Friday, 15 July 2016


As per Income tax law ,it is mandatory to file the Income Tax return by all the Indian citizens  whoever is having taxable income, within 31st July of the relevant Accounting year. Any person who has flled his return will get the following Golden benefits.

1. Peace of mind. Whoever has filed his return as per law will have a peaceful life and he is free from worry,stress and tension . He will have good slumber .

2. Courage. Whoever has filed his return can face the world confidently and he needs  not hide, but lifts  his collar of his shirt to boast about his honesty and integrity.

3. Recognition.  The society honors the honest person for having filed his return and he is respected as a law abiding fellow.

In those days salaried people went to his employer for Form 16 and sought an auditor to file his return. "BEWARE OF IDES OF MARCH."These famous are words uttered by the soothsayer in the classic Shajkpaeare drama"Julius Ceaser" when Ceaser is entering into his palace to address his senators. They give an alarm to all who are  liable to pay tax  before 15th of March every year. In those days when I worked , as a student of    English literature I used to recollect this line when we made  efforts   for filing the return. It is not a child's play to overlook the date and omit to pay the tax within the specified time.

As far as the  Income tax law is concerned, every action is time bound and you ignore the same you have to pay the penalty.The significance of filing the return will be understood if the following aspects are taken into account.

Nowadays it is very simple to file the return as there are many tools in the form of software to assist the taxpayers for a hassle free job. The Income Tax department has given all  the guidance and instructions to handle the same in a simple and quick manner . One needs not be a tech-savvy to undertake the task .But a basic knowledge of computer will  be sufficient. There are so many companies which are ready to help them by filing the return using  the online facility.

Tax evasion is a  sin . If one practices to file the return as a routine affair ,it becomes the part and parcel of his life . As far as salaried people are concerned the employer takes care of deducting the tax and Form 16 is enough for filing the return. For business people they have to declare their income to the audiitor who will take care of filing the return on their behalf. Nowadays to get a loan  the financial institutions insist for three years IT returns to assess the credit worthiness.

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room  in this earth. This is a famous quote of Muhamed ali.We  have to pay income tax so that the poor will be taken care of by the Goverrnment by planning and implementing welfare measures.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

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