Saturday, 13 August 2016

Vision 2050

An average Indian is blessed with the highest degree of intelligence and shrewdness. When he acts with wisdom he can create wonders and miracles which fact is derived from our   greatest achievements in the past in all fields. Our goal of goals should be to make a mission with passion to reach the vision of making India as a Super Power by the year 2050.

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The following aspects would make our dream a reality.

Roti ,kapada aur makaan are three life-sustaining necessities . Roti stands first in this category because without food one can not survive. My India Vision 2050 gives top priority to this roti facet. There should be a greater awareness about the starvation and malnutrition from which so many persons suffer and die .

There are hundreds of poor people impoverished lot,including orphans , widows destitudes, physically handicapped, mentally retarded and old and sick  go without a square meal in a day. This problem should be targeted first. The society should be enlightened and encouraged to care and share whatever they could mobilize for the sake of the downtrodden . Beggars menace should be completely uprooted.

Housing is the next most significant factor . Every one should have shelter to take rest and recuperate. Roofless environment should be discouraged. All those vagabonds and pavement dwellers should get suitable accommodation. They should be rehabilated and houses should be built to accommodate them. Slums should be replaced with pukka concrete house  and everyone should live in a clean and neat atmosphere.

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping our nation. Free quality education should be given to all, utilizing the latest technology since today's children  are tomorrow's pillars of our nation.

The whole nation should be WiFi enabled and e-services are to be provided at each and every nook corner of the country. All should be tech -savvy enough to utilize the services so that there is no paper work hereafter. Digital India paves the roads for progress and prosperity

Eco- agriculture should be undertaken to avoid chemicals at the time of cultivation.Organic foods are to  be encouraged  .Eco-achievers are edified to maintain Eco-parks.  All the rivers in our nation are to be connected, We need  not be  afraid of   deluge as well as drought condition. The water will be shared among the states to the maximum benefit of all the people. Swachh Bharat should be our aim .Recycling of garbages, other e -waste, etc should be done on the  war footing level.

Air pollution is a major concern of all. This should be given due care and attention . More  projects are implemented to reduce the pollution threat .Since health of the people is not a child's play everyone should get insurance coverage .All should get equal and sufficient medical treatment .All villages in India should become Smart cities to cater all comforts and luxuries .

Traffic offenses are to be penalised heavily. For that matter all laws should be obeyed in true sprit and order to have an organised society. Gender discrimination should vanish .Women  are to be  empowered  and they should have a greater say in the society.  Men should be educated to treat women at par.

Love is our God and Kindness is our religion.There should be love, harmony and peacefulness . Tolerance is our constant Mantra. Virtues like truthfullness, honesty, integrity, empathy,patience should be our companions . Vices like greediness, crookedness , hatefulness ,envy  should become our foes. That is how we are going to create our  Utopia by the year 2050.

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