Sunday, 14 August 2016

This book has a strong message directed towards all youngsters and also their parents


"The Story of a suicide" is a beautiful novel about suicide. I hesitate to read the novel on the first hand and after having started to read it,  I have found it interesting and worth reading.Actually the word "suicide "is associated with shock, stigma turmoil,  trauma , loss of life , void , legal intervention, etc. The negative aspects do not allow us to discuss openly and solve the problems. Only after the occurrence we make all the fuss to cry and shout.

The topic is very much relevant in this period because the present generation is going through a vulnerable atmosphere created by the sudden exposure of social media . Youngsters are not properly guided to handle this double -edged sword and the necessity of keeping a decorum is not stressed upon . Ethical values are overlooked. Moral rules are not followed up. This result in creating chaos among our young people and they resort to all sorts of ways to abuse this media . 

Social media is a very powerful and dangerous one. All should be cautious and vigilant  when they give a posting . All the relevant , positive and good words will be appreciated and the rest would put you into trouble. Once posting is over the words can not be deleted and at any time they can be retrieved .

The plot

The protagonists namely Sam, Mani,Hari and Charu belong to same age group pursuing their studies in the same college. They come from different background and they have their own past. They while away time in their own world .There are conflicts erupt in their life due to misunderstanding , communication gap , lack of patience and tolerance . Charu is an orphan and her behavior is somewhat immature . She has not got her parents love and affection which fact shows her psychological imbalance. Similarly Mani and Hari have got bad childhood ordeals which reflect in their adult life .

The characterisation is nice and the social drama is portrayed in a grand manner.The emotional aspect is dealt with neatly and in a straight way. I like the character Anju sister of Hari . She is said to do her home work properly and guide people in the proper way. If every one follows her there would be harmony and peacefulness. Similarly I like Mani because he is outspoken and empathetic. I also like the drama enacted by Charu and Dhruvu in the inter-cultural programme . Charu takes the role of Drautpati and Dhruv plays Ceaseer. Like this we come across many a surprise in between the story. To cite an example the story about Haridoss The Theyyam dancer can be mentioned.

The dream sequence is lengthy.Since it is a story for adult persons content is also meant for them.Hence from male chauvenism to child abuse every thing is discussed. For the mental problems all the reasons like low self esteem, insecurity, ego are quoted.

Every saint has got a past and every sinner has got a future. Life should not be taken so seriously and we should not allow the circumstances take all our energy and power . Time is best doctor and we should give sufficient time to think and take a good decision.Haste is waste. We have to live every moment with optimistic attitude.

We should control our emotions. For that we should develope self discipline. When our emotions rule us we may be misguided to react wrongly with the result we may be put in a soup. If we act prudently we can escape ill effects. 

Time structuring is important. Persons belong to the present generation should widen thier circle of concern  and take part in many extra curricular activities and learn many skills or arts to spend thier time in a fruitful manner. As the saying goes "Empty mind is devil's workshop " our youth should channelize their energy for good things. Social service also good stress busters.

I recommend this book for all  adults .

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