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Choose temporary or permanent healthy lifestyle

The slogan "Food gives energy" is taught in the schools for kids . When we take food it gets digested . We have to expend the energy we get from food so that we need to eat again to get the same. This vicious circle should not be broken . When there is a break it leads to many physical problems . Hence it is a must to see that we consume sufficent quantity of food for survival and work enough to make it into energy. The food portion which stays as wastage should be driven off from our system . Oherwise it may create many disceaes.

Quality or Quantity which counts

When I was doing my gratuation I went to a small town in Tamil Nadu to attend the annual NCC camp .There we were 500 cadets attending the same. Once it so happened that all the cadets were shouting at the Mess incharge for the lesser quantity of food served . Next day in the parade hall the Commander incharge raked up the issue of lesser quantity of food. He reasoned out that the food was given as per the budget amount allotted. He suggested that where quanitity was the primary concern quality would not be there. He suggeted to raise the hands whoever wants to have more quantity.Alarmingly there was no one for quality but everyone raised their hands for quanity.But the reality is that we should take qualty food only if we want to lead a hale and helathy life.

Three key rules for molding our food habits and lead a disease free, successful and happy life.

1. We shoud take food whenever we feel hungry.

Actually we have got a routine way of taking food thrice in a day,i.e in the morning , afternoon and night. In between we take tea or coffee along with or without tiffin in the evening. We take tiffin which is mostly falls under the category fast food. How terrifically we are overloading our stomach .

2. We should take only fresh and nutrious food prepared in a hygenic environmnet .

We are what we eat . Hence our food should be made of clean and neat in the form of healthy food . The ingredience shoud not be adulaterated .

3. More and more vegetables and fruits are to be taken .

We are supposed to avoid three whitish items namely rice, wheat and sugar if we need to run our our life smoothly sans medical expenditure. vegetables and fruits give so much strength to our body .

We eat to live and do not live to eat . Hence our food habits should be in favour of maintaining our health rather they should not be allowed to spoil the same. We should not take vitamin tablets and other nutrients in large quality as the body will store the excess of such elements. They will become toxic to our body as a result they beocme venomous.

We have to drink the food and drink the water by which I mean to say we should not take the food in a hurried manner but in a relaxed way chewing enough to break the food particles into liquid form. Then alone digestion will be easier.

Last but not least that whoever is passionate about enjoying a healthy life should follow his/her heart and not give in to the tongue . The taste buds only ask for more and more tasty food . But we should be alert as a health conscious person and avoid junk food totally at all cost . We should take organic foods only occassionally we can take junk foods but it is not recommended. 

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I only follow quality foods because I am very particular about my health as I don't want to go to doctor for any number of reasons including food poisoning. If I had to specify, I have gone to the hospital only for three times. I have also donated my blood for 5 years. Healthy foods acts as a disciplinarian while Junk foods acts as a spoiler of health leading to multiple disease later on in life if not visible in the present. So I always desire healthy food over Junk food.

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