Sunday, 7 August 2016

Be picky not everyone is your friend

The nostalgia journey to relive my school days gives me a great joy and happiness. Especially when we think of our experiences with our friends it creates wonderful thoughts. Due to my family condition I was admitted in a school not as a days scholar but I was put into a boarding house .We were some 150 students. Due to our diverse background there was a groupism developed among us . There was a student from an affluent family who formed his own group himself being the self imposed leader. We had our own group comprising students from middle class families. 

Abraham Lincoln has told ,"Do I not destroy enemies when I make them my freinds" I wanted to be amicable with all and hence I used to talk with them and shared all the information I collected during the course of the day. With my interactions with them I came to sense that they had the habit of going to the theater for seeing a movie in the night. At that time there was no internet and TV.This was possible for them for they hatched a plan to cross the 6 feet compound wall.They had to perform this task without anybody's knowledge.  They arranged two of their friends to give their shoulders to climb the wall and cross the same. On having come to  know their practice I was tempted to accompany them and went to see a movie along with them.

One  day in the night  I went with them and those two boys who helped us to cross the wall also came. First 4 students finished and went to the other side . It was my turn and I climbed the wall . Since it was dark I jumped from the wall and fell on the ground. Then I realized I made a blunder by jumping from the wall . I had wounds and bruises on my hands elbows and knees.. I could not move my body.Immediately the other students asked me to take a concrete platform to climb the wall and go to the other side of the same. They omitted to mention about the platform . They wanted to teach a lesson to me and hence concealed the fact about the platform used for getting down from the top of the wall.

After going to the boarding house my friend came and looked at my wounds . He gave me first aid by applying Dettol. In the morning I was not feeling well and I took treatment.I was very much grateful to him. This horrible ordeal has opened my eyes and there after I would be choosy about my friends.

I am now acting as the CEO of life hiring my well wishers as friends and firing those who have sinister behavior which plots wicked plans.

“Hello, Old Friend”
if only I could see you now, I would be very happy remembering the good olden days and having atleast a small chat with you just to tell you Happy Friendship day. I thank you for giving me the most memorable moments of my life. Today, I wish you all success in all endeavors. God bless you and your family.

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