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"Sankar Anna, your amma has fainted and slipped  into unconsciousness. She has not taken food for more than 3 days since you  have left our town. We are taking her to  Get Well hospital near the main market. You, please come immediately," said one of his friends over the phone.

"Thank you da. I am returning shortly. Please wait. I will reach the hospital within a few hours. " Sankar replied.

Sankar was about twenty-three. His friend belonged to that area where  he lived with his mother. His father, a drunkard expired when he was a child. His mother brought him up with great  struggle and sufferings earning by doing some menial jobs. He  did  not go to any school. His association with some bad elements taught him to do some petty thefts and  led to illegal activities. Over a period of time he developed in to a professional hooligan and he was the  most sought after criminal by both the police and the big shots who wanted to use him for their own purpose, mostly for the  wrong reason . Due to lack of proper evidence he could escape from the police.But his conscience always pricked him enough to go for an alternative job and lead  normal life.

For him , his life was very much horrible and demanding . He did not like his job . His  mother was always crying and advising him to mend his ways . The only solace in his life was his mother.  He adored and worshipped her as his living god. He was ready to do anything for her.  He was well aware that  mental agony about his wrong doings resulted in her sickness . That was why her health deteriorated and came to this level .

When he entered into the hospital his buddies were waiting for him.

"How is my mother? What  the doctor is telling ?" asked Sankar.

"Nothing he can tell now . He has  got her admitted in the ICU as her condition is critical. He is asking about you and wants to meet you . ". his friend  said hastily.

Sankar peeped through the glass window into the ICU and tears welled up in his eyes. He could not digest  his mother's condition.  When he  was allowed to meet his mother, he promised her that he would change himself and be a good guy.

Suddenly there was a calmness due to the  arrival of the doctor. Sankar self introduced him to the doctor and asked about his mother.

"Oh.Your mother. She needs immediate operation. Otherwise, we can not save her. You can  arrange to pay the bill ."  the doctor said firmly.

"Doctor ,How much it costs?" Sankar enquired .

"About two lacs" Doctor replied.

Sankar felt depressed and brooded about how he would be able to mobilise such a huge amount within a short time.

His friend interfered his reverie . "Anna , Mani ayya wants to  meet you for some personal help. We can ask him."He suggested.

Sankar knew that Mani was a big shot and as well as a crooked fellow. But there was no alternative and so he went to meet him.

"Welcome Sankar. Sorry to hear about your mother. If you need money for her treatment I am here to help you, but for a price." said Mani .

"What do you want?" asked Sankar raising his voice.

"Hope you know advocate Sathish who is giving me a lot of trouble. You just warn him . That is enough. " replied Mani.

"Actually, I want to leave my present lifestyle and put an end  . Just because you are helping me ,I am ready to do as you said . But don't expect me to do the same in the  future." said Sankar.

"Thanks . Take this money . Don't forget my request" said Mani and gave the money to him.

Sankar paid the money to the  hospital and the operation was sucessful . Her mother recovered and about to be discharged from the hospital.

Unfortunately, she happened to overhear the conversation between Sankar's friends.

One of his friends exclaimed. "Have you seen today's newspaper? Sathish, the  advocate expired in an accident. I think Sankar has killed him for the money he got from Mani ayya."

Another friend replied."Yes. I hear the news. It is very shocking "

On hearing this Sankar's mother collapsed and  the subsquent  severe heart attack took her life  .The doctor came,  checked her pulse and confirmed her death. Sankar who had gone to a bank to ask about a loan against his house to pay to Mani returned to the hospital only to hear about her mother's death.He was upset and could not endure loss of his mother.

The truth is Sathish the advocate expired after having met with an accident .The accident occurred when  he was going to his farmhouse in his car. He was under the influence of the liquor and the accident took place because of his reckless driving.

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Friday, 19 August 2016

My Teachers helped me to achieve my dream job

My teachers are my Saviors, well wishers, and gods. It is they who have molded me to be a good citizen and all the success I have achieved in my life because of them only.I am very much grateful to them for all their teachings and guidelines during my days in my college when I pursued my graduation. They have paved my paths to reach a great destination. My destiny was in their hands and I feel proud to say that they toiled their best to play their roles with responsibility and reasonable hard work. My fate would have been different if I happened to miss them.

The professors of different subjects may not be of the same capacity and capability. But they exercised same degree of caution and enthusiasm to impart the good values and we imbibe them meticulously . To cite a few examples I give below my experience with various teachers.

My Engilsh professor was so proficient in teaching the language we used to grasp the crux of what he wanted to convey. If he takes prose he would utter each and every word in such a clear tone that everyone would understand it in the correct way.Similarly when he taught literature he would enact the drama in such a way that we would visualize the scene as if it was happening in front of our eyes.

If I talk about my Maths professor, It would take volumes to describe him and his great personality. His teaching prowess was so exemplary that we would high grade by just listening to his lectures. Even though he would be serious enough to explain the mathematics he would be also jovial and used to tell humorous stories to make the class lively .

Some times I could see how terrifically the lecturers are put into hardships due to in subordination of students . They have to prepare themselves for giving a very nice talk and they should clarify them . Even a small break to think over the question put by the students will evoke laughter.

Words can not be sufficient to tell about our teachers as they are architects of future generation. We are having an Alumini association of students belong to previous years. Every year we gather to meet and plan for the welfare of our teachers and the college we studied.We collect money for the medical treatment of our teachers and we have arranged funds for construction of a house for our beloved teacher who has lost his house due to floods. I am very grateful to my teachers as they are reason for my progress and success in life. I owe them a great deal.

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

This book has a strong message directed towards all youngsters and also their parents


"The Story of a suicide" is a beautiful novel about suicide. I hesitate to read the novel on the first hand and after having started to read it,  I have found it interesting and worth reading.Actually the word "suicide "is associated with shock, stigma turmoil,  trauma , loss of life , void , legal intervention, etc. The negative aspects do not allow us to discuss openly and solve the problems. Only after the occurrence we make all the fuss to cry and shout.

The topic is very much relevant in this period because the present generation is going through a vulnerable atmosphere created by the sudden exposure of social media . Youngsters are not properly guided to handle this double -edged sword and the necessity of keeping a decorum is not stressed upon . Ethical values are overlooked. Moral rules are not followed up. This result in creating chaos among our young people and they resort to all sorts of ways to abuse this media . 

Social media is a very powerful and dangerous one. All should be cautious and vigilant  when they give a posting . All the relevant , positive and good words will be appreciated and the rest would put you into trouble. Once posting is over the words can not be deleted and at any time they can be retrieved .

The plot

The protagonists namely Sam, Mani,Hari and Charu belong to same age group pursuing their studies in the same college. They come from different background and they have their own past. They while away time in their own world .There are conflicts erupt in their life due to misunderstanding , communication gap , lack of patience and tolerance . Charu is an orphan and her behavior is somewhat immature . She has not got her parents love and affection which fact shows her psychological imbalance. Similarly Mani and Hari have got bad childhood ordeals which reflect in their adult life .

The characterisation is nice and the social drama is portrayed in a grand manner.The emotional aspect is dealt with neatly and in a straight way. I like the character Anju sister of Hari . She is said to do her home work properly and guide people in the proper way. If every one follows her there would be harmony and peacefulness. Similarly I like Mani because he is outspoken and empathetic. I also like the drama enacted by Charu and Dhruvu in the inter-cultural programme . Charu takes the role of Drautpati and Dhruv plays Ceaseer. Like this we come across many a surprise in between the story. To cite an example the story about Haridoss The Theyyam dancer can be mentioned.

The dream sequence is lengthy.Since it is a story for adult persons content is also meant for them.Hence from male chauvenism to child abuse every thing is discussed. For the mental problems all the reasons like low self esteem, insecurity, ego are quoted.

Every saint has got a past and every sinner has got a future. Life should not be taken so seriously and we should not allow the circumstances take all our energy and power . Time is best doctor and we should give sufficient time to think and take a good decision.Haste is waste. We have to live every moment with optimistic attitude.

We should control our emotions. For that we should develope self discipline. When our emotions rule us we may be misguided to react wrongly with the result we may be put in a soup. If we act prudently we can escape ill effects. 

Time structuring is important. Persons belong to the present generation should widen thier circle of concern  and take part in many extra curricular activities and learn many skills or arts to spend thier time in a fruitful manner. As the saying goes "Empty mind is devil's workshop " our youth should channelize their energy for good things. Social service also good stress busters.

I recommend this book for all  adults .

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Vision 2050

An average Indian is blessed with the highest degree of intelligence and shrewdness. When he acts with wisdom he can create wonders and miracles which fact is derived from our   greatest achievements in the past in all fields. Our goal of goals should be to make a mission with passion to reach the vision of making India as a Super Power by the year 2050.

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The following aspects would make our dream a reality.

Roti ,kapada aur makaan are three life-sustaining necessities . Roti stands first in this category because without food one can not survive. My India Vision 2050 gives top priority to this roti facet. There should be a greater awareness about the starvation and malnutrition from which so many persons suffer and die .

There are hundreds of poor people impoverished lot,including orphans , widows destitudes, physically handicapped, mentally retarded and old and sick  go without a square meal in a day. This problem should be targeted first. The society should be enlightened and encouraged to care and share whatever they could mobilize for the sake of the downtrodden . Beggars menace should be completely uprooted.

Housing is the next most significant factor . Every one should have shelter to take rest and recuperate. Roofless environment should be discouraged. All those vagabonds and pavement dwellers should get suitable accommodation. They should be rehabilated and houses should be built to accommodate them. Slums should be replaced with pukka concrete house  and everyone should live in a clean and neat atmosphere.

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping our nation. Free quality education should be given to all, utilizing the latest technology since today's children  are tomorrow's pillars of our nation.

The whole nation should be WiFi enabled and e-services are to be provided at each and every nook corner of the country. All should be tech -savvy enough to utilize the services so that there is no paper work hereafter. Digital India paves the roads for progress and prosperity

Eco- agriculture should be undertaken to avoid chemicals at the time of cultivation.Organic foods are to  be encouraged  .Eco-achievers are edified to maintain Eco-parks.  All the rivers in our nation are to be connected, We need  not be  afraid of   deluge as well as drought condition. The water will be shared among the states to the maximum benefit of all the people. Swachh Bharat should be our aim .Recycling of garbages, other e -waste, etc should be done on the  war footing level.

Air pollution is a major concern of all. This should be given due care and attention . More  projects are implemented to reduce the pollution threat .Since health of the people is not a child's play everyone should get insurance coverage .All should get equal and sufficient medical treatment .All villages in India should become Smart cities to cater all comforts and luxuries .

Traffic offenses are to be penalised heavily. For that matter all laws should be obeyed in true sprit and order to have an organised society. Gender discrimination should vanish .Women  are to be  empowered  and they should have a greater say in the society.  Men should be educated to treat women at par.

Love is our God and Kindness is our religion.There should be love, harmony and peacefulness . Tolerance is our constant Mantra. Virtues like truthfullness, honesty, integrity, empathy,patience should be our companions . Vices like greediness, crookedness , hatefulness ,envy  should become our foes. That is how we are going to create our  Utopia by the year 2050.

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Be picky not everyone is your friend

The nostalgia journey to relive my school days gives me a great joy and happiness. Especially when we think of our experiences with our friends it creates wonderful thoughts. Due to my family condition I was admitted in a school not as a days scholar but I was put into a boarding house .We were some 150 students. Due to our diverse background there was a groupism developed among us . There was a student from an affluent family who formed his own group himself being the self imposed leader. We had our own group comprising students from middle class families. 

Abraham Lincoln has told ,"Do I not destroy enemies when I make them my freinds" I wanted to be amicable with all and hence I used to talk with them and shared all the information I collected during the course of the day. With my interactions with them I came to sense that they had the habit of going to the theater for seeing a movie in the night. At that time there was no internet and TV.This was possible for them for they hatched a plan to cross the 6 feet compound wall.They had to perform this task without anybody's knowledge.  They arranged two of their friends to give their shoulders to climb the wall and cross the same. On having come to  know their practice I was tempted to accompany them and went to see a movie along with them.

One  day in the night  I went with them and those two boys who helped us to cross the wall also came. First 4 students finished and went to the other side . It was my turn and I climbed the wall . Since it was dark I jumped from the wall and fell on the ground. Then I realized I made a blunder by jumping from the wall . I had wounds and bruises on my hands elbows and knees.. I could not move my body.Immediately the other students asked me to take a concrete platform to climb the wall and go to the other side of the same. They omitted to mention about the platform . They wanted to teach a lesson to me and hence concealed the fact about the platform used for getting down from the top of the wall.

After going to the boarding house my friend came and looked at my wounds . He gave me first aid by applying Dettol. In the morning I was not feeling well and I took treatment.I was very much grateful to him. This horrible ordeal has opened my eyes and there after I would be choosy about my friends.

I am now acting as the CEO of life hiring my well wishers as friends and firing those who have sinister behavior which plots wicked plans.

“Hello, Old Friend”
if only I could see you now, I would be very happy remembering the good olden days and having atleast a small chat with you just to tell you Happy Friendship day. I thank you for giving me the most memorable moments of my life. Today, I wish you all success in all endeavors. God bless you and your family.

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

The story of a suicide by Sriram Iyer

"The story of a suicide " , an adult fiction depicting a social drama happening in a college environment. Since the story revolves around the young generation, their usage of the latest social media like Twitter , Facebook is widely discussed. The novel is having all the ingredients of romance, love ,sex, betrayal , treachery , hatred, and revenge . It also includes fun and quarrel , humor and emotions.The characterization is beautiful and the prose is given in the form of poetical work . It gives immense pleasure for the reader to go through the pages in a slow but steady manner to catch the author's views and concerns. Sometimes it seems to be boring and this would be a hindrance to our reading the book at a stretch.


Mani, one of the protogonists belongs to a poor family. His father is a drunkard. The liquor menace is the reason for the downfall of so many families. The bread winner who is supposed to be the saviour of the family , being head of the same, is addicted to alcohol and spoiling his own life and the lives of his family members. It is pathetic to see the woes of the womenfolk as well as children who are depending on the senior male member of the family. Also the reason for which Hari, his partner tries to commit suicide is very common nowadays among the school children as well as those who are pursuing graduation especially Engineering subjects. English may be alien language . but it is recognized as the universal language and most of the research papers are released in English. Learning language may be difficult . But for those who are joining college in the first year at the beginning of the course the Bridge course is conducted for the benefit of the fresh students especially those who come from rural areas. If this course is conducted effectively and fruitfully the students will be benefited.


The main protagonists of the story are Sam, Hari, Mani and Charu. Sam is an ordinary youth exploring the complex relationship and facing the sexual encounters. Since the novel is targeted on the young persons it is moving towards the adult world. Most of the happenings are associated with these four characters and their interaction with their friends and well wishers. Charu , his co-student attracts Sam and it leads to an affair. The story goes like this with introductions of some more characters mostly of their age group. Mani and Hari are gay. This relationship is potrayed in a decent manner and the readers will be able to put themselves in their shoes and feel their pains.


Suicide is not at all a solution for sufferings. Life is one of the most wonderful and precious gift for the mankind. None has got right to pluck his life . Moreover it is temporary phenomenan as the life is compared to the air bubble which is said to last for a second or two. There may be so many ways to end ones life but there are hundreds and thousands of methods to live a life to our satisfaction peacefully and happily. The life of bottle may be half empty, but one should not overlook the point that it is half full also. If we start to see the greener and positive side of anything we start to live without any inclination to end our life.

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