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"Sankar Anna, your amma has fainted and slipped  into unconsciousness. She has not taken food for more than 3 days since you  have left our town. We are taking her to  Get Well hospital near the main market. You, please come immediately," said one of his friends over the phone.

"Thank you da. I am returning shortly. Please wait. I will reach the hospital within a few hours. " Sankar replied.

Sankar was about twenty-three. His friend belonged to that area where  he lived with his mother. His father, a drunkard expired when he was a child. His mother brought him up with great  struggle and sufferings earning by doing some menial jobs. He  did  not go to any school. His association with some bad elements taught him to do some petty thefts and  led to illegal activities. Over a period of time he developed in to a professional hooligan and he was the  most sought after criminal by both the police and the big shots who wanted to use him for their own purpose, mostly for the  wrong reason . Due to lack of proper evidence he could escape from the police.But his conscience always pricked him enough to go for an alternative job and lead  normal life.

For him , his life was very much horrible and demanding . He did not like his job . His  mother was always crying and advising him to mend his ways . The only solace in his life was his mother.  He adored and worshipped her as his living god. He was ready to do anything for her.  He was well aware that  mental agony about his wrong doings resulted in her sickness . That was why her health deteriorated and came to this level .

When he entered into the hospital his buddies were waiting for him.

"How is my mother? What  the doctor is telling ?" asked Sankar.

"Nothing he can tell now . He has  got her admitted in the ICU as her condition is critical. He is asking about you and wants to meet you . ". his friend  said hastily.

Sankar peeped through the glass window into the ICU and tears welled up in his eyes. He could not digest  his mother's condition.  When he  was allowed to meet his mother, he promised her that he would change himself and be a good guy.

Suddenly there was a calmness due to the  arrival of the doctor. Sankar self introduced him to the doctor and asked about his mother.

"Oh.Your mother. She needs immediate operation. Otherwise, we can not save her. You can  arrange to pay the bill ."  the doctor said firmly.

"Doctor ,How much it costs?" Sankar enquired .

"About two lacs" Doctor replied.

Sankar felt depressed and brooded about how he would be able to mobilise such a huge amount within a short time.

His friend interfered his reverie . "Anna , Mani ayya wants to  meet you for some personal help. We can ask him."He suggested.

Sankar knew that Mani was a big shot and as well as a crooked fellow. But there was no alternative and so he went to meet him.

"Welcome Sankar. Sorry to hear about your mother. If you need money for her treatment I am here to help you, but for a price." said Mani .

"What do you want?" asked Sankar raising his voice.

"Hope you know advocate Sathish who is giving me a lot of trouble. You just warn him . That is enough. " replied Mani.

"Actually, I want to leave my present lifestyle and put an end  . Just because you are helping me ,I am ready to do as you said . But don't expect me to do the same in the  future." said Sankar.

"Thanks . Take this money . Don't forget my request" said Mani and gave the money to him.

Sankar paid the money to the  hospital and the operation was sucessful . Her mother recovered and about to be discharged from the hospital.

Unfortunately, she happened to overhear the conversation between Sankar's friends.

One of his friends exclaimed. "Have you seen today's newspaper? Sathish, the  advocate expired in an accident. I think Sankar has killed him for the money he got from Mani ayya."

Another friend replied."Yes. I hear the news. It is very shocking "

On hearing this Sankar's mother collapsed and  the subsquent  severe heart attack took her life  .The doctor came,  checked her pulse and confirmed her death. Sankar who had gone to a bank to ask about a loan against his house to pay to Mani returned to the hospital only to hear about her mother's death.He was upset and could not endure loss of his mother.

The truth is Sathish the advocate expired after having met with an accident .The accident occurred when  he was going to his farmhouse in his car. He was under the influence of the liquor and the accident took place because of his reckless driving.

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