, but one should not overlook the point that it is half full also. If we start to see the greener and positive side of anything we start to live without any inclination to end our life.

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