Sunday, 10 July 2016

Horlicks growth drink for the growth of children

I  gave my children Horlicks since they were young. It is a trusted brand and I don’t have to question its authenticity. The children are pillars of future India. They are gifts from God and hence they should be treated well with proper nourishment and energy- giving food. For a healthy nation, the children should be protected and given due care and attention so that they become great leaders. They will lead our country in the most prosperous way. Apart from the  education they should be given training for both physical and mental health. All children are not born with a silver spoon. We hear about children dying of malnutrition. Optimum level of nutrition and good diet are only in the dreams of many parents because of higher food inflation and the  cost of living.

There is a loss of growth in children due to several factors,  the major one being hereditary. But if there is no growth because of other reasons we have to look for the solutions. The growth of the children reflects more on the bones and flesh.Both the height and weight are important factors to decide the growth aspect. Hence, the children must get the most healthiest  diet. Many young children are addicted to junk foods. This results in obesity and other complications. Children should be discouraged to take fast food which is harmful to their health. Instead of fast food, children should be encouraged to take millets, nuts and healthy food like Horlicks

Regular medical checkups will give a clear picture about the growth of the children. Where there is loss of growth, it should not be taken for granted but should be addressed as a crucial and significant issue. A healthy body means a healthy mind as they are interrelated. Thus, the importance of health of the children should be stressed upon on the war footing level. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the growth of the children and so their diet should include all the good ingredients of strength and energy. In god's creation all the fingers are not  the same  and similarly all are not born with equal opportunities and circumstances. Some are born very rich and some belong to upper middle class and some are born poor to very poor.
 Economic situations are not favorable for all. The current scenario gives an alarming sign of degradation of monetory  value and the major budget of middle class family goes to food. Nowadays, parents are ready to spend for the education of children. They are given tuition in the following subjects.

2)Vedic Maths

The list is endless. Only children are burdened to pursue this and that subject and what not. In this struggle, they become machine for scoring high marks and other recognitions. They are deprived of their childhood fun and happiness. The parents should be enlightened about the proper growth of the children. So it’s a must for the parents to give drinks like Horlicks growth which is a savior of the children. It also helps the parents meeting their expectations. The psychological aspect of loss of growth should be also viewed because the children who don’t grow are subjected to stress and depression just like the  elders. They may also be subjected to bullying by their peers which results in inferior complex and other problems. This may lead to some physical ailments also in the long run.So I advise all the parents to trust Horlicks growth and become a beneficiary. 

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